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Podcast | April 2010

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Let’s face it, writing articles is all well and good but most people (including us) just don’t want to sit down and read article after article to gain an edge. Sure, if you’re going to school to become a doctor you won’t have a choice but to hit the books and educate yourself.

Fortunately having success in fantasy football doesn’t take lots of thinking and studying to win regularly. All it takes is a little basic knowledge and staying informed on current events that can change your opinion of players fantasy value.

This is why the guys from fantasy football information have started a new audio chapter to the website, and it’s called fantasy philosophers. Here you can find our recent thoughts and quick ramblings on current events for fantasy football in an audio format.

“The Fantasy Philosophers spout fantasy football info like an NFL Confucius”

We will also have our philosophical views available on our player and team pages while you’re scrolling through the site.

Fantasy Notes For April 2010:

In April the 2010 NFL draft came to pass and the 2010 NFL full regular season schedules broke out. Beyond those notable events, Donovan McNabb became a Redskin, Jason Campbell became a Raider, Brandon Marshall became a Dolphin and Santonio Holmes was traded to the Jets for a fifth round pick.

Now, the core foundations for every team are set as far a players are concerned and teams with open up with rookie and OTA camps in May. Be on the look out as we will be starting our 2010 fantasy football player rankings in the months to come.

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Fantasy Philosophers Podcasts For April, 2010
Date April 30th, 2010: TE Jermaine Gresham & Cincinnati Bengals Offense
The Cincinnati Bengals needed to up grade in the passing game to help Carson Palmer and force defense to not just focus on Cedric Benson and Chad Ochocinco. This offseason they signed receiver Antonio Bryant and they also selected tight end Jermaine Gresham in the first round.

Date April 30th, 2010: Rob Gronkowski & Aaron Hernandez Should Help The Patriots Offense
The New England Patriots needed to add some more offensive weapons with Wes Welker recovering from a bad knee injury and Randy Moss wearing down physically. Some thought they would add a receiver in the second round but I’m happy they retooled at tight end instead. With the loss of tight end Ben Watson, the Patriots needed to give Tom Brady an option or two to spread out the offense.

Date April 30th, 2010: Ed Dickson & Dennis Pitta Will Hurt Todd Heap’s Playing Time
With the addition of tight ends Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta the Baltimore Ravens could just do away with long time star Todd Heap. Instead of letting him go, the Ravens will probably keep him in the starter’s role as the team pushes for a Super Bowl title.

Date April 30th, 2010: Dez Bryant Should Push Roy Williams For Playing Time
I was very curious to see exactly where ultra talented receiver Dez Bryant would end up at this years’ draft. Because of his questionable issues, Bryant did fall out of the top twenty selection at this years’ draft.

Date April 30th, 2010: Demaryius Thomas Should Start In Rookie Season
I don’t like to project an NFL rookies fantasy ranking until after the draft and all the youngsters are officially on a team. This is mainly because so much in a players value goes into where they were selected team wise and which players are around them.

Date April 30th, 2010: Will Tim Tebow Start In Rookie Season?
What the heck does one make of the Tim Tebow to Denver Broncos situation?

Tebow had an unbelievable college career, and now he will have to convert his style of play to the NFL level. One would have to think that Tebow won’t start at quarterback until at least when the Broncos are out of the playoff picture, and it’s time to give Tebow an opportunity to mature on the field.

Date April 30th, 2010: Arrelious Benn Should start This Season
Josh Freeman finally has himself a true talent at receiver after the team parted ways with Antonio Bryant this offseason. The Buccaneers used their a second round pick to select Arrelious Benn after they drafted two defensive tackles with their first two picks in the draft.

Date April 30th, 2010: Golden Tate Will Be Used Early And Often In Seahawks Offense
One thing is for sure for all the receivers taken in the first two rounds of the draft this year and that is they should all see lots of work in year one. The receiver that may easily see the most work in 2010, is Notre Dame standout Golden Tate as coach Carroll plans on using him as a starting receiver, a kick and punt returner and even in the wild cat offense.

Date April 30th, 2010: Dexter McCluster Will Be Used As A Receiver In Chiefs Offense
The Kansas City Chiefs put up a curve ball early in the second round when they selected receiver slash running back Dexter McCluster. At first I thought they drafted him as a running back and that made absolutely no sense to me as they already have Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.

Date April 30th, 2010: Brandon LaFell To Push For Starting Job With Panthers
The Carolina Panthers received two gifts on draft day as quarterback Jimmy Clausen fell to them in the second round and receiver Brandon LaFell came their way in the third round. LaFell was a solid receiver at LSU, and I was impressed with his ability to run good routes and catch just about everything that came close to him.

Date April 29th, 2010: 2010 Dynasty Keeper League Cheat Sheet
Now that the NFL draft is over, it’s time to put out our 2010 dynasty – keeper league player rankings cheat sheet. Running back Ryan Mathews has to be the top rookie to pickup for the future as he’s on a winning team with a great offense, and they need him right away.

Date April 28th, 2010: C.J. Spiller’s Role In the Bills Offense
It’s nice to draft an impact player with the type of game breaking ability runner C.J. Spiller has to offer. Spiller can provide you with instant field position or points on one big play from anywhere on a football field. While it’s nice to see the Bills select a runner like this, fantasy owners can’t help but wonder if he will be effective with the team around him?

Date April 28th, 2010: Hardesty & Harrison in RBBC?
No one should be surprised that the Cleveland Browns selected a physical running back in the early rounds of the 2010 draft to go with speedster Jerome Harrison. With the second round selection of Montario Hardesty the Browns now have a physical presence to fill the void that was left by veteran Jamal Lewis.

Date April 28th, 2010: Toby Gerhart Stuck Behind Adrian Peterson
There aren’t words to express how disappointed I was on draft day that the Minnesota Vikings selected runner Toby Gerhart. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good move for the Vikings as they needed someone to replace Chester Taylor as a backup for Adrian Peterson. My problem with this move is that, unless Peterson sustains a last injury, Gerhart will never be a strong fantasy option in his career.

Date April 28th, 2010: Jimmy Clausen is No.2 quarterback on depth chart
The Carolina Panthers received an unexpected surprise to see Jimmy Clausen fall to them in the middle of the second round. Upon the Panthers’ selection, then jumped all over Clausen and even draft LSU standout receiver Brandon LaFell in the third round for a future weapon in the offense.

Date April 28th, 2010: Colt McCoy Won’t Play In 2010
The Cleveland Browns were determined to fill their need areas in the 2010 draft before selecting a quarterback that happened to fall to them. More than once after the first round, the Browns passed on quarterback Colt McCoy before they drafted him in the third round.

Date April 28th, 2010: Should Sam Bradford Start This Season?
The St. Louis Rams decided to draft a franchise quarterback with the first overall pick in Sam Bradford from Oklahoma. For a team that needs help all over the field, selecting Bradford is a hope for the future that may never come if he can’t stay healthy throughout his career.

Date April 27th, 2010: Ben Tate’s Fantasy Impact With Texans
Anyone that has stayed up to date with the NFL this offseason knew that the Houston Texans would add a running back early at the 2010 draft. Many believed they would select Fresno State star Ryan Mathews but the Chargers jump in front and selected him before the Texans first pick.

Date April 27th, 2010: Jahvid Best’s Fantasy Impact With Lions
The Detroit Lions needed a running back since Kevin Smith won’t be at full strength in 2010, due to a late season acl injury. Late in the first round the Lions traded up and selected Cal Bear standout Jahvid Best to be the the main runner of the future.

Date April 27th, 2010: Ryan Mathews Fantasy Impact With Chargers
Ryan Mathews hit fantasy gold when the Chargers traded up to acquire him in the first round. The Chargers clearly needed a running back to fill the shoes left by LaDainian Tomlinson.

Date April 21st, 2010: Ben Roethlisberger Suspended
The news of Ben Roethlisberger’s suspension has been handed down by commissioner Roger Goodell and the time lost will be four to six weeks. At this time, Roethlisberger is suspend for six weeks, but if he stays on the straight and narrow path, he will only miss four games.

Date April 20th, 2010: Jason Taylor Signs With New York Jets
The Jets added another veteran in Jason Taylor as their team only gets strong before we get to the draft. Taylor was undecided the past week if he was going to play for the Jets or not.

Date April 20th, 2010: Rams Trade Adam Carriker To Redskins
The St. Louis Rams finally gave up on former first round defensive lineman Adam Carriker and traded him off to the Redskins. This move may clear the path for the Redskins to trade Albert Haynesworth away to the Titans this week.

Date April 20th, 2010: TE Tony Scheffler Traded To Lions, LB Ernie Sims Traded To Eagles
The Denver Broncos parted ways with another offensive talent in tight end Tony Scheffler just days before the NFL draft begins. This move was made in a three way trade that saw the Lions gain Scheffler as they sent line backer Ernie Sims to the Eagles. The Eagles parted ways with a fifth round pick that went to the Broncos.

Date April 20th, 2010: Torry Holt Signs With New England Patriots
The Patriots added another old timer in wide receiver Torry Holt to a one year contract. Last season Holt had an opportunity to resurrect his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but he instead failed to even score a touchdown. Flopping that poorly in a situation for success, only goes to show that Holt’s knee injuries have caught up to him, and he’s just a role player.

Date April 18th, 2010: NFL Draft Cheatsheet / Check List For All Seven Rounds
If your like us, every year you sit down to watch the NFL draft, and it’s always seems like a scramble to find a list of all the players, projected to be drafted. Sure the television channel you’re watching gives you a ticker tracker at the bottom for the most notable players yet to be drafted, but it’s nice to have more.

That is why we have available the projected players to be drafted this year and what round, they are supposed to go in. This way you have access to each player, and you can compare notes with how the projections went and how the draft actually ended up.

This cheatsheet / checklist is broken down in two parts. In this article with have all the offensive players, and below we have a link to the defensive checklist. Here’s hoping your team gets the players they need to have a successful 2010 – 2011 season.

2010 NFL Draft Cheatsheet / Checklist for Defensive players
2010 NFL Draft Cheatsheet / Checklist for Offensive players

Date April 18th, 2010: Arizona Cardinals 2010 – 2011 Schedule
The Cardinals have had a successful couple of seasons but now they face a new challenge with key veterans gone from the team. With strong talent and leadership gone on both sides of the football it will take a solid effort from Matt Leinart and the coaching staff to hold San Francisco down.

Date April 18th, 2010: St. Louis Rams 2010 – 2011 Schedule
Look for the Rams to select quarterback Sam Bradford with the first pick at this years NFL draft. In an age of quarterbacks and passing offenses, the Rams have struggle badly of the past three seasons to move the football in the air. Hopefully, the Rams’ o-line will gel and allow Bradford some time to throw the football.

Date April 18th, 2010: Seattle Seahawks 2010 – 2011 Schedule
A new day has dawned on the Seahawks organization as coach Peter Carroll gives it another go in the NFL. While the Seahawks should add key pieces this offseason it will probably take them a year or more to get back in contention for the NFC West title.

Date April 18th, 2010: San Francisco 49ers 2010 – 2011 Schedule
Key losses in Arizona have left the door open for San Francisco to challenge for the division title. Now, we will have to find out if the 49ers offense is up to the challenge of playing consistent productive football.

Date April 18th, 2010: New Orleans Saints 2010 – 2011 Schedule
The Saints have partied hard after their Super Bowl victory, but I wouldn’t expect this team to have a 2010 hangover in the season. With one of the best quarterbacks in all of football and a terrific supporting cast, the Saints should roll again in 2010.

Date April 18th, 2010: Carolina Panthers 2010 – 2011 Schedule
Matt Moore led the Panthers on a nice winning streak to finish the 2009 season. With his production it was easy to see that the team needed to move on from Jake Delhomme. Look for Moore to build on his success from last year as he seems to be a good fit in Carolina.

Date April 18th, 2010: Atlanta Falcons 2010 – 2011 Schedule
If Matt Ryan is up to playing Pro Bowl football this season, the Falcons should make the playoffs in 2010. On the defensive side, corner back Daunta Robinson will need to improve this group shortcomings in the secondary.

Date April 18th, 2010: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2010 – 2011 Schedule
With a young quarterback and no legit top receiver on the team, the Buccaneers should struggle on offense this season. Don’t expect this team to finish outside of the eight worst teams in the NFL.

Date April 18th, 2010: Chicago Bears 2010 – 2011 Schedule
The Bears are going to need a shut down defense in order to return to the playoffs in 2010. With the Vikings and Packers in the same division it’s hard to see the Bears beating them in record.

Date April 18th, 2010: Detroit Lions 2010 – 2011 Schedule
If the Lions acquire a top defensive tackle at this years draft their front line could be imposing at times this year. While the defense is getting better, this organization will need Matthew Stafford to continue his development in order to be a good team in future seasons.

Date April 18th, 2010: Minnesota Vikings 2010 – 2011 Schedule
The Vikings stand in the same position they were in a year ago as they wait for Brett Favre to complete their team. With a team ready to make a Super Bowl run once again, Favre is likely to come back for one more try.

Date April 18th, 2010: Green Bay Packers 2010 – 2011 Schedule
Aaron Rodgers took another step in his progression as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Now, Rodgers and his teammates need to prove they can beat the Minnesota Vikings and win their division.

Date April 18th, 2010: Washington Redskins 2010 – 2011 Schedule
High profile change has come once again to the Washington Redskins as Mike Shanahan and quarterback Donovan McNabb have come to the team. With these additions this team has the potential to have a good offense and a playoff team.

Date April 18th, 2010: Philadelphia Eagles 2010 – 2011 Schedule
Donovan McNabb his officially gone from the Eagles organization and Kevin Kolb is now going to take over for this team. It will be difficult for the Eagles to make the post season this year as the Eagles have now made their schedule harder having to face McNabb twice this season.

Date April 18th, 2010: Dallas Cowboys 2010 – 2011 Schedule
For all the success that 2009 brought to the Cowboys, they failed to reach the Super Bowl. With the release of long time left tackle Flozell Adams, one has to be concerned about protection issues in Dallas. If Tony Romo has time to throw, this team should walk away with the division title.

Date April 18th, 2010: New York Giants 2010 – 2011 Schedule
The Giants have made a living over the years with a strong running game and solid defense. Last season this team ended going in reverse as they had a solid passing game with a disappointing defense and running game. If they hope to make the playoffs in 2010, this team will need to play sound on both sides of the football.

Date April 18th, 2010: Oakland Raiders 2010 – 2011 Schedule
The Raiders pride themselves on drafting players with great physical gifts. If this group even puts things together they could be a respectable team in 2010. Still, it’s hard to know what this group of bandits are going to do.

Date April 18th, 2010: Kansas City Chiefs 2010 – 2011 Schedule
The Chiefs have continued to add good talent on the field and in the coaching staff this offseason. Still, don’t be surprised if they land in the bottom of the AFC West this coming year.

Date April 18th, 2010: Denver Broncos 2010 – 2011 Schedule
For the second season in a row the Broncos faded in the second half and missed the playoffs. With the loss of star receiver Brandon Marshall, the Broncos are now falling closer to the bottom of the AFC West rather than rising to the top.

Date April 18th, 2010: San Diego Chargers 2010 – 2011 Schedule
With LT gone, the Chargers’ organization is now lead by quarterback Philip Rivers. In reality, Rivers has been the go to man for the past few seasons as Tomlinson failed to play the way he once did.

Date April 18th, 2010: Houston Texans 2010 – 2011 Schedule
Key letdowns in big games cost the Texans an opportunity to make it to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. As long as they can play respectable in the secondary they should make the post season in 2010.

Date April 18th, 2010: Tennessee Titans 2010 – 2011 Schedule
Vince Young claimed his starting role once again after Kerry Collins failed to find the success he had in 2008. If the Titans are going to return to the playoffs this season, they will need a great season from Young as their defense is going through changes.

Date April 18th, 2010: Jacksonville Jaguars 2010 – 2011 Schedule
With no pass rush and a struggling passing game, it’s no wonder why the Jaguars collapsed in the final month of the season. If they have any hopes of making the playoff in 2010, they will need strong defensive play.

Date April 18th, 2010: Indianapolis Colts 2010 – 2011 Schedule
The Colts made it to the Super Bowl but couldn’t finish the deal as the Saints won it all. Now, they will attempt to make it back for another chance to win it all.

Date April 18th, 2010: Cleveland Browns 2010 – 2011 Schedule
The Browns continue to change out personal with new players as management tries to find a way to win football games. Look for the Browns to have another losing season in 2010.

Date April 18th, 2010: Cincinnati Bengals 2010 – 2011 Schedule
2009 was a great season for the Bengals as they went undefeated in their own division. This year, teams in their schedule will know what they are all about and should be prepared for they style of play.

Date April 18th, 2010: Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 – 2011 Schedule
A return to smash mouth football seems likely in Pittsburgh as the team didn’t make the plays with a fun and gun offense. With the Bengals returning to respectability and the Ravens upgrading on offense the AFC North will be difficult to win.

Date April 18th, 2010: Baltimore Ravens 2010 – 2011 Schedule
With upgrades at the receiver position, the Ravens have to be the favorites to win the AFC North in 2010. Having a fully loaded team, the Ravens now have the luxury of stacking their team at the draft.

Date April 18th, 2010: New England Patriots 2010 – 2011 Schedule
The New England Patriots aren’t the team, they were just a few season ago with an aging offensive line and a defense that has many new faces. If this group is going to make it back to the Super Bowl it will take another great coaching job by Bill Belichick and the team needs to win home field advantage.

Date April 18th, 2010: New York Jets 2010 – 2011 Schedule
If the New York Jets are going to build on last years success, they will need player like Antonio Cromartie and Mark Sanchez to play well. For all the success this team had in the post season they failed to win their division.

While the Jets would love to win the AFC East, they are built to win in the playoffs and all they need is an opportunity to play in the post season.New York Jets 2010 – 2011 Schedule

Date April 18th, 2010: Miami Dolphins 2010 – 2011 Schedule
The Dolphins are probably going to need to play a few teams at the right time in order to make the playoffs, even with the addition of receiver Brandon Marshall. This team may have it’s ups and downs, but I will never count them out as they have good coaching and a creative offense.Audio: Miami Dolphins 2010 – 2011 Schedule

Date April 18th, 2010: Buffalo Bills 2010 – 2011 Schedule
If the Bills are going to compete this season, they need a good nose tackle and respectable play on the offensive line. While the defense should be solid, the offense is still in shambles and Marshawn Lynch is becoming a big disappointment.

Date April 16th, 2010: Ted Ginn Jr. Traded To 49ers
Since you get points on kick and punt touchdowns for fantasy defenses this move makes the 49ers group more attractive. Look for the 49ers defense as a very nice sleeper defense for 2010.

Alex Smith probably won’t be drafted this summer in fantasy football leagues but don’t be surprised if he’s on teams by seasons end.
Fantasy Impact: Ted Ginn Jr. Traded To 49ers

Date April 15th, 2010: Steelers Offense: Finding Production Without Santonio Holmes
Second year receiver Mike Wallace will receive a bump in fantasy value this coming year. At this time, he is the one receiver on the team that can stretch the field and fill in as the teams deep threat needs.

Hines Ward should still be a good fantasy option, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the team does get back to running the football in2010.

Look for Rashard Mendenhall to receive plenty of work this up coming season.Steelers Offense Without Santonio Holmes

Date April 15th, 2010: Addition Of Santonio Holmes To Jets Passing Game
With this move, the Jets have now add another deep threat to go with Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery. Holmes unlike Edwards has solid hands once he gets the football thrown his way.

Because of his pass catching skills, the Jets will may be more inclined to keep Holmes in the long term and move Edwards after this season.

Look for the Jets to be talked about as a Super Bowl contender for this season but don’t be surprised if various players’ struggle in fantasy football. With so many options to throw the football too and run the football with, this team should spread the ball out.

Specific skill players won’t receive enough opportunities weekly to be strong fantasy options.Addition Of Holmes To Jets Passing Game

Date April 14th, 2010: Life Without Brandon Marshall In Denver
While Eddie Royal should have a good season it is running back Knowshon Moreno that needs to be the new star in this offense. Moreno was selected as the first running back taken in last years NFL draft. All in all, Moreno had a respectable rookie campaign but he needs to be a star in his second season.Part One: Life Without Brandon Marshall

Date April 14th, 2010: Brandon Marshall’s Fantasy Value On The Dolphins
With the Jets making big moves via trade and the always competitive Patriots in the AFC East, the Dolphins needed to upgrade at receiver to remain a contender. Having Marshall on the team will make defense respect the passing game and give quarterback Chad Henne a true No. 1 talent.

This was the move the Dolphins had to make as this team needed a strong presence in the passing game to compliment it’s running game.

As for Marshall’s fantasy value, it should remain as it would have been if he was still with the Broncos. Marshall should catch over 100 balls this season and head back to the Pro Bowl. You should feel confident in selecting Marshall as a clear top ten fantasy option at receiver in 2010.Part Two: Dolphins And Brandon Marshall

Date April 10th, 2010: Buccaneers RB Committee
The Buccaneers are talking about using a committee at running back. Find out our thoughts on this situation from a fantasy perspective. Fantasy Philosophers: Buccaneers RB Committee

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