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Benefits Of 3, 4, 5 Hitters For Fantasy Baseball

Where’s the Beef?

For so many fantasy owners drafting teams (or owners who allow the computer to draft their team), I’m always a bit surprised when they leave a core hitter on the draft board to go after perhaps a well named prospect hitting just out of the meat of the order. By meat, I mean hitters in the 3rd, 4th & 5th spots on MLB team batting orders.

The reason I focus on this area is because most league score for Runs, HR, RBI’s and Average. Well, these three spots in the order can get you all or most of them with one swing of the bat.

American League Projected 3,4,5 Hitters

Do you know your American league fact like the following.

American League 3 – 5 Hitter & Positions     3rd                           4th                                5th
OF          13 7 1 5
3B            6 1 4 1
SS            0 0 0 0
2nd           2 0 0 2
1B            9 4 3 2
C              4 1 1 2
DH            8 0 5 3
> 299 Batting Ave.  15 6 4 5
> 29 Homers          10 3 5 2
> 99 RBI’s              11 2 7 2
> 99 Runs Scored    5 2 2 1

Of these hitters are you surprised no shortstops and only two 2nd basemen make this list? But
This is also my point are you drafting an outfielder early with the same stats and one of the infield
positions like 3rd base. In a 12 team league, there are 13 outfielders batting in these slots and only
6 playing 3rd base.

National League Projected 3,4,5 Hitters

Ok, how well do you know your National League facts like the following.

National League 3 – 5 Hitters                                       3rd                       4th                          5th
OF          18 5 7 6
3B            8 2 3 3
SS            4 2 1 1
2nd           4 3 0 1
1B           11 3 4 4
C              4 1 1 1
> 299 Batting Ave.   12 8 3 1
> 29 Homers           10 3 6 1
> 99 RBI’s               10 4 3 3
> 99 Runs Scored     7 4 2 1

Again, Outfielders show 18 hitters in these slots and 11 who play 1st base. ss 2nd base and catchers have 4 each while 3rd base above average. However, year after year,  fantasy baseball owners don’t focus on grabbing a 3rd baseman over a 1st baseman or outfielder of reasonable equal numbers.

Even in leagues that aren’t American or National only drafts these numbers mean a lot.Because once you get your core infielders your going to need to add pitchers (starters and relief).

So many times when friends show me there teams that just can’t get into the top six playoff teams I find
to many hitters in the 2, 6, 7, 8 in the line up. To many times there core is outfielders or even at 1st base or designated hitter. There fellow competitors have strong infielders and found depth in the outfield later. While at the samtime filling in a stronger pitching staff.
Now you ask us what good are numbers if you can’t match them to the players. We the staff at would leave you without this critical back up data so here we have also attached
the hitters who based on February 1st are estimated to hit in the key areas. Go ahead download the
file and keep it current as Spring Training completes.
Now hold all concerns, because the Dog, doesn’t ignore hitters in the 2nd and 6th slots in the batting order. It’s just those players are typically more reliable on good hitting teams are ball parks such as the Yankee’s, Redsox, Rangers, Phillies, Rockies, Houston but normally not in abundance. Ok I know what about lead off hitters….well lets focus on steels and run scored. Yep those will come in the next follow up.
Best of luck in 2011
Writer: Reddog

Projected 3,4,5 Hitters – 2011 MLB Fantasy Baseball

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