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2013 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Auction Values

Photo By: Derick E. Hingle / USA TODAY Sports

Photo By: Derick E. Hingle / USA TODAY Sports

Fantasy owners who have experienced an auction draft know things can get a little crazy in the early going, as supply and demand can volt certain players prices up higher than we might have expected before draft day.

If you understand what I just wrote then you probably won’t be shocked to see my recommendation for Jimmy Graham as the second highest priced pass-catcher and valued higher than any quarterback.

In past years I’ve advised fantasy owners that we look to the top quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees as options worth using close to around 20% of our bid money (this is a 200 dollar cap cheat sheet), but I have them a little lower this season because of the depth at the position.

Graham’s Value Going Up

In Graham’s situation we all know by now what’s going on with Rob Gronkowski and the sickening situation that led to Aaron Hernadez’s release from the Patriots and incarceration.

Their absence volts Graham into a level all his own (in reality only Gronkowski was at Graham’s level, but Hernadez was a solid top five option) and if your serious about picking him up in an auction draft you may have to lay down more money than I’ve even listed below.

Personally, I will probably pass on Graham if he goes over 40 dollars mainly because I like the depth at the tight end position and would rather allocate that money towards running backs.

We have probably the best top ten class of running backs I’ve seen in years and this class actually reminds me of the old days when Bell Cow backs roamed the fruited NFL plains and you could pickup quality options in the first two rounds with ease.

What I love about auction style over redraft is you have more control to build a team the way you believe a winner should look like. Overall we have good depth at each position, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting a respectable team.

Just make sure you don’t try to be too tight with your money. I’ve found it to be nice to have a bunch of good players at respectable values, but it’s gamebrakers that win championships. Typically, I’m not afraid to overspend on those players I believe will play at an elite level and then find players on the cheap to fill my team out.

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