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2011 NFL Mock Draft Results: Rounds 1, 2, 3

Fantasy-Info.Com NFL 2011 Mock Draft

From the writers at, here is our 2nd annual three round mock draft. This year our I decided to add each teams draft selections by position. My main reason for breaking down the first three rounds is that they tend to be critical for each team and missing on draft picks (busts) in these rounds year after year creates more losers than winners.

Yes, some diamonds in the rough can be found in rounds four though seven, but pulling those gems out of your hat should be to get ahead of your competitors not to make up for missed draft pick on top.

Take a look in the first left hand column you’ll see the top five positions I believe these teams need to look at in this years’ draft. This three round mock draft is based on filling specific needs unless the talent just wasn’t in the round then I selected the best talent for that squad. Additionally, with the NFL in a lock out, teams will have to draft for free agents they will likely lose even if they plan to sign them.

Now having said that, we start with Carolina picking Cam Newton this is only because at this point he is the popular opinion in the media who of course stirs up the local Carolina fan base. Then like a lot of teams the owners will fall to season ticket sales over the smarter choice to select defense they need or better, Carolina should trade down.

Personally, I would be trading down because Carolina doesn’t have a second round pick and they already have so many holes to fill. Take a look at the overall selection to get an idea of what may happen during the draft this year.

Best of luck to your favorite team during this 2011 draft or like this writer is known to say, your team will have to “Wait Till Next Year” to fill these positions in there draft history.

Remember, GM’s, couches and scouts are really the experts, this writer just offers his opinions based on observations and history gathered to date., writer Chris “Red Dog” Douglas


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