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FF Brainwave Report – 9/23

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Reggie Bush Knee Injury

Bush has had a history of knee problems dating all the way back to his time at USC.

Thankfully, it appears he will avoid a serious injury and may be back for this weeks game against the Cardinals. We should probably expect him to miss at least one game through, as it would be wise to rest him, because of his history.

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Beanie Wells Might Have Turf Toe

Another injury for Wells. We shouldn’t be surprised by this as the fourth-year tailback has struggled through injuries, throughout his career.

If it weren’t for Ryan Williams going down with a knee injury last summer, Wells would’ve lost the starting job last year. After a big fumble against the Patriots by Williams, Wells had a chance to run away with the bulk of the work in the running game but an injury opened the door again.

Williams responded with a nice game, and if Wells can’t find the field, it will only hurt his odds of playing time when he comes back. If Williams is sitting on your waiver wire, it might be a good idea to get him.

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Bears Defense’s Big Start

It is essential for the Bears to pressure the quarterback with only their front four as they play in the Tamp-2 scheme.

Another friendly matchup for this group in Dallas, we should expect at least four sacks this weekend.

That said, I want to see how they stack up to teams with respectable offensive lines as they’ve played an easy schedule (pass protection wise) in the Colts, Packers, Rams and now Cowboys.

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Matthew Stafford Hammy

I wondered if Stafford had something wrong with him based on the continued reluctance to throw the football aggressively in the game plan.

Stafford has struggled with accuracy this year, and his failures in the red zone haven’t made life easy for his fantasy owners. Perhaps a week off would actually be a good thing. Obviously a poor start for Stafford, but I’m sure he will turn it around, when he comes back.

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No.1 Receivers Vs. Redskins Defense

The loss of Brian Orakpo did nothing to help the Redskins odds of stopping the passing game. The secondary is weak on the back end and we should expect good things from receivers when they play this defense, going forward.

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