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2013 Fantasy Outlook: Steven Jackson

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Photo By: Dale Zanine / USA TODAY Sports

Photo By: Dale Zanine / USA TODAY Sports

Steven Jackson | Atlanta Falcons | RB

2013 Experience: 10th Season

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Fantasy Football Outlook: Finally Jackson will have a chance to play on a contender and most fantasy owners seem to be on board that he will have a possible low-end RB1 season. Remember, the Falcons have lost some talent on the offensive line and they will remain a pass first offense.

Just food for though before you jump in on taking Jackson over running backs like Matt Forte, Chris Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew as he’s currently going in recent ADP trends.

Jackson should have a terrific season and while the Falcons have lost some linemen he probably going to play with one of the better offensive lines he’s had over the course of his career, let alone passing attacks to take pressure off the running game.

Good luck dropping a safety down in the box to stop Jackson when teams have to worry about Julio Jones, Roddey White and Tony Gonzalez, not to mention Matt Ryan’s abilities to identify what the defense is doing both pre and post snap.

Jackson is worthy of a 2nd round pick and I’m happy to see him get the same chance Frank Gore has enjoyed as San Francisco finally turned things around a few years ago. Both were terrific backs in their prime, and it was too bad to see them on such bad teams during those days.

Rushing Stats Receiving Stats
Attempts Yards TD Rec Yards TD
2013 Projected Stats 262 1,126 8 33 303 1
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Rushing Receiving
Year G GS Att Yds TD Y/A Y/G A/G Rec Yds TD Fmb
2004 14 3 134 673 4 5.0 48.1 9.6 19 189 0 1
2005 15 15 254 1046 8 4.1 69.7 16.9 43 320 2 3
2006* 16 16 346 1528 13 4.4 95.5 21.6 90 806 3 4
2007 12 12 237 1002 5 4.2 83.5 19.8 38 271 1 5
2008 12 11 253 1042 7 4.1 86.8 21.1 40 379 1 5
2009* 15 15 324 1416 4 4.4 94.4 21.6 51 322 0 2
2010* 16 16 330 1241 6 3.8 77.6 20.6 46 383 0 1
2011 15 15 260 1145 5 4.4 76.3 17.3 42 333 1 2
2012 16 15 257 1042 4 4.1 65.1 16.1 38 321 0 0
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Summer of 2012: Fantasy Projections

The former Oregon State Beaver has had a tough go as the starting tailback in St. Louis. Capable of Hall Of Fame type numbers, Steven Jackson has worked hard over the years and been a good teammate, but the Rams have been in the crapper for most of his time as a pro.

Last year I was on board in thinking the Rams would actually continue to build off of their respectable 2010 season, but it couldn’t have gone worse.

The only good thing for Jackson is OC Josh McDaniels was open to moving him around in the passing game, at times lining him up as a receiver, which I thought was an interesting experiment.

Since Marshall Faulk retired, Jackson has basically had no competition for touches, but things will change this year with the addition of second round selection Isaiah Pead.

While Pead will have an impact on this offense, but as long as Jackson doesn’t show signs of wearing down (ran well last year) he should continue to see the lions share of the work. Still an RB2 selection, look for new Head Coach Jeff Fisher to run the football early and often, which is his long-standing trait going back to Tennessee.

Jackson will probably be run into the ground, but he should give you a respectable season, particularly if Sam Bradford and the Rams Defense can play more like they did in 2010. I expect that to happen as Bradford is much more comfortable with his own quarterback coach this year, and the Rams have upgraded on defense, especially at corner back.

Rushing Stats Receiving Stats
Attempts Yards TD Rec Yards TD
2012 Projected Stats 271 1,138 5 33 231 1

Summer of 2011: Fantasy Projections

The Rams finally look like they’ve turned the corner on offense as they have a talented young quarterback, and the offensive line is coming together. Sadly, some feel that while the offense is up to snuff to win the division, their star running back is probably not the same runner he used to be. Jackson spent the best years of his career playing in one of the worst teams in football as he’s had no support around him for a least three seasons leading up to last year.

New Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels may not help Jackson’s chances to remain a top end running back as he has a tendency for pass happy offenses with the Patriots and Broncos in years past. In the end Jackson is still a top fifteen running back coming into the 2011 season, and he should continue to be a reliable option when he’s on the field.

Rushing Stats Receiving Stats
Attempts Yards TD Rec Yards TD
2011 Projected Stats 308 1,234 6 39 310 1

2010 Preview

A special running back is going to waste and his name is Steven Jackson. Hopefully, the Rams can put some talent around this runner as he probably doesn’t have many years left to play at top level.

2010 Fantasy Football Outlook

2009 Fantasy Year In Review: Steven Jackson put together a very respectable yardage season for all he had to over come once again with a bad team around him. As the Rams continue to play horrible football, it makes Jackson’s life much harder and that is why he only posted four touchdowns for the season.

Despite team failure to execute, Jackson didn’t cry and complain as many star players do, instead he was a team leader. I have great respect for Jackson because of this, and I hope his offensive line is ready to play some respectable football in 2010.

Audio: RB Steven Jackson | 2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings

2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings: No one would be surprised if the Rams are the worst team in football once again in 2010. This is part of the reason why we have Jackson outside of our top ten running backs. Talent wise, Jackson is probably one of the top five at running back, but he probably won’t finish the season with that kind of stat line.

Another problem for Jackson is that he had to have back surgery for a bulging disc this offseason. Jackson has apparently been playing with the issue for awhile and that might explain his health issues over the past three years.

Fortunately, Jackson is feeling very good after the surgery and is fully expected to be ready for camps in July. Still, this will be an area of concern all season long and fantasy owners need to consider this issue before selecting Jackson on draft day.


– All Around Talent

– Can Be A Great Player With A Decent Offense

– Good Schedule To Run Against


– Back Injury

– Worst Team In Football

More Fantasy Football Player Info About Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson | St. Louis Rams | No. 39 | RB

Height: 6-2 Weight: 236 | Born: 7/22/1983

2009 games played 15 | games started 15

2010 Experience: 7th season

 Bye Week Conflicts (WK 9):

Redskins, 49ers, Jaguars, Titans, Broncos

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