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NFL Fantasy Football Draft Board Guide – Cheat Sheet Kit

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To all our readers welcome back to another season of fantasy football. By now your 2009 season won or lost is behind you as you’ve been, “Waiting For Next Year” to come. Well here we are, and the NFL has drafted, we now know where those all important rookies were drafted to but how will they be used and just how good is the team there on?

Well again in 2010, will try to provide you with draft data, and to start; here’s our updated draft board for team fantasy player positions and depth of those positions. While it may be only start of June were sure you will be chasing cheat sheets, mock drafts, sports magazines and virtually hundreds of Internet sites selling you, there can’t miss information.

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Our draft guide is intended to help fantasy owners visualize each NFL team’s depth chart at key positions like Quarterbacks, Running backs, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends, Kickers and those all important defensive teams. Again we bring this to you free of charge and will be publishing cheat sheets, player ratings, Internet fantasy league rules and scoring methods. Why? We want you to see as the one stop location for football data related to having a good 2010 fantasy football season?

As a site writer, follow me as I update this in through July along with our NFL Team Key Draft history, which compiles six years worth of each team’s history of their first three or four picks. This draft chart will show you key additions on offense and defense throughout the years. Another benefit of this chart allows you to see which team’s just can’t help but trade away their 1st picks. We will show you there gaps in talent that always plays out on the field when highly rated teams or players (JaMarcus Russell anyone) crash and burn each season.

Until then file this in your 2010 fantasy info kit as it will help you decipher the mass amount of data about to hit your computer this season.

Best of luck
Chris “Reddog” Douglas
Site writer for
2010 NFL Fantasy Football Draft Board Guide – Cheat Sheet

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  • Sean Douglas

    Thank you for the feedback. We hope this information is useful to you for the up coming 2010 fantasy football season.

  • Chris "Reddog" Douglas

    Katy, thanks and hope the Fantasy Info helps you each year to play and enjoy fantasy football.

    Remember one thing from all the sites you’ll visit and information provided.

    The Reddog Motto: “Football players play, coaches coach, we writer only to provide our opinion of the
    results we observe”.

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    Thanks for the feedback and good luck this up coming season

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