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WR Dez Bryant’s Draft Value Falling | 2010 NFL Draft

Georgia v Oklahoma State

No one can question the talent and ability former Oklahoma State star receiver Dez Bryant has. Just watch his old highlights from college, and it’s easy to see why he is the clear top receiver in this years’ draft. Still, a questionable season ending suspension, his choice of an agent and his refusal to participate in full at the combine have left teams doubting him.

Bryant choose agent Eugene Parker to represent him and Parker is known for holding his clients out until the season begins or even further. If you don’t remember it is Parker that represents 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree and we all know how that deal went down. Crabtree didn’t sign with the 49ers until October and for awhile it looked like he might not sign at all.

At this time, Bryant has a possible chance to now slide out of the top ten draft picks at this years’ draft. Unless the ultra star can have a strong individual workout at the end of this month, he could even drop further out of the top ten and into the later part of the first round.

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers

While this would mean less money for Bryant (and a possible holdout like Crabtree) at the end of the day it will be Bryant’s play on the football field that matters most. Crabtree may have taken a long time to sign with the 49ers, but it was clear from game one that he was going to be a solid draft pick.

In Crabtree’s first game as a pro he started, played the entire game and caught a bunch of passes. Crabtree would go on and start every game for the 49ers after that and had himself a very impressive rookie year, when you factor in what he had to go through.

It will be Bryant’s performance on the field that will determine what kind of fantasy receiver he is going to be. Besides if he does fall in the draft, he will probably go to a better football team and that means a greater chance for success.

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