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Just So Fresh And So Clean – Why A.J. Green Is The Man

OutKast had it right when they put down the words, “ain’t nobody dope as me I’m just so fresh and clean.” That is exactly what I think of when A.J. Green comes to mind.

We heard big talk from Cleveland’s top corner back Joe Haden last week, tell the fans he was sorry for his four-week suspension and was ready to play again. Unfortunately Haden was matched up against perhaps the leagues top receiver in second year phenom A.J. Green.

On the day Green posted seven reception for 135 yards and two touchdowns. The highlight of the day had to be Green’s 57-yard bomb in one-on-one coverage down the field against Haden.

From my perspective, Haden was playing in off coverage (Browns had a lead, fourth quarter) and the one thing he wasn’t supposed to do was let Green beat him deep. Haden waltzed his way back in coverage losing sight of Green, who was busting his behind from the snap of the football, and by the time Haden realized Green was close to even with him, it was too late.

Andy Dalton threw the football deep and Green smoked Haden for the touchdown, while the talented corner was left scrambling to keep even with Green.

Taking Green as our top receiver this year turned out to be a great move and while many young players around the league are praised in the fantasy football industry, Green is one receiver who is living up to the hype.

His 30 point day highlighted our victory over my Uncle Mike’s team in a blowout win of 154 to 79 on the day.

End result good, but it didn’t start that way as I was a little upset about the play of Matthew Stafford and LeSean McCoy early on. Stafford found a way to put a productive game together, basically doing all his damage in the fourth quarter after starting out six of twenty for a whopping 91 yards through the first three quarters and no touchdowns.

It’s around this time of year I like to see struggling players turn the corner, especially if they are coming off a bye week to make adjustments. Stafford didn’t look good through most of this game, but I have to believe he will start to get it going at some point, early in games.

Anyway, it was another victory for Reddog & That Other Guy. We are now 4 and 2 on the season, sitting in third place. This coming week we have a big game against the Dynasty Sharks, the highest-scoring team in the league thus far.


Other Week 7 Results Around The League

Budmen defeat Manglers 138 to 45

Sitting at one and four on the season, Budmen needed a win in this game and got it done against one of the top teams in the league, up to this point. Ben Roethlisberger led the charge, and key starts like Jeremy Maclin and even LeGarrette Blount made the difference on the day, but in reality, Mangla never made it much of a contest with his worst performance on the season.

Big Daddy & The Legend defeat Hooligan 124 to 107

After a big win against us last week Hooli fell to a team looking for their first win of the season. It’s been a horrible start for the defending champs but I’m sure they feel some of the weight drop off their shoulders after a win and scoring 124 points.

The real story in this matchup was that Hooli traded Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson to Big Daddy & The Legend and watched Rodgers put up 70 points and Nelson had 40 against him. Well, not exactly, because for some reason BDL decided to bench Rodgers for Joe Flacco.

Still, it was Nelson that put the final touches on the win and now Hooli watches his record fall back to 2 and 4 through six weeks.

Messengers defeat Dynasty Shark 162 to 105

Sometimes not being active on the waiver wire can actually workout as The Messengers are in need of running depth but continued to keep Shonn Greene in the lineup. This was the week they were waiting for (I guess) because Greene posted over 150 yards and three touchdowns while Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell went down with injuries.

It was a huge performance and his 35 point day helped lead the charge to 162 point week, a win against the highest-scoring team in the league and it vaulted them into first place.

Congratulations Messengers but as Hooli pointed out on our chat line, if they continue to do nothing on the waiver wire, they will likely be a weak team down the stretch. Time will tell.

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