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Where to Play IDP Fantasy Football? | Individual Defensive Player Leagues

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IDP leagues can be found at all the same places you likely already play fantasy football. Choose a website that you’re most comfortable with and encourage your friends to join. It is also recommended that you stick to one website when you play fantasy football.

If there three different websites to check out because you have teams spread out, it can be more difficult to focus equal attention to all of your teams.

The two most popular websites for fantasy football are offered by Yahoo and ESPN. Other sites include NFL, CBS Sportsline, and Fox Sports. There are dozens of sites out there which can be found through a quick Google search but the sites listed are the most common.

Personally, I stick with ESPN. Every adult male has been to ESPN at one point or another and ESPN allows you to have 15 leagues. Last season, I had 10 in total, which is more than Yahoo’s limit of four.

Each site is free to join and you can customize your own league’s settings by scoring, number of teams, different types of drafts and of course, you can customize your league to include IDPs.

When it comes time to customize the scoring of your league, talk to your friends and get a feel for what they feel is fair. Some might prefer more points for everything, or more points for sacks, or more points for tackles. Get a consensus and find a happy medium. It’s unfair to create all the rules yourself and expect everyone to follow along.

If you choose to have a league that is exclusively IDPs only, be sure to include every position (DL, LB and CB) and some websites even have all the positions (DT, DE, LB, CB and S). You can control almost every detail on these sites so there’s really no limit to your options.

One last suggestion I have is to not pay for a fantasy league online. Many websites offer to host your league for a fee and there is really no good reason to do that. Most every popular fantasy football website has a great free option available with great features such as live scoring, a full stuff of writers who provide analysis of all things fantasy football and daily player updates. Free leagues are the way to go and with so many options, you’re bound to find one that fits your needs.

Written By: Matt De Lima

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