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“Yeah, I Want Cheesy Poofs!” – How I’ve Missed You Arian Foster

If you’re a long-time fan of South Park like me, you know the famous line in the title above. As sure as Eric Cartman wants his Cheesy Poofs, is the same way I felt about Arian Foster heading into the 2010 season.

What started out as just interest in a player with a couple of productive games at the end of his rookie campaign, turned into an obsession by the time the Wait Till Next Year Fantasy Football draft arrived.

Two problems came about in landing Foster in most of my leagues before this draft, which sent his ADP skyrocketing during the preseason.

First former starter Steve Slaton was still recovering from a neck injury which caused him to lose feeling down into his arm, the season before.

The second part transformed Foster from a projected mid-round steal, into a internet craze, as the Texans second-round pick Ben Tate was lost for the year after sustaining a leg injury in the first preseason game against the Vikings.

After that, the cat was out of the bag (or cheesy poofs for that matter) for even the most causal of fantasy owners, as Foster had a firm grip on the starting job and was playing at a high level in the preseason.

Time To Believe

As you may hear on our Podcast from time to time, we recommend that you wait as long as you can before drafting in a redraft league. Basically, because the preseason does matter, and valuable information is always coming at us, especially during camps.

Furthermore, if you hold your draft early, you may findout that a player you’ve selected in the early rounds is now in a time share by the start of September or worse, they are lost for a length of time due to injury.

Anyway, the Wait Till Next Year Fantasy Football League takes this a little to the extreme for various reasons and we don’t actually hold our draft until the Saturday before the first Sunday games. While I can’t stand waiting until after the first Thursday night game (Wednesday this year), it is nice knowing you have as much current information in front of you as one can have before the full regular season begins, to draft with.

In recent years, I’ve teamed up with my Dad (nicknames Reddog, or Deaddog) and we run a team together. Knowing Foster’s value was on the rise; I tried just about everything I could to get him to commit to taking Foster in the first four rounds of the draft.

While my Dad wouldn’t budge and it frustrated me, I could understand his points, as you can easily (this is an eight team league) get proven talent in the first four rounds. Furthermore, why should you take a player that has a previous injury history, and is unproven to carry the load for a full season?

My father was also burnt up about drafting Slaton the year before, as Kubiak was benching him off and on, and he likened this situation to the same way his friend Mike Shanahan handled his running backs.

Potential for frustration for sure, but I attributed Slaton’s problems and benching to the pinch nerve in his neck that we didn’t know was limiting him until late in the previous season.

2010 Draft

No matter how much I believed in Foster, my Dad just wouldn’t commit to him higher than the fifth round, and sure enough my rival and nemesis in this league Denny (team name Budmen, nickname Duds) nabbed him up in the fourth round, just after we took Cedric Benson instead.

Well old Benson was a bust and Budmen went off to win his league high fourth championship. It wouldn’t be so bad that he won but watching him do it with Foster as his main man (and the fact he’s a freaking Dodger fan) just tore my guts out!

Our team on the other hand, lost the first five weeks of the season, came storming back but fell just short of making the playoffs.

2011 Draft, Pick 1.01

Because we failed to make the playoffs, we actually ended up with the first pick in the draft the following season. The only other time I’ve had this pick, I made sure and selected the player I failed on taking the previous season and that was LaDainian Tomlinson in 2003. Tomlinson took me to a championship and I was hell bent of doing the same with Foster as our main option.

Oh, How I've Missed You Arian | Photo By – Matt-Stamey / US PRESSWIRE

After the freaking lockout ended, it was clear who we were targeting with the first pick and then all silliness broke loose.

What started out as an early camp hamstring issue, turned into a re-tweak after a preseason matchup against the 49ers. We were still on board with taking him, but then Foster had to blab his mouth on twitter about his hamstring problem and actually showed a picture of his x-ray.

This lead to all sorts of discussion about how healthy the hammy really was, and concern started to grow in both of us, not only over his health, but if success had made Foster immature.

In the end, we decided to forgo drafting Foster and instead of taking Adrian Peterson, we decided to roll the dice on Chris Johnson. Yeah, ouch!

My reason for not taking Peterson was because if you look at his career, he always fails to put up big numbers in December. I play for championships, and since I usually make the playoffs anyway so having Johnson with an easy schedule in the end seemed to be the way to go.

As you can read in another article entitled, “CJ2Dumb & The Wrath Of Sean,” things didn’t exactly go as planned.

In the end we made the playoffs, but it was a horrible season overall and I admit we were more lucky to make it than had talent as a team to be there.

I Still Long For Foster

Sorry if the writing above is a boring rant to you, but it really is a sobering tale for me as I scouted this guy from early on and was dying to draft him, two years in a row, falling short twice for different reasons and selecting a total bust in his place.

I suppose the moral of the story is, just don’t pass on this guy; he’s too freaking good when on the field. No, we won’t end up with Foster this year and while I’ve had him in other leagues, it’s still a sobering thought that I’ve missed out on such a talent in a league I hold dear to my heart.

As you will hear in the video below from the all-wise Eric Cartman, “I love cheesy poofs, you love cheesy poofs! If we didn’t eat cheesy poofs, we’d be lame!”

No words could ever be truer and in this case team Reddog & That Other Guy have been lame for passing on him and are without a championship in both years. :(

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