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How Official NFL Futures Can Affect Fantasy Football Rankings

How Official NFL Futures Can Affect Fantasy Football RankingsWhen it comes to determining your fantasy football player rankings, you can’t rule anything out. With injuries, year-to-year fluctuations, and the general parity in the NFL making predictions so incredibly tough, it’s insane fantasy gurus at places like ESPN try to predict player performances at all.

In short, we can use all the help we can get. That’s why it’s wise to check in with the people paid to follow the league the closest: sportsbook oddsmakers. Lines experts such as TopBet delivering these NFL Futures, for example, pour over all the NFL free agency, draft, and injury news in determining the prices they put on different teams, and those can be valuable numbers for those looking for an edge in their fantasy rankings.

So how do the odds help you do better in your draft this year? Simple. Great teams produce offensive studs. If teams are putting up points and winning games, their players have big fantasy weeks.

Futures odds, as sportsbooks call them, can be most useful in the later rounds of a fantasy draft. If you are getting down to picking your fourth or fifth wide receiver, you will be far better off picking up a third-string guy on one of the teams favored to win the Super Bowl—Denver, Green Bay, or New England—than you will be grabbing even a second-string scrub from, say, Oakland.

Meanwhile, understanding the relative strength of a team like Philadelphia can help you value their offseason moves. The Eagles are tied for eighth most likely to win the Super Bowl according their futures price, so picking up their new acquisition Darren Sproles could prove wise, even if Sproles will just be sharking some of LeSean McCoy’s goal line touches.

If nothing else, a good sportsbook’s Super Bowl odds will help you make the toughest calls about your fantasy roster. It’s easier than following the tiny details of the league yourself, and it sure beats consulting your Ouija board.

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