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Ask Sean Mailbag – Best Of Week 3

Since we are getting such a strong response from our new Ask Sean section of the site, I thought it would be a good idea to take some of the top email’s from the week and turn them into a post. Towards the end of the week, I will post our top questions as given to me to reply on throughout the week. Hopefully this post will answer some of your questions, before you set your lineup or decide on who you need to pickup or drop on your squad.

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Mailbag Questions

1. Waiver Wire – Need a WR, RB

2. PPR Flex & WR – Part 1

3. PPR Flex & WR – Part 2

4. Waiver Advice – Moreno, Moore, Amendola

5. Who Do I Start – Manning, Roethlisberger

6. Lineup Advice – Vick, Newton

7. Bess Or Young

8. Who Do I Start (IDP) – Chung, Bishop, Timmons, DQ Jackson

9. Start / Sit WR – Henderson, Jackson, Maclin, S. Smith

Subject: wavier wire

Hi Sean,

My league starts 2RB n 3WR. Currently I have Ray Rice, Lesean McCoy, Tim Hightower and James Stark. My WR are Brandon Marshall, Steve Johnson, Percy Harvin, AJ Green, Jordy Nelson and Plaxico. I am thinking of waving Plaxico for D. Henderson, D. Moore, E. Decker, N. Washington or D.Branch. I’ve also thought about carrying 5 RB n 5 WR. Another option is dropping Plax for a RB. McGahee, D. Thomas,Sproles, P. Thomas n D. McCluster are available. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Since your starting two running backs with no flex and you have Rice and McCoy, I wouldn’t worry about your running depth as a top priority. As for your receivers I would definitely keep Marshall, Johnson, Harvin and Green at this time. Nelson has good upside but take away his big touchdown catch last week and he fails to catch a pass against the Panthers of all teams. That should tell you that Nelson is a victim of the teams spread offense and options like Moore, Decker and Branch offer better upside at this time.

As far as I’m concerned you can dump Plaxico as he failed to catch a pass against the Jaguars, and I just feel he’s going to have a hard time giving fantasy owners any accountability on a weekly basis, as he’s coming back from jail time. Burress seems to be in better shape than Vick was when he came back but it’s hard to take the physical beating weekly, and play effective weekly, when you’ve been out of the game that long and are in your mid-thirties.

For help right now, look to Branch and Decker as your top options, but Moore has the best upside of the group. Henderson is worth a play this week against the Texans, but Lance Moore will see more activity and Colston is a few weeks from coming back. Again, take away Henderson long TD, and he’s about two catches for 20 yards. I don’t’ know about you but I like to have receivers that are more involved in the offense.

If your looking for another running back Daniel Thomas is the top option on the list, as it didn’t take the Dolphins long to figure out that Reggie Bush can’t run in-between the tackles, and with Soprano coaching for his job, he needs Thomas in. McCluster would be the second option to target.

– Sean

Subject: PPR Flex & WR

Weekly decision...Percy Harvin, Boldin, DeSean Jackson, Steve Smith....
RB for flex Cedric Benson...pick 2 WR and a WR or Benson for flex


Hey Lee,

Not a fan of Benson this week as he plays the 49ers stout front seven against the run. As for the receivers I would go with Boldin, Smith and Jackson as your starters.

Just yesterday Vikings beat-writer Tom Pelelissero broke down the snaps Harvin was a part of and he only played on 27 of the teams 43 plays. While Harvin was solid in his overall performance, I would like the Vikings to have a little more faith in him before I put him in the lineup over the three options you listed above.

Boldin has the Rams and if you watched that Monday night game, the Giants had plenty of opportunities in the passing game, so expect Flacco and Boldin to bounce back this week. As for Smith, he’s a must start right now as Cam Newton is on fire. D-Jax is a WR-1 play and should be in your lineup every week.

– Sean

Subject: PPR Flex & WR – Part 2

Thanks…one more quick question…keep two on team –

Robert Meachem, Jordy Nelson and Nate Burleson


Nate Burleson is the best of the three so he’s a must.

As for Meachem and Nelson, they are both in a similar situation. Both have talent and upside if they could ever find more targets on a regular basis. Because Colston is out and Moore is still coming back from a groin injury, he would be the better short term option to hold.

If Nelson can take away a starting job, he would be the ideal hold for the long term.

As for your receiving core you have options to use right now, but I would probably keep Meachem, in case you need him in the short run. Also keep your eye on upgrades for your depth like Decker, Denarius Moore, David Nelson and Brandon LaFell. All four options should be better fits on your squad right now.

Subject: Advice

I need help.  I'm 0 and 2 in my league of 10 people.  Should I hang onto Amendola,
Ford, and Moreno? Should I keep Lance Moore or drop him for Robert Meachem?
Notable available players are:
Marshawn Lynch
Sidney Rice
Plaxico Burress
Braylon Edwards
Greg Olsen
Michael Crabtree
Robert Meachem
Jacquizz Rodgers
Deji Karim
Eddie Royal
Brandon LaFell


Hey Eddie,

Of the three your asking to hold onto, I would keep Ford and Moreno at this point. Amendola is an active receiver in the Rams offense, but I have a feeling he’s going to be out for awhile, even though the Rams are down playing his rehab some.

As for Lance Moore, I like him over Meachem in the long run, but right now you need an option that’s going to give you production as your already down two games, so if your can grab Meachem, go for it.

Also look for Eric Decker, David Nelson, Denarius Moore and Brandon LaFell as options at receiver.

Most of the names on that list are just that for waiver options, as they don’t carry much weight for rosters at this point. I would pickup Lynch however, as the Seahawks have played two of the better run defenses in football, but their schedule will lesson against the run going forward. I actually like Lynch as a flex play option this week, assuming he’s fine through practice, against the Cardinals. Seattle is much better at home and they have two of their road games out of the way.

Outside of Lynch, Meachem, LaFell and possibly Olsen if you start a tight end and need depth, I would scrap the other names for now.

– Sean

Subject: who do i start

I have to pick 2 of these quarterbacks tom brady ben rothisberger eli manning or mark sanchez adn the 4 othese reciver hakeem nicks, dez braynt, mike williams, plaxico burress, julio jones  or lee evans i don’t know who to go with other than tom brady.


Hey Josh,

For your quarterbacks I would go with Brady and Roethlisberger.

Manning’s receiving core is beat up as Mario Manningham has a concussion, Nicks is playing on a bad knee and Hixon is lost for the year with another torn ACL injury.

While Sanchez had a good game against the Cowboys, he made some questionable throws against the Jaguars poor pass defense, and the Raiders have looked nasty this year. Sure, Fitzpatrick killed them in the second half, but I think that had more to do with the Raiders being fatigued after playing a late Monday night game in Denver then flying to the East Coast for a morning game.

Oakland is susceptible to giving up plays when they are in a dime package as their backup safeties need some coaching up and can be exploited, but I just don’t have faith that Sanchez can be a consistent option over a vet like Roethlisberger.

Roethlisberger has had a slow start, but he will get it going as he has a deep receiving core, and should be viewed as a weekly starter, when deciding between your other options.

As for Brady…..MVP enough said.

Wide Receivers

At receiver Nicks, Bryant and Williams (assuming that’s the one from TB) are weekly starters, when on the field.

A for your 4th option I would like Evans if he was healthy but his ankle injury is clearly slowing him down, so keep him as depth at this time.

As for Burress and Jones, look to the waiver wire to see if these names are around.

Eric Decker, Denarius Moore, David Nelson, Brandon LaFell, Mike Sims-Walker, Brandon Gibson. I like all of these options better than Jones and Burress this week and going forward.

Burress failed to catch a pass last week, and he’s likely to be an up and down option this year.

Jones is a great talent but he clearly needs to work on his route running skills before he’s ready to be a regular option in fantasy leagues. Every once in awhile Jones will take advantage of a miss match in the secondary and make a big play, but you need more activity, for Jones to be an starting option weekly.

Of the two, I would probably go with Jones at this time.

– Sean

Subject: Week 3

2 QB League, options are: Vick, Cam, Kolb, Cutler.
open positions I need to fill: RB & a W/R flex spot, options are: Daniel Thomas,
LGB, Sproles, Starks, BJacobs?


Hey Jimson,

Go with Vick and Cam as your starting quarterbacks. If Vick should miss this week (not likely) I would go with Kolb as your third option.

As for your other positions Blount is weekly starter, and would go with Thomas as your flex option this week.

The Giants could fall behind early, which would make it hard for Jacobs to find the field as Bradshaw would be in on passing downs. Sproles is the third option in a three back RBBC, and Starks is playing the Bears while running with Grant.

– Sean

Subject: Bess or T Young??

Should I drop Davonne Bess and pick up Titus Young from free agents? My starting receivers are currently Santana Moss, Anquan Boldin, and Desean Jackson. I have Lee Evans, Nate Washington,Burleson and Lafell and J Simpson on my bench (i like sleeper receivers-as u can tell). Your thoughts…(my RBs are A Bradshaw, C Johnson and F Jackson..TE F Davis..Def Eagles Kicker A Henry and T Brady for QB)


Hey Guy,

I like Titus Young as a compliment receiver for Matthew Stafford this year, but until Burleson or Johnson go down with an injury, I would stay away from Young. Bess is a worthy top 40 receiver at this time and should stay on your team.

I have your receivers listed in order of importance

– Jackson – Fringe WR-1 option, start every week.

– Boldin – I still believe Joe Flacco is ready for a career year, but his poor play against the Titans was dissapointing. Boldin will benifit from Evans and Rice in this offense, and he should have one of his better years of his career.

– Moss – had an underrated season in 2009, and he’s carried that success over to this year. Rex Grossman favors him in the passing game and he’s a weekly play.

– Burleson – One of my sleepers before the season started, Burleson is off to a great start and is a weekly WR-3 play.

– LaFell – With Newton going crazy, LaFell has upside. I liked this kid coming out of LSU, and he should be a player in this league.

– Evans – I like Evans but he’s clearly dealing with an ankle injury that is limiting his play. Keep him on the roster and wait until his ankle gets better.

– Simpson – With Shipley gone, Simpson should see a few more targets but his big game against the Broncos was basically one blown coverage. Not at starter at this point.

– Washington – No. I need to see more from Hasselbeck but Washington just doesn’t do enough on the field to be more than a bye week fill in.


CJ – Concerned about his failures to run in harmony with his offensive line but he will get it together soon and should have a solid games against the Broncos and Browns in the coming weeks.

As for Jackson, Bradshaw, Davis, Henry and Brady that are all good weekly starts.

– Sean

Subject: Who to start?

So I play in a regular league that mixes in some IDP and most of the top players are actually still available.
We play D, D, DB. Right now I am starting Chung, Timmons, and D'Qwell. All of the top DL are available as is Bishop.
We don't give points for assists and give 1 for solos and PD and 3 for everything else. In these "flex" positions would
you go with a top DL or Timmons/D'Qwell/Bishop? 

Also, is Roman a better play in this format since he'll make more plays? 

Seems that Chung is hurt by the lack of assists counting. Thanks!


Go with Harper this week over Chung as he has a hand injury. I still have Chung ranked ahead of Harper this week, but that’s because I feel he’s the best defensive back around put Harper is hot and should have a good week. Since you have both, start Harper and see how Chung does with the hand injury. If he plays well, get him back in your lineup as he’s the best back in the game for IDP at this time.
Linebackers are the better weekly play as linemen tend to have consistency issues.

Yes, make sure you have Bishop on your team this week, and while Timmons is a great IDP option I have Bishop as the top linebacker to start this week. The Bears offensive line is horrible in pass protection and Bishop should have a nice week. Between Timmons and Jackson, I would actually go Jackson this week, and I might move him ahead of Timmons on my Friday updates.

Timmons will have chances for big plays, but the Steelers offense should be on the field most of time controlling time of possession against the Colts. The Browns should be in a dog fight against the Dolphins and Jackson is playing great at this time. Jackson was one of the better IDP options before his injury problems, and has shown no problems producing in the Browns new 4-3 scheme.

– Sean

Subject: who to pick to start WR

Hello Sean, 

This week i have a big match up with one of the top ranked in my fantasy league. My other positions are pretty solid.
Its just I have a difficult decision at WR.  Who should be my starters (3). I have Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Panthers
Steve Smith,AJ Green and Devery Henderson. Those are some hard picks to choose from especially since each player can all do some damages.
Can you help me?


Hey Kenneth,

Your group has talent but it’s a hard one to choose between on a weekly basis, because starting your top two options means you have two receivers from the same team.

At this point, there’s not much you can do to change this unless you can make a trade for a receiver that is comparable to a Maclin or a Jackson in your league. While Maclin proving he’s back from his health problems, start both your Eagles is going to be a must most weeks. The next option has to be Steve Smith because Cam Newton is on fire, and that is all Smith needs to have a bounce back year.

Green is good, but I need to see consistent weekly activity before he’s worth moving into your lineup on a weekly basis. As for Henderson, he’s off to a hot start, but they guy rely s on the big play too much and unless he’s having a career year, he’s been an option to avoid for most of his time in the pro’s.

While Henderson could have another solid week, I’m just not going to recommend him to most fantasy owners as a starter, because he doesn’t have a well rounded game, and he seems to get around 2 to 4 touchdowns a year. Moore should be back to normal work this week and I wouldn’t be surprised if Colston is back next week, as he’s making good progress coming off his injury.

– Sean

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