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The Five Best Fantasy Wide Receivers In 2013 (After Calvin Johnson)

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It might just be spring, but fantasy football enthusiasts are always looking at rankings and predictions for the upcoming season. With a number of teams changing up personnel, the wide receiver position looks to be a bit unclear after Calvin Johnson. Unless something pops up, Johnson will be and should be the first wide receiver off the board. If you are looking for an elite wide receiver in 2013 though, where do you turn after that?

Dez Bryant

Some might think it is crazy to take the controversial Bryant this early, but with the Tony Romo extension, he has officially arrived. Bryant finished 2012 with 1382 yards and 12 touchdown catches. He was at his best at the end of the year, despite playing through a finger injury that affected his ability to catch the ball. As long as nothing pops up off the field, Bryant could be a true challenger to Johnson going forward.

AJ Green

The 2012 season did not end like he had hoped, but that should not scare away fantasy football owners in 2013. Green is just now starting to settle in as an elite NFL wide receiver. He was able to finish with 1350 yards and 11 touchdowns, which means he basically had a similar season to Bryant. Bryant might have more upside, but Green is the safer pick.

Brandon Marshall

Every wide receiver benefits from a quarterback who loves feeding them the ball. The Jay Cutler-Brandon Marshall connection is strong, and the Bears will hope the two can excel in 2013. Only Calvin Johnson gets more opportunities to catch the ball, so Marshall is another safe pick who will produce nicely.

Andre Johnson

The injury risk is always going to be there with Johnson, but the Houston Texan wide receiver seemed to be just fine a season ago. He came up just short of 1600 yards total, but his four touchdowns were a bit of a disappointment.

Julio Jones

If Atlanta did not have so much talent catching the ball, Julio Jones might be higher on this list. As it is, he was still able to finish with 1198 yards and 10 touchdowns. His play down the stretch (and in the playoffs) proved that he is the #1 target for Atlanta.

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