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2011 NFL Draft Picks: Houston Texans Projections – Results

With free agency unavailable this off-season, it will be interesting to see how each team drafts this spring. Throughout the three days of the 2011 NFL draft, we will be updating this page for the Houston Texans every night to give you analysis of their selection results.

On Thursday NFL teams will only select players in the first round of the draft. On Friday, they will all select their second and third round picks.

Saturday each team will finish of its draft by selecting players through rounds four to seven. Enjoy the draft and come back here later to see our take on players selected for the Houston Texans.

2011 NFL Draft Selections (Before Draft Begins)

Round Selection
1 11th
2 10th
3 9th
4 8th
5 7th
6 13th
7 12th
7 53rd (compensatory)

Texans Draft Needs


Continued issues in the secondary need to end for a playoff run.


1st round, 11th pick: Houston Texans Select: DE J.J. Watt

I wish they would’ve gone corner back because they are horrible in the secondary. This is a good player and they will generate a solid pass rush to help the secondary with J.J. Watt  but they should have gone another direction.

Draft Grade: C+ (good player but they needed a CB)

Second Round

42. Linebacker Brooks Reed

Another solid pick for the Texans defense but much like the Cowboys I have great concerns about their secondary. The Texans are going to be nasty up front but they need some secondary depth in the third round or in free agency.

60. Cornerback Brandon Harris

Alright, finally the Texans have a defensive back in this draft. The Texans aren’t going to be a great defense against the pass but hopefully Harris will help.

127. Defensive Back Rashad Carmichael

144. Defensive Back Shiloh Keo

152. Quarterback Taylor Yates

214. Offensive Lineman Derek Newton

254. Defensive Lineman Cheta Ozougwu

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