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Is Tim Tebow Worth a Third Round Pick?

Tim Tebow

Much has been made of former Florida Gator quarterback Tim Tebow and what will become of his NFL career. I’ve seen some analyst over time rank Tebow as a late first round pick and as low as a seventh round pick. Others have also wondered if Tebow is better suited as a tight end rather than a quarterback at the NFL level.

One article that I found interesting was from writer Matt Barrow’s of the Sacramento Bee. The article briefly talks about NFL Network’s Mike Mayock and his appraisal of Tebow’s projection as a NFL quarterback.

Mayock noted that he would take a shot on Tebow in the third round if he were with an organization that was willing to develop him for a few years. Barrow’s went on to use this information to compare Tebow situation to current 49ers quarterback Nate Davis.

Davis was also projected to be a quarterback that would take time to develop and the 49ers selected him in the fifth round of the 2009 NFL draft.

While Davis is gifted with a strong arm, he wasn’t as polished of a leader, winner, and he didn’t posses the ability to run like Tebow coming into the draft. These attributes should make Tebow worth selecting as a third round pick, even if he didn’t have a strong showing at the Senior Bowl.

When it comes to high profile college players like Tebow that have good physical tools, certain NFL teams and coaches love to pick them in this area as developmental players. Heck just look at Maurice Clarett a few years back, the guy was out of football for awhile and the Broncos still drafted him at the end of the first night.

At the end of the day wherever Tebow goes and in whichever round, he is selected in, hopefully he will go to a team that is willing to work with him for awhile. Tebow’s best shot at being a successful pro quarterback would be on a team that would develop him as Mayock suggested in his appraisal.

Fantasy Value for Tim Tebow

In fantasy football, I can’t even suggest owners in dynasty leagues take a shot on this quarterback for at least another year. Tebow clearly has a lot of growing up to do before he’s ready to make an impact on the field. If you happen to be in a dynasty league that awards points for a quarterback that can run Tebow will have obvious added value in the future.

Still, even with that added value I wouldn’t recommend looking at Tebow for awhile.

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