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Week 2 Gameday / Roster Prep – News and Notes

The most important bit of advice I can give you for the first few weeks of the season is not to overreact. Chad Ochocinco was non-existent in Week 1 despite the fact that Tom Brady exploded for 517 passing yards and four TDs. You certainly don’t drop The Receiver Formerly Known as Johnson but I can understand the temptation to bench him.

Minnesota’s offense looked putrid against the Chargers, but does that mean guys like Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson should be traded away since you want to sell high? Not necessarily. The inverse of that is the Bills. They scored 41 points and dominated Kansas City, does that mean TE Scott Chandler is now the next Antonio Gates and Ryan Fitpatrick is the next Drew Brees? Of course not. You’re playing for the playoffs, not winner of Week 2.

The best thing you can do is be presumptuous and presume that the guys you expected to do well will turn it around. Decisions about when to cut players has a lot to do with their perceived value. Right now, say you’ve got Austin Collie. With Peyton Manning likely out for the year, it’s tough to imagine Collie having a very good year. Now you shouldn’t cut him just yet, but he should be on your short list when it comes time to add new players. Collie still has value for now, but that’ll rapidly change if he remains a non-factor like he was in the Colts’ opener.

If you’re looking for someone to drop, it definitely has to be someone one of the guys you drafted in the last few rounds as depth. It’s only been one week and if you drafted Javon Ringer hoping Chris Johnson might get hurt, that’s the best example of a guy who’s got to go. As an example, I dropped Toby Gerhart for Eric Decker. Gerhart only has value if AP is injured and Decker might emerge as a solid PPR option for the Broncos. This isn’t to say that Decker is all that great, hey, he was on the waiver wire for a reason but his potential is relevant.

A perfect drop this week would have been dropping someone like Ronnie Brown for Cadillac Williams. Steven Jackson is already banged up and it’s clear Brown doesn’t have much of a role in the Eagles’ potent offense. He was given four carries and even on a good day, he’ll be lucky to have more than 40 total yards.

Another good drop would have been cutting Donovan McNabb for Cam Newton. As already mentioned, the Vikings passing game looked awful. McNabb threw for a whopping 37 yards. That’s terrible enough to go ahead and walk away from. Since he’d definitely your backup QB, there’s no harm in taking a player with a better ceiling. Newton may never have another huge game in his career but since he’s only riding your pine, you want the player who can breakout, not the player who is already broken down.

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