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IDP – Top 100 Cheat Sheet


It looks like the main players are signed an in camp as the dust starts to clear from what has been a wild and crazy free agent frenzy over the past few weeks. With all the changes has come the inevitable re-rankings for IDP player values as we get set to march into another full year of IDP fantasy football. Defensive end, Charles Johnson was listed as the top lineman to acquire via free agency but ultimately, he chose to stay with the Panthers as they gave him a huge contract.

Some have questioned if Johnson will be the same player this year as he’s may not play with the same motor he had when he was in line for a new contract, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Johnson has only had one season to be a full time stater and when he was, he showed us he had what it takes to be a true DL-1 type of player.

The Panthers are likely to be in the same situation as they were a year ago and that means Johnson will be on the field for plenty of opportunities to rack up the tackles to go with a double-digit sack total. With new Head Coach Ron Rivera coming to town, I like the way this group has not only kept key players in house, but added dependable veterans like tight end Greg Olsen. Sure, they’ve had to spend some money but any team that is one of the worst in football will have to give veteran players a reason to sign with them, over a team that is likely to chase the Super Bowl.

As it stands, just before preseason gets underway, I have Johnson listed as the ninth overall IDP player to select on draft day. In my rankings, I give defensive linemen a bump in value early in my rankings, because it can be a challenge to find consistent, trustworthy options at this position. Defensive backs tend to get a dip in value because I feel you can find them cheep, and youngsters break out every year to be top ten options, for waiver wire prices.

I also don’t believe there is a clear super stud at the defensive back position this year as LaRon Landry is a major injury risk in light of resent news about his Achilles still being a problem, and the likeliness of needing surgery.

As the preseason moves along, I plan on having a new update for this cheat sheet around the final weekend of August and then again, just before the first weekend of September. If you have any questions, please go to our contact page and shoot me an email.

Scoring Base


Solo Tackles: 2, Assists: 1, Sacks: 5, Interceptions: 7, Forced Fumbles: 5, Fumble Recoveries: 3, Pass Deflections: 3

Latest Update – August 27th

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