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2011 NFL Draft Picks: Carolina Panthers Projections – Results

With free agency unavailable this off-season, it will be interesting to see how each team drafts this spring. Throughout the three days of the 2011 NFL draft, we will be updating this page for the Carolina Panthers every night to give you analysis of their selection results.

On Thursday NFL teams will only select players in the first round of the draft. On Friday, they will all select their second and third round picks.

Saturday each team will finish of its draft by selecting players through rounds four to seven. Enjoy the draft and come back here later to see our take on players selected for the Carolina Panthers.

2011 Draft Picks (Before Draft Begins)

Round Selection
1 1st
3 1st
3 33rd (compensatory)
4 1st
5 1st
6 1st
6 38th (compensatory)
7 43rd (compensatory)

Panthers Draft Needs



First Pick Quarterback Cam Newton

Cam Newton may end up as a decent quarterback in the NFL, but I don’t like the Panthers’ situation. If the Panthers are serious about developing Newton into a productive quarterback, they need to keep Steve Smith on the team.

I also have a problem with head coaches who are defensive minded and the team takes a quarterback in the first round to develop. Sure, the Rams made Sam Bradford a success with a defensive head coach but this off-season his offensive coordinator went to another team, because of the success.

It’s hard for a team to keep a coordinator that develops a successful young quarterback, and that is why it pays to have an offensive minded head coach, because they stay on the team.

What is this team going to do to stop the run?

65. Defensive Tackle Terrell McClain

Finally the Panthers get some help at defensive tackle with Terrell McCain. This was one of the worst teams against the run for the past two seasons, so getting McClain is a start.

97. Defensive Tackle Sione Fua

Keep adding to that front line. Good job as the Panthers have struggled against the run in recent years and they need to turn thing s around.

98. Defensive Back Brandon Hogan

I like what the Panthers are doing with their mid round picks as defense and running the football will be essential to help Cam Newton develop and for the team to win games.

132. Wide Receiver Kealoha Pilares

166. Linebacker Lawrence Wilson

203. Offensive Lineman Zachary Williams

244. Offensive Lineman Lee Ziemba

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