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First Round Results: 2011 NFL Draft

Join us throughout the 2011 NFL draft as we will be posting live updates of every selection in the first round. The Panthers are expected to get things rolling with the first overall pick, and it appears likely they will go with quarterback Cam Newton. While it looks like players will be back to work next week, teams are not expected to use players like Kevin Kolb in trade, at the draft.

Instead teams can use draft picks to move up and down the board to find an impact player or acquire more picks to add extra depth on the roster. During the draft, we will also have a draft grade for each selection, for our thoughts in-terms of not just a football perspective but a fantasy perspective as well.

The team I will have the top interest in watching is the New England Patriots. Bill Belichick has a bunch of picks in the first three rounds and two in the first round. This team needs impact players and especially a receiver to stretch the field and defenders for pass rush. Don’t be surprised if they find an impact receiver via trade, in the coming weeks, as Steve Smith and Chad Ochocinco have been rumored as possible additions.

If that holds true, you probably won’t see the Patriots go with a receiver in the first round, and that means they should be looking for impact defensive players.

The only team that won’t have a first round pick this year (when the draft begins) is the Oakland Raiders as they gave up their first rounder, two years ago, to the Patriots for Richard Seymour.

Here’s hoping your squad gets the additions, they need to improve their squad and hopefully if they fail to get a key position in the draft, they can find it in free agency, which is coming maybe as soon as Friday. What a crazy off-season!

Pick By Pick Coverage Of the 2011 NFL Draft

1. Carolina Panthers Select: QB Cam Newton

Cam Newton may end up as a decent quarterback in the NFL, but I don’t like the Panthers’ situation. If the Panthers are serious about developing Newton into a productive quarterback, they need to keep Steve Smith on the team.

I also have a problem with head coaches who are defensive minded and the team takes a quarterback in the first round to develop. Sure, the Rams made Sam Bradford a success with a defensive head coach but this off-season his offensive coordinator went to another team, because of the success.

It’s hard for a team to keep a coordinator that develops a successful young quarterback, and that is why it pays to have an offensive minded head coach, because they stay on the team.

Fantasy – Don’t expect much from Newton in the future until he has a better team around him and shows he can hang tough in the NFL.

Overall Draft Grade: C+ right now, C- if they trade Steve Smith

2. Denver Broncos Select: LB Von Miller

I’m concerned about Von Miller’s size for the run but this is a good selection to improve the defense overall. The Broncos still need help up front but Miller should be a impact player right away.

Fantasy – This should be an impact IDP option right away. Probably a better player in big play IDP leagues but he will be draft worthy this season.

Overall Draft Grade: B+

3. Buffalo Bills Select: DT Marcell Dareus

This is the guy I would have taken if I was the Panthers or the Broncos because he can make an impact in the running game. It all starts up front and this is a much needed, addition for the Bills defense. This group has been solid against the pass for a few years now but with Marcell Dareus they have a shot to be a sleeper fantasy defense going forward.

Overall Draft Grade: A

4. Cincinnati Bengals Select: WR A.J. Green

Big time potential but if Carson Palmer leaves the team, his overall production will go down the tubes if they can’t find a quality veteran quarterback. Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens aren’t expected back so Green will see consistent double teams if he starts to flash his skills at any point.

Green is the beginning of a new era in Cincinnati and it will be interesting to see how his career plays out.

Overall Draft Grade: B+

5. Arizona Cardinals Select: CB Patrick Peterson

Personally, my hart is broken as I was hoping the 49ers would get Patrick Peterson with the seventh overall pick. Seeing the 49ers rivals take Peterson is a killer but this is probably the best pick for them. This is a great player to take but the Cardinals are desperate for a quarterback and offensive line help.

Fantasy – Instant IDP star, this guy is going to be good.

Overall Draft Grade: A

6. Atlanta Falcons Select: WR Julio Jones (Trade With Browns)

The Falcons are in desperate need for another impact player in the passing game as Tony Gonzalez is on his last legs and Roddy White is doomed for double teams every week. Julio Jones may never be a Roddy White number one type guy but he can be a difference maker and a big play receiver.

This was a big move for the Falcons as they moved from 27th to 6th to take Jones and they gave up a bunch for Jones.

Fantasy – At best Jones is a late round pick. He will get lots of hype coming into draft day but don’t be the one to pay a mid round pick for him.

Overall Draft Grade: B+

7. San Francisco 49ers Select: DE Aldon Smith

The 49ers missed out on Patrick Peterson so getting someone to help out in the pass rush was a must. This team needs to put pressure on the quarterback and Aldon Smith, is hopefully a good step in the right direction.

Overall Draft Grade: B-

8. Tennessee Titans Select: QB Jake Locker

And the Titans go with Jake Locker over Gabbert, wow. I’m not a fan of Locker but at least his head coach was a quarterback coach. The Titans will need to lean on the running game to finish around .500 this season.This team needed a quarterback to start over so hopefully Locker is ready to go this season.

Overall Draft Grade: B

9. Dallas Cowboys Select: Tackle Tyron Smith

Would’ve been nice to see the Cowboys go with a corner but they need help on the offensive line and Tyron Smith was graded out as one of the top lineman to take. Tony Romo needs all the help he can get as injury was a problem for him in 2010. This is a big pick for the Cowboys and it needs to pay off for this team to get back into the playoffs.

Fantasy – If Romo is going to return to a top seven fantasy quarterback, he will need his offensive line to help him out.

Overall Draft Grade: B

10. Jacksonville Jaguars Select: Blaine Gabbert (Trade With Redskins)

Correction, the Jaguars traded with the Redskins who had the tenth pick. I don’t like this pick for the Jaguars as they have other needs to address and David Garrard is a decent quarterback. I don’t understand how the Jaguars make the choices they do each year but what the heck, this kid should have some time to develop.

Draft Grade: C-

11. Houston Texans Select: DE J.J. Watt

I wish they would’ve gone corner back because they are horrible in the secondary. This is a good player and they will generate a solid pass rush to help the secondary with J.J. Watt  but they should have gone another direction.

Draft Grade: C+ (good player but they needed a CB)

12. Minnesota Vikings Select:QB Christian Ponder

What the hell is this? Don’t get me wrong I liked Christian Ponder coming into the draft but as a second round at best. This kid needs some time (all QB do) and at 12 overall they have over drafted him to say the least. This is not the type of talent I would take this high and pay him this kind of money. Bad pick at this point.

Draft Grade: D-(Way To High, Trade Down)

13. Detroit Lions Select: DT Nick Fairley


Great pick and now the Lions have one of the top front lines in all of football for the next five to ten years. This is going to be a much talked about front line this summer. They need help at corner in a big way but you won’t do much in the running game against them, and they will pressure the quarterback.

I thought Fairley should have been one of the top five pick and will make an impact with this team right away.

Draft Grade: A

14. St. Louis Rams Select: DE Robert Quinn

The Rams needed more help on the defense and they’ve decided to go with another defensive end. I’m not in love with this selection but the Rams do like to rotate ends during the game, and Quinn can make an impact in pass rush.

Draft Grade: B-
15. Miami Dolphins Select: OG / C Mike Pouncey

For the second year in a row a Pouncey is taken in the first round of the draft. Mike Pouncey is a very good move for the Dolphins as they need to improve on the interior line. This is a good move for their running game and it will be interesting to see who they start this season at the running back position.

Draft Grade: A

16. Washington Redskins Select: LB Ryan Kerrigan

This was probably a very good move for the Redskins because the truly need high motor, stand up players. Ryan Kerrigan will help this teams pass rush. I give Shanahan some credit for this pick but in reality, they need a lot of help to get things turned around.

Draft Grade: B

17. New England Patriots Select: Nate Solder

The Patriots have a few picks to find some impact help but getting some youth at offensive line is good for Tom Brady. This is another solid pick for the Patriots but now I would like to see them add some pass rush.

Draft Grade: B

18. San Diego Chargers Select: DL Corey Liuget

This was a good move for the Chargers as they need help on the front line but Liuget will probably play on the end in the 3-4 defense.

Draft Grade: B-

19. New York Giants: CB Prince Amukamara

I have some problems with Prince Amukamara’s game but this was a great pick for the Giants at this point. I thought Amukamara was going to be a top 12 pick and would probably go to the Texans. The Giants are getting help in the secondary.

Fantasy- Amukamara will be an impact IDP fantasy corner and will help the Giants team defense. Terrell Thomas had a huge season with the Giants last year, so this youngster should be good for fantasy.

Draft Grade: A-

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select: DE Adrian Clayborn

The Buccaneers continue to add to the defensive line in the early rounds as they took two defensive tackles in the first two rounds last year. Adrian Clayborn should help the defense get to the quarterback right away.

Draft Grade: B+

21. Cleveland Browns Selections: NT Phil Taylor (Trade With Chiefs)

This was a nice pick for the Browns, I didn’t think they had the guts to trade down and then take a player like this to help up front but they did. Taylor won’t have to be an every down nose tackle at least to start and will make an impact with this front line and they need it in this division. Good job Browns.

Draft Grade: B+

22. Indianapolis Colts Select: Tackle Anthony Castanzo

The Colts needed to get some help on the offensive line and I’m sure Peyton Manning is happy with this selection. Keeping Manning healthy is a top priority so this is a quality move for the Colts.

Draft Grade: B-

23. Philadelphia Eagles Select: Offensive Guard Danny Watkins

Give Michael Vick some help on the offensive line, nice move. Danny Watkins is ready to go right now as a fully developed man at age 26. The Eagles need to keep Vick up right and much like the Colts this is a top priority move for the Eagles.

Draft Grade: B

24. New Orleans Saints Select:DE Cameron Jordan

The Saints decided to pass on Mark Ingram and I’m happy that they did from a fantasy football perspective. This is a decent move for the Saints as they have added help on the front line to apply pressure. The Saints thrive off making plays on defense and Cameron Jordon will help this group overall.

Draft Grade: C+

25. Seattle Seahawks Select: OG James Carpenter

The Seahawks are in great need for offensive line so I like this pick for their needs. James Carpenter may have been taken a little early for the NFL annalists liking but this was a nice addition for a team that needs more help on the front line.

Draft Grade: C+

26. Kansas City Chiefs Select: WR Jonathan Baldwin

The Chiefs had an opportunity to draft ahead of the Ravens because they failed to draft in their time to do so and the Chiefs selected wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin. I’m concerned about Baldwin for his attitude problems and he will hurt Dwayne Bowe’s down feild plays because Baldwin will slowly take them away.

Draft Grade: C

27. Baltimore Ravens Select: CB Jimmy Smith

Ravens passed on the pick for 26th overall and then took a player just after the Chiefs moved up quick and took a pick when they had a chance. Whatever the reason for the hold up they went with corner back Jimmy Smith. This was a great move for the player and he will probably be on his best behavior for a year or two. That may be all the Ravens need to find the Super Bowl as they have been in need of a talent like this at corner for a few years.

Fantasy- Jimmy Smith should start for this team early on and will make an impact for fantasy IDP leagues and will help the Ravens defense.

Draft Grade: B+

28. New Orleans Saints Select: RB Mark Ingram(Trade With Patriots)

Well the Saints get Mark Ingram after all as they trade up to the Patriots second first round pick and take a running back. I guess the Patriots feel like they need more selections and it’s getting ridiculous that they are obsessed with more picks. Anyway, Mark Ingram will help the Saints and they need that for a balanced offense.

Fantasy – This isn’t a great fit for Ingram to be a true top 25 back to start the season in fantasy football. The Saints love to spread the football around and Ingram will struggle to get enough carries to be a star, right away.

Draft Grade: B-

29. Chicago Bears Select: Tackle Gabe Carimi

The Bears needed to improve the offensive line and Gabe Carimi is a good start in the right direction. Jay Cutler needs some veteran additions in free agency but Carimi give the Bears a nice young talent on the line.

Draft Grade: B

30. New York Jets Select: DE Muhammad Wilkerson

Nice pick for the Jets as Muhammad Wilkerson fell in this draft. The Jets continue to add on the defense and this move was a must as the front line is getting old. Hopefully the Jets will continue to add on the defensive line in the draft and in free agency.

Draft Grade: B+

31. Pittsburgh Steelers Select: Cameron Heyward

The big defensive teams continue to add on defense as defensive end Cameron Heyward will help the Steelers right away. He can move around for this team and give them added pass rush. Good pick for the Steelers, now lets get some offensive line.

Draft Grade: B

32. Green Bay Packers Select: OT Derek Sherrod

Nice move for the Packers and fantasy football owners with Aaron Rodgers will be happy about this pick. The Packers are still in a small rebuilding phase on the offensive line and they need to keep Rodgers healthy with his concussion problems last season.

Draft Grade: B-

Thank you for following our live first round coverage. We will have updates for each teams individual draft in the coming days.

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