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2012 Fantasy Playoff Cheat Sheet

Another playoff fantasy football challenge is upon us as drafts are going on throughout this week, in preparation for the beginning of the post season on Saturday. While I put together player rankings for each position to get you set for the wild-card round, I’ve gone ahead and put together a cheat sheet for all players in the entire playoffs.

While many of you will likely play on ESPN, or other major sites, and choose players on a week to week basis, some of you are actually drafting for all players combined off the 12 eligible teams in the playoffs, in a snake style draft format. Below I have an Q/A email message as a fantasy owner emailed me recently looking for draft advice beyond the wild-card rankings, found on the site.

After listing out the top four players, as I see it, I then go into a quick writup on which teams, I believe will have the best odds of advancing deeper into the playoffs. This is crucially important to factor in, when choosing players, because the more games your players participate in the better odds, you have of winning your league. At the same time, while players like Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, are unlikely to advance past the wild-card round, they will likely have monster stat-lines as they play against the Saints.

One massive game could make up for two or even three games from a lessor player, so even if you feel unconfident about a given team or players odds of advancing, they should still hold some value.

Email Q/A


Playoff league draft this week. League with no pick ups after the draft, and you play until players are eliminated. Who should I go with? Can you get me list of top 4 per position?



  • Drew Brees
    Aaron Rodgers
    Tom Brady
    Eli Manning


  • Ray Rice
  • Arian Foster
    Ahmad Bradshaw
    Frank Gore


  • Jordy Nelson
    Wes Welker
  • Calvin Johnson
  • Victor Cruz


  • Jimmy Graham
  • Rob Gronkowski
    Aaron Hernandez
    Jermichael Finley


  • Mason Crosby
  • Jon Kasay
    David Akers
    Stephen Gostkowski

Team Defense

  • Steelers Defense
  • Packers Defense
  • Ravens Defense
    49ers Defense

AFC Strategy

Basically, I like the Steelers, Ravens and Patriots as the teams that could go deep in the AFC this year. The Steelers get one extra game as they play in the wild card, and with a matchup against the Broncos offense this week, I like them as the top defense.

NFC Strategy

I like the Packers, Saints, Giants and 49ers in the NFC this year. The Packers will be the trendy team to take players from, but their defense and poor running game could get them in trouble.

Who knows what will happen in New York this week, but I figure the Giants will come out on top, as the Falcons tend to lose against quality out door teams. That means if the Saints win, the Giants will play the Packers. Even if they lose that game, you’ll get some solid production in two high-scoring  games.

The Saints get a great matchup this week and will then head out to San Francisco. That game will be an interesting one, and because I’m a 49ers fan, I will be pulling for the home team, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they lose. Should be a close one, but basically because of this matchup I don’t like Chris Ivory over Darren Sproles.

As for the 49ers, they have the defense and special teams to beat both the Saints and Packers, but do they have enough offense? That’s the gamble when selecting anyone from this team, because if not, they could be a one a done team.

Last Updated – January 3rd

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2012 Playoff Cheat Sheet

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Comments (6)

  • mike

    What Draft order would you employ? Say for the First 5 rounds? ex. QB QB RB WR RB?

  • Sean Douglas

    Hey Mike,

    If you can get one of the big three quarterbacks early, Brees, Rodgers or Brady, jump on it. Then I would look to running backs like Foster, Rice. Wide receiver is deep mainly because of all the high scoring offensive teams in the NFC, so you can wait and strengthen your squad at quarterback and running back first.

  • mike


    It’s a four person, total points only, no pickups after we draft. And I draft first in every round. It’s my first year and I won first place for the regular season, for that I get to pick first every round. But being my first year I’m trying to devise a strategy going in for at least the first 5 rounds.

  • Sean Douglas

    with four teams and the first pick, your in a great position to drop down, until the four round for a receiver.

  • mike

    So Basically

    Round 1 QB – Brees or Rogers
    Round 2 RB – Rice or Foster or Sproles
    Round 3 and 4 RB or QB
    Round 5 WR and so on?

    Thanks I appreciate the advice. I’d love to continue to dominate, especially being my first year! Glory is forever!

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