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Yeah, Old Men Can Drop It Like It’s Hot Too!

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As you may already know, it’s been a couple of tough weeks as a few family members have passed away recently, and I’ve been behind on some of the work I do on the blog. Back and ready to roll again, it’s time to take a look at last weeks results!

Before we get started, let me update you on the previous two weeks. Both weeks we came away with victories. In this league you get team quarterback, which basically means if your starter gets knocked out, you get the yards and touchdowns from the backup accumulated to your overall score at the position.

This was important in our week three win as our starter Matthew Stafford went out and Shaun Hill was on fire in his three minutes or so of time on the field. Thus we beat Big Daddy & the Legend 131 to 119.

The next week we played the Budmen or as I like to call him “Duds”; another close week but we pulled it off with a 118 to 104 victory.

Going For Three In A Row

Coming into week five we had some key players on bye weeks but felt good about our situation with a three and one record. We faced off against the Hooligans (nickname Hooli) who was fresh of a guy wrenching loss to the Messangers, losing 173 to 175 and only needing one more yard from DeSean Jackson to win the week.

Difficult loss for sure, but I knew he had decent odds to take us down with his three Falcons starters Matt Ryan, Michael Turner and Tony Gonzalez all playing against the Redskins.

While Gonzalez only had 15 points in our league, his performance was top notch as he’s put together a terrific season in what could be his final year as a pro. If it is, he’s going out the best way possible, a winner and leaving NFL fans and pundits wanting more.

Hooli’s win was a story of older players like Wes Welker, Tony Gonzalez, Michael Turner (for his position) leading the charge.

On our side, we scored 90 points, but another disappointing effort from the likes of Antonio Gates and Brandon Lloyd did nothing to help our odds of winning. While having three players starting on the same team worked for Hooli, it wasn’t the case for us (something we try to avoid at all costs, most of the time) as we started Andy Dalton, A.J. Green and the Bengals Defense against the Dolphins.

In the end it was a 116 to 90 score and while it wasn’t a beat down, I feel like it was one of those weeks you would like to have back. Perhaps that’s the way it always feels, especially after you’ve won a few weeks in a row and have the feeling of winner all over your body.

Perhaps I just shared too much with you just now, but hey it’s fantasy football, if it doesn’t make you tingle just a little bit, you might as well not play at all.

Other Week 5 Results

Messangers defeat Canucks 76 to 73

This one had to make my Uncle Mike (Canucks) sick to his stomach as he watched Andre Johnson and the Texans defense just enough (or not enough I should say) to lose it for him on Monday Night Football. In truth it was his decision to stick with C.J. Spiller over Ahmad Bradshaw that really did him in.

Messangers drives me nuts with this lack luster efforts to improve his team (the newer team in this league) as he continues to sit back with little help at the running back position after Marshawn Lynch. But hey, he’s four and one on the season and even if his team gets weaker as the season moves along he has a good shot at the playoffs.

Manglers defeat Big Daddy & The Legend 90 to 68

Mangla put the beat down on our championship team from a year ago, knocking them down to an zero and five record to begin the year.

BDL tried to shake things up with a trade, giving up Matt Ryan and DeSean Jackson for Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson a few weeks ago, but thus far it hasn’t made much of a difference.

Dynasty Sharks defeat Budmen 142 to 126

I have no sympathy for Duds as he lost to the Sharks and was the second highest-scoring team in the league this week. That brings this Dodger loving loser down to a one and four record but with Arian Foster, Ryan Mathews and Julio Jones leading the way, he should work his way back into the playoff hunt by Thanksgiving.

As for The Sharks, they are rolling to begin the season and while this was basically a down performance for most of their team, 85 points from Drew Brees and Marques Colston combined made the difference in this contest.

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