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2011 NFL Team Draft Order – Round by Round

The 2011 NFL draft it coming in a few weeks, and it’s time to get ready but looking at the round by round draft orders. This list is printable and downloadable in case you want to keep a copy for your own use before draft day. Starting in the third round you will notice some picks are highlighted in blue because they are compensatory picks.

This basically means the NFL has awarded teams an extra pick in various rounds because of free agent loses. Of all the teams at this years draft, the 49ers have the top amount (twelve) of selections to use. Many times, you will see a team with so many selections use them to trade up the draft board, but it will be interesting to see if the 49ers move at all.

All in all, this list will change throughout the draft, but at least you have an idea of where teams will start out and what they have to negotiate with during the draft.

Draft Order

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