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A Messy Situation

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“At the beginning of the season, every NFL team feels like they have a shot for a good year.”

– Reddog

You wait all year for week one of the fantasy football season, but if you’re like us (me and my Dad), opening weekend is a problem. Those of you that read my draft article last week, know that the Wait Till Next Year league doesn’t draft until the Saturday before opening Sunday games. Yup, that’s right, we draft after one game is in the bag and that means Kevin Ogletree was sure to be drafted and started with 25 points in our league scoring.

Knowing all to well our historical struggles, it was only a question of where should we go after Ogletree, not if we should entertain the idea. Going into the draft we didn’t have a set round to take Ogletree, but we knew once we had our core starters, he would be an option.

Round 12 was the right time for us, and we took Ogletree and started him week one. While we liked our odds to walk away with a sound victory, the horrors of kickoff weekend haunted us again.

Matthew Stafford couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn through most of his game, and what seemed like a blowout on paper between the Browns and Eagles, turned into a final drive game winner, final score 17 to 16.

At the end of the week we came out victorious, but it was merely luck of the draw as we were the second lowest scoring team, but we played the lowest scoring team. Yeah, it was a good move to pickup Ogletree and his 25 points saved us from another loss on opening weekend.

Maybe we don’t have the greatest starts in this league, but as the year moves along we are good at reading tendencies from the teams around the league, and making valuable moves off the waiver wire.

As long as a team doesn’t shoot us in the foot early on, (which was the case back in 2010) we usually find our way into the playoffs. Sometimes you just need a little good luck, when your team is not performing. Then again, maybe this is a trend of things to come and our team will suck. To be continued…

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Other Results Around The League

Dynasty Sharks defeated Canucks – 145 to 141

The Sharks pulled of a comeback on Monday night with Nate Kaeding and Darren McFadden to beat my Uncle Mike in a tough loss. I’m sure Mike is dreading the fact that Pierre Garcon went down early in his matchup against the Saints, as five more points would’ve helped him walk away with a win.

Hooligans defeated Manglers – 123 to 92

The Manglers (aka Mangla, or Stangla) had a tough time with his running game as Trent Richardson, Jamaal Charles and Steven Jackson combined for a total of ten points. As for Hooligans (aka Hooli) key late round draft picks in Nate Washington and Kevin Smith helped lead the charge for a week one victory.

Budmen defeated Big Daddy & The Legend – 159 to 85

Budmen (aka Duds) has the most championships in the leagues history (four) but last year was a tough season and he had the first pick in the draft this year. Selecting talents like Arian Foster and Julio Jones allowed Duds to romp all over our defending champions Big Daddy & The Legend.

It was a tough day for the “Chumpions” as Chris Johnson continued his struggles from last year, and Fred Jackson went down with a knee injury. Here’s hoping Duds chokes week two, and the Chumps find another way to lose this week.

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