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Matt Flynn: The Key to Winning the Fantasy Playoffs?

How good are the Packers? Well, needless to say, nobody can stop them or Aaron Rodgers. They’re so good they don’t even need a running game. They’re so good that they’ve scored more touchdowns than the Jacksonville Jaguars, St. Louis Rams, and Indianapolis Colts and – combined. They’re so good that they only have one fewer road win than the entire AFC East.

With a win on Sunday against the New York Giants, the Pack will secure a spot in the playoffs. With two wins, they’ll secure a bye week in the playoffs and with three more wins, they’ll have home field advantage. Some of this depends on tie-breakers, but let’s disregard that tidbit.

So for fantasy owners who own Rodgers, the quarterback who likely has carried them into the playoffs, Green Bay could have nothing to play for. Coincidentally, that Week 16 game comes on Christmas Day. It’s entirely possible that Rodgers could hand you a big lump of coal in your Christmas stocking. What is a fantasy owner to do?

Well hey, how about backup quarterback Matt Flynn? What are your other options? Who’s still available on waivers?

You could add Kyle Orton. No, hear me out. Orton could presumably be the starter for Kansas City by then and he’ll face the Oakland Raiders, one of the great fantasy matchups in recent weeks for QBs. Or you could add Matt Moore, he’s been doing relatively well lately and will face the league’s worst fantasy defense against QBs, the New England Patriots. How about Rex Grossman going up against an awful Minnesota Vikings defense?

Doesn’t sound too appealing.

Call me crazy, but I’ll take Flynn over anybody on the waiver wire right now. Sure, Flynn would be going up against a Chicago Bears defense that will likely be jostling for playoff position and will have far more to play for than the Packers in this scenario. Has Flynn proven anything? No, not really, but it’s just as risky as using any of the aforementioned QBs.

Andy Dalton against Arizona? Meh.

T.J. Yates against Houston? Blah.

Carson Palmer against Kansas City? Not as great as it sounds.

Caleb Hanie against Green Bay? Well maybe since the Packers could sit some defensive starters, but Hanie doesn’t look very good either. He threw three picks last week.

Whatever table scraps are free agents in your league are unappealing. Flynn’s lack of playing time certainly creates a nice illusion that he could do big things. Just look at all the weapons! Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones and Jermichael Finley! But seriously, give me four quarters of Flynn in Green Bay’s offense over four quarters of any other team in the league with a QB on the waiver wire.

It could come out that maybe the Packers opt to use Rodgers for two quarters and then bench him, or something to that effect. Obviously, that complicates matters and throws a wrench in my whole argument, but the fact remains that Rodgers owners should start planning ahead. It may be best to start rooting for Rodgers to play well in the coming weeks, but that his team loses. A Green Bay loss might keep Rodgers under center just an extra week longer and we all know how valuable that’s been this year.

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