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A few years back broke onto the fantasy scene and have provided another hosting site for those who want to play in free fantasy football leagues. While other major sites like ESPN, CBS and Yahoo have terrific fantasy and NFL annalists, if there is one thing has going for it (in my opinion) is that they also have some solid annalists as well. Perhaps I like some of the people on their site because of familiarity on the NFL Network.

Anyway, we shouldn’t look past this site as they are backed by the NFL, and always have the ability to improve. I would like to see the navigation of the leagues’ upgrade closer to the level of ESPN or even Yahoo. CBS is ok, but in some ways they are much like

Talking about strategy, is one place where your luck and skills are your ticket to success.

When compared to the others, I find to be a good place for beginners to start as they have a very simple scoring structure. You could make an easy case to say that all the free standard scoring leagues are the same in this regard and while that is true, I find to be the most basic of all.

Below I have a breakdown of’s standard roster minimums and scoring, please go to their website to confirm this information.

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2012 Redraft Rankings: Top 200 | QB | RB | WR | TE | K | D/ST | Cheat Sheets Standard League Roster Minimums

Teams QB RB WR TE Flex D/ST K Bench
10 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 6

As is the case with Yahoo and ESPN the standard team format on is ten teams but what I do like about their rosters is that you have a flex play position. Yahoo and CBS still haven’t gotten the clue that it’s fun for fantasy owners to have an option for a flex play rather than forcing them to start three receivers every week. Standard Scoring Rules

Passing Every 25 passing Yards (PY25)    =  1 pointInterceptions Thrown (INT) =  – 2 pointsTD Pass (PTD) = 4 points2 pt Passing Conversion (2PC) = 2
Rushing Every 10 rushing yards  = 1 point2pot Rushing Conversion = 2 pointsRushing Touchdown = 6 points
Receiving Every 10 receiving yards = 1 point2pt Receiving conversion = 2 pointsReception Touchdown = 6 points
Miscellaneous Fumble Recovered for TD = 6 pointsTotal Fumbles Lost = -2 points

In a scoring format that gives you only four points for a touchdown pass and negative two points for an interception and a lost fumble, turnovers will be a key to watch for at the quarterback position. This makes options like Tom Brady even better because of his sound decision making and ball security.

For as much flack as he takes, you would think Tony Romo is worth down grading in a league like this but he’s actually been good with the football in terms of interceptions.

While Philip Rivers had a horrible season in 2011, expect him to bounce back this season, so I’m not going to drop him out of the top ten even in a league play like this one.

Kickers Each PAT Made = 1 pointFG Made (0 – 49 yards) = 3 pointsFG Made (50+ yards) = 5

Like CBS, leaves much to be desired at the kicker position for options to score. Since you don’t have much upside in-terms of distance field goals, you can go ahead and focus on just taking a kicker off a high-scoring time.

Team Defense /Special Teams Each Sack = 1 pt  | INT Return TD =  6 ptsKickoff / Punt / Fumble Return TD = 6 ptsInterception = 2 pts | Safety = 2 ptsEach Fumble Recovered = 2 ptsZero Points Allowed = 10 pts | 1-6 Points Allowed = 7 pts7-13 Points Allowed = 4 pts | 14-20 Points Allowed = 1 pts21-27 Points Allowed = 0 pts | 28-34 Points Allowed = – 1 pts

35 + Points Allowed = – 4 pts


Another basic setup for defenses. What we do need to pay attention to is that you get negative points if your defense gives up too many points. Just another reason to believe in a defense by committee approach. Sure, every year we see a couple of defenses breakout and become options that are almost matchup proof, but that can be inconsistent from year to year, even with the best of units like the Steelers, Eagles and Ravens for fantasy purposes.

Last Updated – August 28th – 2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet – Update August 28th

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