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When God Plays Madden 12, He Uses Aaron Rodgers

In the first quarter of the highly-entertaining regular season opener between the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers, quarterback Aaron Rodgers played like Aaron Rodgers. He played like God was using Lambeau Field for his own personal game of Madden 12 and he set the Saints’ defense to the Rookie difficulty. He was playing like Bo Jackson in Tecmo Super Bowl.

In a recent podcast (listen above) here at Fantasy-Info, I discussed how Greg Jennings couldn’t possibly live up to his average draft position because the Packers had so many weapons on offense. My logic was that, inevitably, the ball would be spread around between Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Starks, Ryan Grant, Jermichael Finley, James Jones, Donald Driver and even John Kuhn. So while Jennings would certainly have a great year, he wouldn’t necessarily have an early 2nd round pick year. I was wrong.

I was wrong because the Packers are crazy good. They’ll be lucky to replicate their Thursday night first quarter for the rest of their lives but how many teams can look that good for one drive, let alone a full quarter? And it wasn’t just Rodgers, the Packers D forced a turnover and did a good job getting after Drew Brees. Maybe the D wasn’t as good, but it doesn’t need to be!

Unfortunately for the millions of TV viewers and fans at the game, reality set back in and the game was relatively close throughout with New Orleans desperately trying to keep pace. They did what they could in a crazy environment, with a ton of energy and hype surrounding them on all sides.

The point though is that no team can look as good as the Packers did in that first quarter. Rodgers went 14 for 15 (his one incompletion coming on a nothing play from his own six yard line and he threw it out of bounds to kill the play) with 188 passing yards and 3 TDs. Go play Madden using the Packers, play against the Saints at home on Rookie difficulty and tell me after one five-minute quarter if you can match those numbers. Then consider Rodgers did it in real life. This didn’t come against the Rams, Dolphins, or even your local high school JV team. This was against a playoff team in a playoff atmosphere! Does anybody want to play these guys in Lambeau in the playoffs? Doubt it.

Then you factor all the pregame BS about how the Packers didn’t have any players-only meetings or practices during the lockout. Rodgers singlehandedly blew up that paper-thin argument and put the media on blast for even making it an issue.

Then from a fantasy football perspective, Michael Vick was receiving all the buzz, even being taken in some drafts as the No. 1 pick. How’d that pan out? Well in all fairness, Vick hasn’t played yet and he had the last OMGWTF moment last year against the Washington Redskins during Monday Night Football. But Rodgers put the whole league on notice and trust me, every NFL player was watching that game and shaking their heads, especially anybody facing Green Bay this year.

For the very few who doubted or were even vaguely skeptical about the Packers’ Super Bowl run and the anointing of Rodgers as the next great QB a la Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Tom Brady, Rodgers added yet another page to his growing legacy in front of the entire nation. He could have an average year and people will still remember how he stuck it to the Saints in a nearly perfect first quarter performance, but he won’t because he’s Aaron Rodgers and you better recognize.

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