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2013 Touchdown Only – Heavy Leagues Cheat Sheet

Photo By: Howard Smith / USA TODAY Sports

Photo By: Howard Smith / USA TODAY Sports

After posting 20 touchdowns in 2011, LeSean McCoy fell back to only 5 in 2012 as poor offensive line play, and a concussion held him down. His story is just a reminder of how fluky touchdowns can be from season to season. I had him in a couple of leagues last season and he must have fallen down at the one-year line on a big-play at least four or five times.

When you have a bad season, things like that happen but we should like his odds to return to 12 plus touchdowns this year. The Eagles have ultra-talented tackle Jason Peters back and added a talented offensive tackle in Lane Johnson to play on the other bookend side of the line as the 4th pick in this years draft. As a Ducks fan (I’m from Grants Pass, Oregon), you know I’m a believer in Chip Kelly and while he has yet to prove his offense will work I believe the NFL Futures of his talented running backs in McCoy and even Bryce Brown are bright as the running game should thrive from the get go.

It’s more the passing game that has to prove itself in at the NFL level but the Eagles should have the upper hand running Kelly’s offense as defense will be forced to react to what they are seeing. In time, defenses will start to understand the tendencies of what Kelly’s offense is doing, but it will be difficult for them and McCoy will benefit.

Since the cheat sheet below is for touchdown only and touchdown heavy leagues, I obviously took into account players with an ability to score when putting these rankings together. Some of these leagues don’t have kickers or possibly team defense but I kept them on the cheat sheet just in case you need them.

Just like in other fantasy scoring leagues, it would be a good idea to target Brown as a hand cuff option to McCoy on draft day. We watched Brown post some elite numbers for a few weeks after McCoy went down and while the rookie clearly had his rough edges to smooth out this off-season, he would keep you on schedule for starter production if McCoy goes down with another injury.

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