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A Life Long Obsession

Early 90's, In The Beginning It's only a game right, supposed to be fun? Yeah, that's what we tell ourselves but for some reason I found myself glued to the TV screen waiting for updates during games to see if any of my Dad's players went off for a long touchdown, hoping his opponents players would break a leg. Sure, my Dad would always tell me to not route for an injury, but I would say, "who the heck care ...

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My Sunburns Are Legendary: One Man’s Struggle With His Inner Fantasy Self

There I was fresh of my first championship in the Wait Till Next Year Fantasy Football League. The photo above is a happy young man with money in his hands, from family and friends as they paid up for the ass whooping I put on them back in the 2003 season. I had LaDainian Tomlinson in his 100 reception season, Randy Moss in his final dominant year with the Vikings and some breakout receiver named Chad Johns ...

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