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2013 Fantasy Outlook: Tom Brady

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Photo By: David Butler II / US PRESSWIRE

Photo By: David Butler II / US PRESSWIRE

Tom Brady | New England Patriots | QB

2013 Experience: 14th Season

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Fantasy Football Outlook: For the first time in awhile Brady may not make my top five at the quarterback position. Once again Bil Belichick has decided to mess with Brady’s top target as the Patriots failed to re-sign Wes Welker and likely over paid for Danny Amendola instead.

I say that because we know by know Amendola has issues with health and we can’t expect him to hold up for a full 16 games. In fact Brady’s other top pass catchers in Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez are in the same boat. Gronkowski is working back from both arm and back surgery this summer and we should consider his status for September to be in question.

Hernandez has had his own health problems over his career and so it appears New England will lean on the running game more often. Stevan Ridley proved he could handle the load and Shane Vereen broke out during the playoffs, not to mention the team added LeGarrette Blount via a trade.

It makes sense to run the football as it will take pressure off the defense and help minimize the hits Brady takes over the course of the season. Target Brady around the 5th or 6th round of ten team drafts and that should be fair value in what is another deep class of quarterbacks.

Passing Stats Rushing Stats
Yards TD INT Yards TD
2013 Projected Stats 4,345 32 10 41 0
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Year Age Tm G GS Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Y/G Rate Sk
2000 23 NWE 1 0 1 3 33.3 6 0 0 6.0 42.4 0
2001* 24 NWE 15 14 264 413 63.9 2843 18 12 189.5 86.5 41
2002 25 NWE 16 16 373 601 62.1 3764 28 14 235.3 85.7 31
2003 26 NWE 16 16 317 527 60.2 3620 23 12 226.3 85.9 32
2004* 27 NWE 16 16 288 474 60.8 3692 28 14 230.8 92.6 26
2005* 28 NWE 16 16 334 530 63.0 4110 26 14 256.9 92.3 26
2006 29 NWE 16 16 319 516 61.8 3529 24 12 220.6 87.9 26
2007*+ 30 NWE 16 16 398 578 68.9 4806 50 8 300.4 117.2 21
2008 31 NWE 1 1 7 11 63.6 76 0 0 76.0 83.9 0
2009* 32 NWE 16 16 371 565 65.7 4398 28 13 274.9 96.2 16
2010*+ 33 NWE 16 16 324 492 65.9 3900 36 4 243.8 111.0 25
2011* 34 NWE 16 16 401 611 65.6 5235 39 12 327.2 105.6 32
2012* 35 NWE 16 16 401 637 63.0 4827 34 8 301.7 98.7 27
Information is constantly changing in the NFL and fantasy player values can change at any moment. Having updated, informative news can help you not just at your fantasy football draft but during the regular season. Feel free to glance at our recent articles to make sound decisions throughout the year.

To help you get ready for draft day you will notice articles for ADP advice, cheat sheets, mock drafts and projected stats for Tom Brady here. During the season, you can also find regular weekly ranking articles at this section as well.

Welcome to Tom Brady fantasy football outlook archive. At this section of Brady’s player page you will notice our past thoughts and advice for fantasy football.

Summer of 2012: Fantasy Projections

Another year of greatness is in store for Tom Brady as the Patriots finally given him a vertical presence in Brandon Lloyd, coming over from St. Louis with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

One would figure McDaniels will still incorporate use of two tight end sets, but this team has been known for changing things up in the past.

What has held true over the years is no matter who the OC seems to be, Brady has always excelled, in fact, his best fantasy season was with McDaniels.

While Brady is likely to be a top three fantasy quarterback, he could be slowed down if the Patriots defense starts playing better, or they decide to mix in the power running game more with Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen.

This brings to question if fantasy owners are willing to go with young quarterbacks over Brady, those being Matthew Stafford and Cam Newton?

Both could outproduce Brady, but fantasy owners have to decide whether they feel better about taking a youthful player with one elite season, or a veteran who is going to put up great numbers in his own right?

Can’t fault you either way you go, but this is something to think about before you land a quarterback in the first few rounds of your draft.

Passing Stats Rushing Stats
Yards TD INT Yards TD
2012 Projected Stats 5,077 41 10 30 0

Summer of 2011: Fantasy Projections

Tom Brady seemed untouchable in the second half of last season and while he posted a league hit 36 touchdowns, he failed to reach 250 yards passing per game. It seems ridiculous but Brady is probably the sixth best quarterback to select at fantasy football drafts this season and in large part because of his yardage numbers.

The Patriots added two rookie running backs this off-season and while I fully expect them to let Brady run the show, his yards will be a problem in various stretches. When you have quarterbacks like Drew Brees, Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers throwing for 290 yards a game and over 30 touchdown passes Brady doesn’t stack up as a better option to select.

Couple in that Michael Vick is a beast in the running game to go with solid passing stats and Aaron Rodgers isn’t too shabby on the ground, and Brady won’t compete in that area as well.

In the end, Brady will should probably go after those five quarterbacks listed above and if Tony Romo stays healthy, he will probably out produce the Patriots super star as well. Simply put, Brady is a great quarterback but with a balance team attack, he’s slipping in the golden age of fantasy quarterbacks.

8/2011 Update – Brady received added fire power in the passing game with the addition of Chad Ochocinco. While it remains to be scene what Ochocinco has left as a down the field threat, he will help the Patriots offense and pad Brady’s stats. Look to Brady as a top five quarterback for fantasy leagues as Peyton Manning has a concerning neck injury.

Passing Stats Rushing Stats
Yards TD INT Yards TD
2011 Projected Stats 4,117 35 10 33 0

2010 Preview

With Wes Welker probably out or limited this up coming year, rumors is that the Patriots may play more conservative on offense. Truthfully, the Patriots won their Championships with that style of play, rather than the fun and gun style we saw in 2007. Still, Tom Brady should be a clear fantasy starter and will come off draft boards in the three to five rounds of most drafts.

2010 Fantasy Football Outlook

2009 Fantasy Year In Review: Tom Brady was the talk of the 2009 offseason as questions loomed about his health and playing status for the up coming season. Brady was shaky (for his standards) at times, but he played from week one and finished out the season in the playoffs.

For the season Brady did manage to throw for over 4,000 yards, but he failed to reach 30 total touchdowns on the season. Considering that last year had a solid amount of productive fantasy quarterbacks, Brady was somewhat of a disappointment for fantasy owners.

Audio: QB Tom Brady | 2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings

2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings: Expect Brady to have a better season in 2010 as he is now two years removed from his knee injury. Last year he had trouble at times with his accuracy and his physical recovery was the reason why. This season Brady should return to over 30 touchdown passes even without Wes Welker around for most of the season.

In the draft, the Patriots gave Brady a couple solid tight ends in Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Brady loves to use his tight ends and this can only help his overall numbers.


– Accuracy

– 30 Touchdowns / 4,000 Yards

– Great No.1 Receiver

– Good All Around Offense


– Not A Runner

– Bad Weather In December

– Wes Welker Injured : (

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