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2011 NFL Draft Picks: New Orleans Saints Projections – Results

With free agency unavailable this off-season, it will be interesting to see how each team drafts this spring. Throughout the three days of the 2011 NFL draft, we will be updating this page for the New Orleans Saints every night to give you analysis of their selection results.

On Thursday NFL teams will only select players in the first round of the draft. On Friday, they will all select their second and third round picks.

Saturday each team will finish of its draft by selecting players through rounds four to seven. Enjoy the draft and come back here later to see our take on players selected for the New Orleans Saints.

2011 Draft Picks (Before Draft Begins)

Round Selection
1 24th
2 24th
3 8th (from WAS)
3 24th
7 24th
7 42nd (compensatory)

Saints Draft Needs



24. New Orleans Saints Select:DE Cameron Jordan

The Saints decided to pass on Mark Ingram and I’m happy that they did from a fantasy football perspective. This is a decent move for the Saints as they have added help on the front line to apply pressure. The Saints thrive off making plays on defense and Cameron Jordon will help this group overall.

Draft Grade: C+

28. New Orleans Saints Select: RB Mark Ingram(Trade With Patriots)

Well the Saints get Mark Ingram after all as they trade up to the Patriots second first round pick and take a running back. I guess the Patriots feel like they need more selections and it’s getting rediculous that they are obsessed with more picks. Anyway, Mark Ingram will help the Saints and they need that for a balanced offense.

Fantasy – This isn’t a great fit for Ingram to be a true top 25 back to start the season in fantasy football. The Saints love to spread the football around and Ingram will struggle to get enough carries to be a star, right away.

Draft Grade: B-

72. Inside Linebacker Martez Wilson

Nice pick for the Saints as it gives them a respective talent to help stuff the run. I still have PTSD from watching Marshawn Lynch last year, so adding Wilson is a good addition.

88. Cornerback Johnny Patrick

The Saints can’t help but add cornerbacks just about every year and I can’t blame them for it. Adding Johnny Patrick gives them added depth and speed.

226. Defensive Lineman Greg Romeus

243. Linebacker Nate Bussey

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