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Cam Newton: 2011 NFL Draft Prospects

Cam Newton


Quarterback Cam Newton (H: 6’5″ – W: 248 – College: Auburn)

After originally committing to the University of Florida to be Tim Tebow’s heir-apparent, Newton transferred to Blinn College where he went on to win the national junior college football championship. Newton was arrested for theft of a computer while at Florida which caused him to be suspended from the team. He decided to withdraw and eventually transfer to Blinn.

Newton opened up his recruitment after one year at Blinn and ultimately ended up at Auburn University. He became the starter from the start of the season and finished his junior season with 2,854 passing yards, 30 TDs and 7 INTs. He also rushed for 1,473 yards and 20 TDs.

Newton then went on to win the Heisman Trophy and led the Auburn Tigers to a BCS National Championship over the Oregon Ducks. His junior season was also tainted by allegations that Newton’s father had sought money in exchange for his son’s commitment.

Off-the-field issues aside, Newton was one of the most dynamic college football players in recent years.


Strengths: Scouts will love his size, arm strength and one-year production at Auburn. Fast for a quarterback, long-strider and tough to bring down in the pocket. Once out of the pocket, can attack defenses with his feet or arm. Tough to tackle once he gets moving. Throws the ball with tremendous velocity and can make any throw on the field. An athletic freak for the position. Made good decisions with the football. Won the 2010 Heisman Trophy. Adequate throwing motion and a quick release. Nearly unlimited upside to be a superstar.

Weaknesses: Junior college prospect. Needs to put more touch on his short passes. Not particularly accurate. Below average footwork, will need work on timing routes. Relies too much on athleticism and ignores technique. Throws the ball without his feet set and uses his arm too much rather than allowing his feet, legs, and hips generate power. Character concerns regarding alleged theft while at Florida and it is unknown and unproven whether he was aware that his father was seeking payment for his commitment. Needs to run away from trouble while in the NFL rather than take on hits and punishment. Needs at least a year of development.

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