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Yahoo Cheat Sheet – League Strategy

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Yahoo was one of the early major websites to host fantasy football dating back to the 90’s. Personally, I still play in one expert league on Yahoo, but I’ve switched most of my league play over to other major sites. Still one of the top hosting sites on the web, Yahoo is a good place to start for beginners in their standard free leagues.

Below I have a breakdown of Yahoo’s standard roster minimums and scoring, please go to their website to confirm this information.

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Yahoo Standard League Roster Minimums

Teams QB RB WR TE Flex D/ST K Bench
10 1 2 3 1 0 1 1  6

While I’ve noticed some changes to their format over the years (starting to give more play to IDP) I’m still upset they refuse to change their base rosters from three starting receivers to a flex play option. Fortunately, we have a deep class of receivers to select this year so fantasy owners shouldn’t have a problem filling in three respectable starters in a ten team league.

Strategy – If you intend on dropping down until the fourth or fifth round before you select a receiver (advisable) will still have a chance to select talents like Steve Smith and many others in those rounds. Not that much difference from the 2nd receiver to the 25th receiver, on draft boards this year.

Only Calvin Johnson should be considered a worthy selection in the first two rounds of your draft in standard scoring leagues.

Yahoo Standard Scoring Rules

Passing Every 25 passing Yards (PY25)    =  1 pointInterceptions Thrown (INT) =  – 1 pointsTD Pass (PTD) = 4 points2 pt Passing Conversion (2PC) = 2
Rushing Every 10 rushing yards  = 1 point2pot Rushing Conversion = 2 pointRushing Touchdown = 6 points
Receiving Every 10 receiving yards = 1 point2pt Receiving conversion = 2 pointsReception Touchdown = 6 points
Miscellaneous Fumble Recovered for TD = 6 pointsReturn Kickoff / Punt TD = 6 pointsTotal Fumbles Lost = -2 points

Unlike some of the other major sites across the internet, Yahoo only penalizes you one point for an interception rather than two and I think that’s about right. Too many times we see a quarterback fall victim to a pick and it really had nothing to do with him other than he actually threw the football.

Ball bounces off a receivers hands, player runs an incorrect route; these things happen and I can’t stand it when my quarterback is penalized for something that wasn’t his fault.

If you’re going to play in a league with negative points for interceptions, make it just one point, especially if you’re already going to give them four points for a touchdown pass in contrast to six which also what I personally like.

What we also want to pay attention too in the scoring above is that players get points for kickoff and return touchdowns. Something to think about for those players that return like Antonio Brown of the Steelers (if he continues to be used in the return game) or even LaMichael James of the 49ers.

Kickers Each PAT Made = 1 pointFG Made (30 – 39) = 3 pointsFG Made (40 – 49 yards) = 4 pointsFG Made (50+ yards) = 5

I find the points above to be fair for a kicker and other websites can actually be more restrictive in their point production for this position. It’s clearly not a given that a kicker will convert from over 40 yards so allowing an extra point is fair from that distance.

On other sites, you will find they only give three points up to 49 yards out and then reward extra points over 50 yards. Some even go as far as to dock you points if a kicker misses a field goal. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that over at Yahoo.

Team Defense /Special Teams Each Sack = 1 pt  | INT Return TD =  6 ptsKickoff / Punt / Fumble Return TD = 6 ptsInterception = 2 pts | Safety = 2 ptsEach Fumble Recovered = 2 ptsZero Points Allowed = 10 pts | 1-6 Points Allowed = 7 pts7-13 Points Allowed = 4 pts | 14-20 Points Allowed = 1 pts

21-27 Points Allowed = 0 pts | 28-34 Points Allowed = – 1 pts

35 + Points Allowed = – 4 pts


In Yahoo leagues you don’t receive points for yardage allowed, but take careful not of the points allowed as you can be docked points if your squad gives up too many points. As is common place with all leagues, you will want a committee at your team defense most of the time.

It’s probably not worth rolling the dice with your starter against a high-scoring team, unless they have a tendency to give up a lot of turnovers.
Yahoo -2012 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet – Update August 28th

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