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Mock Draft Results – 8th Round


71. Matt Schaub (ADP 79.70) – Around this time of the draft, if you failed to select one of the top seven quarterbacks (Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Vick, Brady, Rivers, Romo) I believe Matt Schaub is your next-best bet for starting success. Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford and Sam Bradford are possible breakout options, and Ben Roethlisberger, and Eli Manning can be productive.

That said, Schaub still has a his full roster of weapons back and tight end Owen Daniels should have a better season as he is now two years removed from his torn ACL injury. With defenses giving the running game more attention, Schaub should take advantage by finding more success down the field.

72. Eagles Defense (ADP 132.50) – Clearly, the top defense to select this summer, the Eagles will be an aggressive bunch, and they have the secondary to back it up. This defense could post turnover and touchdown numbers much like the Saints from 2009, and should have a lower points per game average that New Orleans had that season.

If you look to take the first defense off the board, you might have to go higher than the tenth round as the hype on this team is through the roof.

73. Josh Freeman (ADP 100.97) – The Buccaneers got it right when they pegged Josh Freeman as the teams next quarterback of the future in 2009. While Freeman was terrific in his first full season as a starter, I’m concerned that he may take a slight step back as teams will start to take Tampa Bay serious.

This is a young offense and a young team, and the missed time in the off-season didn’t help their odds of taking the next step to begin a playoff team. Expect Freeman to become a possible starter in ten team leagues by next season, and I expect them to make the playoffs at that time.

74. Michael Crabtree (ADP 68.17) – No way, should you look to Michael Crabtree as an eighth round selection at this point in time. Crabtree has had continued problems with the same foot that has given him trouble since he came out of college. Already projected to be out until late August, Vernon Davis and Braylon Edwards are better options to target on the 49ers.

75. Fred Jackson (ADP 52.04) – While I’m not a big fan of Fred Jackson for fantasy, he clearly has better value than a late eight round selection. Look to Jackson to land closer to a sixth-round pick in your real draft.

76. Chad Ochocinco (ADP 78.01) – If you can acquire Chad Ochocinco after the sixth round, consider that great value for a receiver that is likely to bounce back with Tom Brady feeding him the football. Who knows what will happen with Ochocinco over his final three years of his remaining contract, but he will provide the Patriots an extra spark in the offense, this year.

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77. Beanie Wells (ADP 81.79) – While many fantasy owners and experts are hyping rookie Ryan Williams to be a sleeper in Arizona, I actually believe it is Beanie Wells that will come out as the runner to have. Williams was the third running back on the Cardinals depth chart coming into their first preseason game, and Wells did a respectable job.

Don’t look to Wells as a flex play addition, but he should be a good fit in your league as an early back, that can grow into a starter when he proves his worth.

78. Joseph Addai (ADP 78.01) – Look for Joseph Addai to move up the board throughout the month of August as he re-signed with the Colts and will be the main runner in this offense. I love the Colts rookie Delone Carter, but Peyton Manning insisted that Addai be re- signed, and that is because of his experience and ability to pick up the blitz in the passing game.

79. Austin Collie (ADP 63.60) – Great selection at this point in the draft as Austin Collie should perform as a No.2 fantasy receiver when he’s on the field. At this point, it’s worth the gamble to go with Collie as he can be a force for your squad. Just remember that his concussion problems are legit, and if he should have one during the season he would miss more time than the average player.

80. Mike Sims-Walker (ADP 103.37) – I wasn’t a big fan of my Dad drafting Mike Sims-Walker at this point in the draft, but he is a backup for him, and I understand his thinking. The Rams are in need of a big body in the passing game and while I like their rookies, Sims-Walker is ready to make an impact right away. Now, let’s see if he actually gets anything done.

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