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8 Team Auction Mock Draft


If you’re looking to play in an auction fantasy football league, ESPN has a free mock draft lobby to help you get ready for your live draft. Over the years, I found that you tend to see the same trends or personalities in many of these draft rooms. You always seem to have an owners who wants to stretch his cap out to get a wide grouping of solid players, as is mostly the case with team one in this mock.

Mock Draft Personalities

Often times you will find some funny guy in the room that thinks it’s a great idea to mess with everyone by drafting one of the first guys off the board for a crazy amount of money as we find with team seven, who took Adrian Peterson off the bard for 135 dollars! Finally, you will always find a decent percentage of teams that want to bid high on the first four or five players they gab and then will leave the draft room.

While it can be challenging to get a firm grasp on what your live auction draft will actually be like, you can get some practice in at how to manage your money, and develop various styles of draft philosophy by partaking in these mock drafts.

Stockpiling Quarterbacks

One interesting strategy I see in auction mock drafts are when an owner like team two, adds not only Aaron Rodgers but Drew Brees as well to his squad. Hey, injuries happen and if you go for a player like Rodgers and can get a top-notch option like Brees for a good deal, it’s not a bad idea to use some money to make sure you have that position taken care of, throughout the season.

You can get away with this style of strategy when you play in a smaller league. The competition isn’t as strong in an eight-team league, because well, you just don’t have as many fantasy owners in the room to bid on each player.

Thus, you will tend to find players across the board come at a better value for your dollar, in the smaller league you play in. Get into a 12, 14 or 16 team league, and try to get away with this, and you will have to give up much more of your 200 dollar cap than the 60 dollars this team paid.

In the end, as I’ve said with just about every mock draft I put on the site from the free mock draft hosts around the league, these drafts are great to play around with various ideas, and to have some fun, but they are clearly not what you want to base your final thoughts on, as you get ready for your live draft. Get in some mocks, have some fun, talk some smack on the board, and get ready for another fun year of fantasy football.

8 Tm Auction

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