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Mid-Season Quarterback Draft Review / Results

Revisiting how you picked your quarterbacks

When selecting a QB, you likely did one of two things: you either grabbed one early or waited a bit. Now if you grabbed a QB early, you would’ve drafted one of the following: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Michael Vick, Philip Rivers or Tony Romo. These are the guys who typically went in the first four rounds.

Now Rodgers, Brady and Brees are still amongst the top five at their position. Vick is No. 6 so that’s not bad either. Romo is ranked No. 13 but if you go by points per game, he’s No. 6 overall (the Cowboys had a Week 5 bye). So the odd man out is Rivers, who is 14th in fantasy points per game. What happened here?

Well there is the resurgent season that Ryan Mathews has going. Antonio Gates can’t stay healthy. In truth, Rivers only had one bad performance and that came in Week 3 against the Kansas City Chiefs. The problem is he hasn’t had a big game and Chargers just don’t look all that explosive. Then you factor in that the Chargers are notorious slow starters and suddenly Matthew Stafford wasn’t such a bad option to wait a couple rounds for. But hey, hindsight is 20/20.

Here is a breakdown of how I picked my quarterbacks in my six redraft ESPN leagues.

League 1: Philip Rivers, Round 3. Jason Campbell, Round 14.
League 2: Aaron Rodgers, Round 1. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Round 16.
League 3:  Kevin Kolb, Round 9. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Round 13.
League 4: Peyton Manning, Round 6. Jason Campbell, Round 14. (Missed draft, family stuff)
League 5: Philip Rivers, Round 2. Mark Sanchez, Round 12.
League 6: Tony Romo, Round 7. Matthew Stafford, Round 12. (8-team league)

In League 1, I’m 5-1. How is that possible? Well I just so happened to draft Wes Welker, Darren McFadden and LeSean McCoy. Unfortunately, I’ve been scrambling for a QB all year. I’ve added Tim Tebow and Carson Palmer now that Jason Campbell is out. I also got lucky and added Eric Decker and Victor Cruz who carried me a couple times. Without nailing my RB draft picks and picking up some stud waiver wire guys, this team would be awful.

In League 2, I’m 2-4. Yes, with Rodgers and Fitzpatrick, I’m f’ing 2-4. Well unfortunately, I drafted Frank Gore, DeAngelo Williams and Knowshon Moreno, passing up guys like  Hakeem Nicks, Mike Wallace, Matt Forte and Ahmad Bradshaw to draft those three not-very-good backs. So between my first two leagues, what’s the lesson here? It looks like it’s far more important to have good RBs than it is to have a good QB.

In League 3, I’m 4-2. Again I got lucky here and drafted Fred Jackson, Matt Forte and Mike Wallace. Fitzpatrick really bailed me out for taking a chance with Kolb. I really should’ve known better, huh?

In League 4, I’m 6-0. I cut Peyton and added Cam Newton before Week 1. Yes, thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, I’m that guy.I then also drafted Fred Jackson and LeSean McCoy. My WRs are Roddy White, Miles Austin, A.J. Green, Eric Decker and Jordy Nelson. Once again, this league proves that it’s been way more important to have great RBs/WRs over a great QB, but a great QB certainly helps.

In League 5, I’m 2-4 again. Rivers put me in a rut early. I do have Jeremy Maclin, Adrian Peterson and Michael Turner , but I’m one good RB or WR away from having a great team.

In League 6, I’m 6-0. Romo and Stafford. This team has it all. I’ve got backs and receivers. Jimmy Graham. The 49ers defense. I nailed it across the board.

So reflecting upon my drafts and the subsequent moves I made, it looks to me it’s far more important to have great playmakers rather than a great QB. In a one QB league, as long as one of your QBs pans out into a Top 10 guy, you’re golden. But if you miss on RBs or WRs, it’s really hard to recover from that. Missing on a QB isn’t the end of the world, that’s just how the game pans out in one QB leagues. This is why you end up selecting at least five RBs and only two QBs.

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