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Auction Mock Draft


While many fantasy football experts will advise otherwise, it seems there are still going to be those general fantasy owners who will ignore Maurice Jones-Drew’s health concerns and draft him as a No.1 running back and bid over 45 dollars for him.

Time will tell just how healthy MJD’s knee really is, and if he can touch the football around 250 times this season, I believe he can give you the value you’re going to pay for him, but don’t expect that to be the case. Jones-Drew is just one of many players selected in our ten team standard mock draft held on ESPN in the early summer. Below I have a few players picked out that I found interesting for topic of discussion.

The 27 Dollar Receiver – Larry Fitzgerald vs Mike Wallace

Both Larry Ftizgerald and Steelers speedster Mike Wallace went for 27 dollars in this mock draft. Of the two receivers, I actually like Wallace as a better fantasy option at this time, but if Fitzgerald lands a quarterback like Kevin Kolb when the lockout ends, I would have him valued a little higher.

Fitzgerald isn’t one of the faster receivers in football, but he’s terrific in every other area you want a pass catcher to be good in. Some how, some way, Fitzgerald will find a way to get close to 100 receptions on the season, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he returned to at least eight touchdowns. As for Wallace, this kid is the real deal, and he has a great supporting cast to help him succeed. With Ben Roethlisberger around for a full season, Wallace should improve his numbers in his second year as a starter.

Aaron Rodgers 50, Michael Vick 40?

While Aaron Rodgers went for ten dollars more than Michael Vick, you should expect this separation in price when you get to your real draft, nor expect it in most of the mock drafts to partake in. Rodgers was one of the first players put up for bid and in many mock drafts on ESPN, people go wild with the first few players, as they’re not drafting like they will be keeping the team. In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if Vick goes for more money than Rodgers in many real drafts this summer.

Tony Romo 16 Dollars?

If you can get Tony Romo for 20 dollars or less, he will make you smile all season. I expect the Cowboys offense to come back with a viciousness this season, as their old offensive coordinator (new head coach) Jason Garrett will want to make his mark as the new sheriff in town. When healthy, Romo can be as good as any of the big six (Brady, Manning, Brees, Rivers, Rodgers, Vick) for fantasy purposes, so consider his value a great bargain this season.

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