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Ask Sean Mailbag – Best Of Week 4

Week 4 Emails

1. Who To Keep? – Boldin, Steve Smith, Harvin, Burleson, Meachem

2. Help!!! (Who To Start) – Tate, Hunter, Greene

3. Roster Help – Pickups, Start Options

4. Start – Sit – Fred Jackson, Chris Johnson, Ahmad Bradshaw

Message: Who should I keep through  the balance of the season?

Greetings….I am weekly unsure who to start at wide receiver..the running backs are easy

(McCoy and Rice) first 3 picks were running backs…I can keep 6 WR and play 3 each week

in a PPR league..I have:

DeSean Jackson (extremely disappointing so far)

Anquin Boldin

Steve Smith (Carolina)

Percy Harvin

Nate Burleson

Robert Meachem

I could possibly pickup and therefore have to release one of the above:

Jordy Nelson

Nate Washington

David Nelson

Denarius Moore

Victor Cruz

Torrey Smith

I realize the last 2 may be 1 game wonders….



Hey Lee,

Keep – Jackson, Boldin and Burleson for sure.

Percy Harvin – In a part-time role and while he could bounce back for a good year, he even missed time last week because he was sick. I would still hold onto him, but he’s not an option to start until he gets more playing time.

Meachem – It looks like Meachem may always be a bye week fill in at best. Lance Moore is clearly healthy again and Colston should be back in a couple of weeks. It’s safe to drop this receiver at this time.

Top To Bottom On Waiver Wire

David Nelson – Because this is a PPR league, Nelson will continue to rack up a respectable amount of receptions as the No.2 receiver in Buffalo’s offense.

Nate Washington – With Kenny Britt gone for the year, Washington’s stock rises to fringe WR-3 play on a weekly basis.

Denarius Moore – Love this kid and he has more upside than anyone on the list. At this time, Coach Hue Jackson still has Moore playing behind DHB but that won’t last long. Expect Moore to remain active in the Raiders passing game, as Jackson does a good job getting the football into his play-makers hands.

Jordy Nelson – In many ways Nelson is like Meachem as he plays in a high-scoring offense with one of the better quarterbacks. Sadly, the Packers love to spread the football around and that hurts Nelson. If Donald Driver could ever get off the field, Nelson could have a breakout year, but he just doesn’t get enough targets right now.

Torrey Smith – What a wild game it was for Torrey Smith in his debut with the Ravens. While Smith may stay in the starting lineup this week, he’s bound to fall back when Lee Evans ankle is healthy. I like Smith as a dynasty hold, but he’s a big-play option and won’t rack up a respectable amount of receptions. That makes him a little less valuable in your league.

Victor Cruz – Like Smith, Cruz will fall back to the third option in the passing game when Mario Manningham returns from his concussion. While Cruz had a huge game, his success was more of a fluke as the Eagles secondary made it easy on him at times. That could happen again this week vs. the Cardinals, but I would expect Manningham back this week.

At this time the only receiver I would drop off your team is Meachem but only for Nelson, Washington or Moore. Nelson, Smith and Cruz are all options much like Meachem, so basically your dropping one to pickup another that is just like the one you had.

– Sean

Subject: help!!

Well, I am 0-3 lost by one point last week your picks did help me last week. I made some moves and now have no clue who to start. Should I start Ben Tate over Shonn green3?. Furthermore, I have my flex and my starting WR spot open. I have DeSean Jackson, David Nelson, Nate Washington. I also picked up Kendall Hunter. Or should I throw Tate in my flex. I am playing a guy who is 3-0 and has a stacked team. Please help I need a win!!!!


Hey Troy,

I hate to say it, but you might be disappointed again this week.

At this point, in the week it’s a little early for me to recommend Hunter over Tate as we still need to see how Gore and Foster do in practice. Foster looked good on Wednesday so it’s likely that Tate is a bad play as he will be in an RBBC against the Steelers.

I like Hunter, but he’s not worth starting over Greene unless Gore is a scratch on Sunday. Today, Gore suited up for a limited practice, so he’s likely to play against the Eagles.

As for your receivers, I would stick with Jackson for one more week and go with Washington as your flex over Hunter, Nelson and Tate. Washington is off to a great start, and is worth playing.

Jackson is off to a slow start, but he’s playing against the 49ers. In your teams situation, you need to have upside options in your lineup, especially against a good team. Jackson has the ability to put up huge numbers, and that is what you will need to have a chance.

– Sean

Subject: Re: who to pick to start WR

Hey Sean,
Thanks for the help last week…sadly, Everyone on my team had sucked haha….. But this week I was wondering about another team I have; I’m ranked last :( and my WRs consist of Steve Johnson, DeSean Jackson, Denarius Moore, Meachem, and Henderson…. Which 2 and should be my flex option…. I’m also worried about my running backs, lost Charles, and now left with Forte, Ingram, Bernard Scott, and Woodhead.. Any suggestions???


Hey Kenneth,

Steve Johnson and DeSean Jackson should be the first two options to start. As for a flex go with Denarius Moore this week. With Colston back and Moore playing well, Henderson and Meachem loss value and are bench depth at best. Moore isn’t starting but will be active in the Raiders passing game and with the Patriots coming to town, Moore will have opportunities for big plays.

As for the running game, it’s Forte and Ingram for sure this week. Forte is a RB-1 in PPR leagues and a weekly starter in standard play. Ingram hasn’t had a hot start but the Saints are playing the Jaguars, and I expect them to roll up a big lead and then use Ingram to grind out the clock. This is a great opportunity for Ingram to go for over 100 yards and score a TD in is second straight week.

Unfortunately, for Scott, it looks like Benson is going to play after all, and Woodhead is depth in PPR leagues at best right now.

Look to options like Hunter and Ridley for better depth going forward, over Woodhead if this is a standard league. If this is a PPR league, I still like Hunter over Woodhead.

– Sean

Subject: Week 4

If you have a minute please consider the following ?s

1 All of my RBs are slated to do well this week with favorable match-ups w the exception of if Jackson (hard to bench him- he’s such a big part of the bills O) which 2 should I start?

C johnson

F jackson

A bradshaw

2 which 3 rec should I start?

D Jackson

S Moss

A Boldin

N Washington

(i guess the ? should be A Boldin or N Washington)


Hey Guy,
Yes, starting Fred Jackson is a must as the Bills are on fire and Jackson is playing like a top five stud.

The Giants have picked things up over the past couple weeks and heading into Arizona, the Giants should have another high-scoring game.

As much as it pains me to say or suggest this, I actually believe you should sit Chris Johnson when deciding between these two. Johnson could break out, but Bradshaw should give you respectable numbers and could have a big day as well.

With Johnson, the offensive line is horrible right now as a recent stat breakdown had the Broncos meeting Johnson in the backfield on ten of his thirteen carries. Even Javon Ringer only managed negative six yards on six carries last week.

If Johnson should start to look like his old self consider that a victory for the long haul of your teams’ success. However, right now you need reliable options with some upside in your running game and Jackson, and Bradshaw give you that.

As for receiver Washington is the one to start as Boldin will be playing against Revis and the Jets.

– Sean

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