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QB Brady Quinn Traded To Denver Broncos

Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs

With a trade for Seneca Wallace and the free agent signing of Jake Delhomme it was inevitable that the Browns would trade away quarterback Brady Quinn. Understanding the Browns’ situation it is easy to understand why they traded Quinn away to the Broncos for full back Peyton Hillis and future late round picks.

While I can see why the Browns traded away Quinn, if Delhomme can’t play at a respectable level, the Browns may regret that they parted ways with a potential steady quarterback.

Either way Quinn will now have to beat out Chris Simms and company to win the No.2 quarterback job behind Kyle Orton. Given Quinn’s ability and the fact that Coach Josh McDaniels is a good developer of quarterbacks, Quinn should be able to accomplish this feat in the offseason.

Quinn may win a backup job this season, he may not have much to work with if he finds his way into the lineup without star receiver Brandon Marshall. The Broncos are projected to trade Marshall this offseason and it’s unknown if they will have a decent passing game without him.

If Marshall does leave this team than no quarterback in Denver will be worth looking at in fantasy football for 2010.

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  • pickingpros

    How can Holmgren give Quinn up for this price? What a steal for the broncos. And a great opportunity for Quinn. He has the chance to compete with orton for the starting spot and a great passing offense. Quinn actually showed some signs of a quality QB last year (if you’re not looking at the stats). Look for him to have a solid career in Denver, like Cutler would have if he didn’t whine his way out.

  • Fantasy Info

    First off, good stuff pickingpros,

    Just recently I wrote an article on Kameron Wembley and I questioned why the Browns we’re giving up on good defensive players like Wimbley and Corey Williams. They need to have a shut down defense in order to be a competitive team in 2010, and they need as many good defenders as they can get. Now all they have done is gotten even younger and are hoping all these draft picks are going to amount to something.

    The same applies to Quinn except in reverse. The team has now gotten older with Wallace and Delhomme. The Delhomme thing I just can’t understand because they gave him seven million and have now put their hopes (they say it’s an open competition but its Delhommes job) on an aging quarterback that was horrible last year.

    This team is clearly playing for three years down the road and I can’t see them as more than a five game winner this coming year.

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