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Hey, it’s my blog, and in this world my 49ers are laying the woodshed to Skittles and the pathetic Seahawks every day!

On this page you will see what used to be my resource list when I had a membership side of the website. While their are many terrific writers and thinkers around the world wide web I’m sure I will fail to acknowledge, the people and websites below are those that have had (and continue to have) an impact on me and this website.

Thanks again for your time,

– Sean Douglas

Twitter – @seanfantasyinfo

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to my resource list of various NFL and fantasy analysts, websites and podcast that I follow and recommend. This list will be updated over time.

Favorite Websites

Rotoworld – Great website for timely news on various players around the NFL with a quick fantasy analysis to go with it.

Football Guys – No one does it better than the football guys. Most of their information is a paid website, but I highly recommend them for anyone in serious leagues. For what they provide, the cost is ridiculously cheep.

Pro Football-Focus – Great stats on players at all positions as they grade players from film work.

National Football Post – This is a sight that has really grown on me, good stuff on football overall.

The Rookie Scouting Portfolio – Great work from Matt Waldman here. Waldman goes in-depth on player breakdowns throughout the year, but this rookie scouting portfolio is targeted towards the NFL draft first. You will see articles about NFL players through the summer and during the season. Not much for fantasy though, but check out Waldman’s other links below for his fantasy work.

IDP Guru – Love Ryan’s work for IDP fantasy information, and I think he’s one of the better IDP annalists around. Still in his twenties, if he sticks with it, he could be a big name for years to come in fantasy circles.

Pro Football Reference – Looking for a nice website for updated player and team stats, then this is the place to go. Especially useful for folks like me that use their stats in articles and player pages.

Football Outsiders – Great website with a bunch of talented football writers. Quality work here. —————————————————————————————————————————-

Favorite Writers

Pat KirwanCBS, Movin’ The Chains Radio Show, Website, Twitter – Finally got SirusXM Radio in 2012, and I quickly became hooked on Pat’s radio show with Tim Ryan called Movin’ the Chains which airs Monday thru Friday. Love his book and DVD material call Take Your Eye Off The Ball (I recommend you buy the playbook addition, that comes with DVD’s and CD’s), which you can find at his website and on Amazon.

It’s a must for those of you that want to understand more about the game and like to learn from an fun and knowledgeable teacher. You can also find more work from Kirwan on CBS.

Greg Cosell: NFL Films Blog, Shutdown Corner Podcast, Fantasy Guru Podcast, Twitter – While I love all the writers in this section, no one comes close to Greg Cosell. The man has been breakdown All-22 NFL film for decades and his work his top notch. I hang on every word he says, and if you care to learn more about this great game, Cosell’s work is a terrific place to start. A true professional. Cosell also helped Ron Jaworski put together his book, “The Games That Changed The Game.” Currently reading it now and I recommend you check it out.

Matt Waldman: RSP, Audible Podcast, Football Guys, Football Outsiders, Twitter – What else can I say about Waldman except he’s the man! Outside of Cosell, no one grabs my attention when it comes to breaking down player skill sets like this guy. Each year he comes out with a detailed writeup for the players coming into the NFL draft, and sells it at a ridiculously low price for the vast work and quality he puts into it. Waldman is also part of the Audible podcast for fantasy football help, and it’s the top show running in my opinion.

Wes BuntingNFP Blog – Love Bunting’s work in the NFL draft, and as you get ready for the NFL draft, make sure and check out his podcast on the National Football Post. Bunting does a great job of bringing in some of the best draftniks around on his podcast for round table discussions.

            **Update – Currently Russ Lande is working for NFP and it appears Bunting isn’t active online – last I heard I think he’s working for a school – but if anyone knows of him actively writing on the web, hit me up and I’ll update this section. Come Back Bunting, and thank you for your quality information during the 2012 NFL scouting class, loved it!

Matt BowenNFP Blog, Twitter – A former safety in the NFL, Bowen does a terrific job breaking down plays in an easy to understand way. He mostly focuses on the passing game, and that makes sense given his background.

Jene BramelFootball Guys, Audible Podcast, Second Opinion Blog, RSP, Twitter – Perhaps my favorite fantasy writer for IDP purposes. Bramel is an active part of the Football Guys website and Podcast and his new Second Opinion blog is terrific for in-depth injury analysis.

Doug FarrarBlog, Shutdown Corner Podcast, Football Outsiders, Sportspress NW, Twitter – Farrar is all over the place but his work with Cosell on the Shutdown Corner podcast is terrific. Hard to believe this podcast is actually for free, and if you care to learn more about the game, it’s an absolute must. Farrar also follows the Seahawks and you can find his recent writings at Sportspress North West. He’s also active on the Shutdown Corner blog on Yahoo.

Cecil LammeyFootball Guys, Audible Podcast, Denver Sports Station, Twitter – While Lammey can be a little cocky at times and I won’t give him points for being a Steelers fan, the guy just knows football. Great work on the Audible podcast and I enjoy his takes from the Broncos practices and games, as he follows them throughout the year.

Sigmond BloomFootball Guys, Audible Podcast, Bleacher Report, Twitter – Yes, I wish I was Sigmond Bloom. No one does it better and while he is a freaking Steelers fan, I’m willing to put up with it and learn from a wise man. Bloom is regularly active on twitter, so if you have a good question and want to bounce it off him, I’m sure he won’t mind twitting back to you. Bloom is active on Football Guys, and if a fixture on the Audible podcast. He also does great work on current events around the league over at Bleacher Report.

Matt WilliamsonBlog, Twitter – Another freaking Steelers fan but by golly, Matt Williamson knows his football. You can listen to him on the Football Today podcast on Mondays and Thursdays, but most of his written work for ESPN is subscription only.

                     *** Please Note – As of April 2013, Williamson has stopped working on the Football Today podcast which sucks. Hopefuly we will hear more from him in the future. P.S. from time to time he is a guest on Sigmund Bloom’s “On The Couch” show on the FootballGuys Audbile podcast so you can listen when he’s on. Great Stuff, even for a Steeler guy!

Andy BenoitCBS Sportsline, Blog, Fifth Down Blog, Football Outsiders, Twitter – Great young writer who has been at it for awhile now. Benoit is active for CBS throughout the season and it appears he’s more active on his twitter of late. That’s a good thing because I always seem to learn something new when I read his work.

Evan SilvaRotoworld, Twitter – Silva is growing on my of late. Like everyone else on this list he watches film on a regular basis and he does good work breaking down offensive lines around the league. Silva works on NFL draft prep and fantasy analysis. —————————————————————————————————————————

Radio Shows

Movin’ The Chains – Since I finally picked up a SiriusXM subscription back in 2012, I was quickly hooked on Movin’ The Chains and if I miss a show in any giving week, I’m pissed. Pat Karwin and Tim Ryan are terrific and if you enjoy quality and professional football conversation, this show is a must.

You will have to have a SiriusXM subscription, but usually SiriusXM will give you a free 30-subsciption for at least online, so you can check them out for free that way. They air 3pm – 7pm East Coast Time, Monday thru Friday.

Late Hits – Late hits is another show on SiriusXM, but I specifically like listening to this show on Wednesdays when legendary scout Gil Brandt is on. Great stuff! You can follow Gil on Twitter here – @Gil_Brandt —————————————————————————————————————————


Audible Live, Audible Home Page – Best fantasy football podcast on the planet. No, I don’t claim to have listened to all of them, but in my over 20 years of playing fantasy football, I’ve yet to find one that comes close. I have two links above; the first is the live link and that takes you to their blog talk radio page, where you can listen live on Thursdays. This podcast has more to offer than just a two-hour show weekly, as they have IDP podcasts, beat-writer interviews and more. All of these extra pods can be found on the Audible home page link.

Shutdown Corner – Doug Farrar and Greg Cosell started this podcast up at the beginning of the 2011 season and it’s become a must listen to for people in the football world. Cosell knocks it out of the park every show and Farrar is a solid annalist as well. This podcast has little to do with fantasy so keep that in mind as the focus more on player skill sets and overall concepts of the game.

Football Today – Ross Tucker and Matt Williamson do a solid job on this podcast. If you’re in it for the meat like myself, you may want to skip past the first 5 or 10 minutes of every show, though. For some reason, I think ESPN demands that Jay Soderberg (Pod Vader) must read off boring news breaks around the league to begin the show, and it can slow things down. Once they get past the junk, it’s a great listen. Just don’t look for fantasy advice on this podcast.

***Please Note – Both Tucker and Williamson have stopped doing the Football Today Podcast which really sucks. Waiting to see who will host the show next, but you should be able to click on the link and at least listen to the archive podcasts.

Fantasy Guru – This podcast is starting to grow on me and you can find Greg Cosell on this show for fantasy help. Good stuff.

NFP Draftnick Podcast – Wes Bunting’s draftnik round tables and player interviews for the NFL draft are great. This is a podcast for the NFL draft only, so don’t expect any fantasy help.

                    **Update – Currently Russ Lande is working for NFP and it appears Bunting isn’t active online – last I heard I think he’s working for a school – but if anyone knows of him actively writing on the web, hit me up and I’ll update this section. Come Back Bunting, and thank you for your quality information during the 2012 NFL scouting class, loved it!

Cecil Lammey On Denver’s Sports Station – Any extra Lammey is a good thing, listen to Lammey interview beat-writers and other NFL annalists for Denver Broncos related information. You may not be a Broncos fan, but it’s still good football talk. ——————————————————————————————————————————

Injury Updates

Jene Bramel: Bramel’s Second Opinion Blog, Audible Podcast – Bramel’s second opinion blog is new, but I love it already. Bramel is very knowledgeable, and I trust his opinion as a good measuring stick for fantasy owners to go by when considering a player with injuries. Bramel also has a segment on the Audible Podcast show on Thursday nights.

Stephania Bell: Blog, Fantasy Focus Podcast – Love Bell’s work, unlike some at ESPN that are more interested in hype and headlines, I always feel like Bell is giving us educated knowledge on player injuries, and their recovery times. If I’m not mistaken she’s only on the Fantasy Focus one day a week, either Thursday or Friday, will give you the right day when available. ——————————————————————————————————————————-

NFL Depth Charts

Football GuysAll Teams – Even if you’re not a subscriber you should have access to this list. What is nice about the football guys version is not only do they have all the teams on one page, but they go through each position. They also have the coaching staffs listed.

OurladsAll Teams – Another solid website for free depth charts, however, Ourlads mainly focuses on the offensive positions for the standard fantasy leagues. No defensive players listed. They have a link for all teams, and I’ve also gone ahead and listed them out team by team below.



Team Home Pages – Why not have the official listing from each teams’ home page. It appears these depth charts aren’t updated until we get close to the season, so keep that in mind if you’re looking at these pages in the off-season.

NFCDAL | PHI | WAS | NYG | DET | GB | MIN | CHI | NO | CAR | ATL | TB | SF | STL | ARZ | SEA |

AFCNE | NYJ | MIA | BUF | BAL | PIT | CIN | CLE | HOU | TEN | JAX | IND | OAK | KC | DEN | SD | ——————————————————————————————————————————-

Coaching Staffs

In fantasy, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the coaching staffs to have a basic understanding of what to expect from the play calling and scheme. Staffs change every year, so keep tabs on them at the links below.

NFCDAL | PHI | WAS | NYG | DET | GB | MIN | CHI | NO | CAR | ATL | TB | SF | STL | ARZ | SEA |

AFCNE | NYJ | MIA | BUF | BAL | PIT | CIN | CLE | HOU | TEN | JAX | IND | OAK | KC | DEN | SD | ——————————————————————————————————————————-

Mock Draft Sites

Fantasy Football Calculator – My favorite website for mock drafts. Quick, easy and there are no limits to the amount of mocks you can participate in on a given day, from what I can tell. They even keep track of all your mocks on your home page, from year to year.

ESPN – What sets ESPN apart from other mock draft sites that I’ve found is they have mocks for auction leagues. This is great if you play in those types of leagues, and you can participate in as many mocks as you want, daily. ——————————————————————————————————————————-

Beat-Writers On Twitter

All Teams – A fixture at the FF Brainwave Report, I thought I would go ahead and list this twitter links below for each time on the resource section. You can follow all of these lists, as I have beat-writers tagged for each team.

NFCDAL | PHI | WAS | NYG | DET | GB | MIN | CHI | NO | CAR | ATL | TB | SF | STL | ARZ | SEA |


Team By Team

49ers –

Matt Maiocco
Phil Barber
Eric Branch San Francsico Cronicle
Matt Barrows Sacramento Bee

Cardinals –

Kent Somers
Darren Urban

Rams –

Howard Blazer
Tony Softli
Brian Stull 101 ESPN
Ron Clements
Jim Thomas

Seahawks –

Eric Williams Seattle Seahawks Insider
Liz Mathews

Falcons –

D. Orlando Ledbetter
Jay Adams

Saints –

Mike Triplett
Jeff Duncan

Panthers –

Joe Person
Steve Reed

Buccaneers –

Stephen Holder
Rick Stroud The St. Petersburg Times

Packers –

Jason Wilde ESPN Wisconsin
Mike Vandermause Green Bay Press Gazette
Tom Silverstein Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Kareem Copeland
Pete Dougherty Green Bay Press Gazette
Lori Nickel
Aaron Nagler Cheesehead TV

Vikings –

Tom Pelissero 1500ESPN
Judd Zulgad Star Tribune

Lions –

Dave Birkett Deroit Free Press
Tim Twentyman Detroit News

Bears –

Vaughn McClure Chicago Tribune
Michael C. Wright Chicago ESPN
Sean Jensen
Brad Briggs Chicago Tribune
Zach Zaidman Chicago Bears Radio Network
John Mullin CSN Chicago
Jeremy Stoltz
Laurence Holmes CBS Chicago

Eagles –

Sheil Kapadia
Jordan Raanan
Les Bowen
Jeff McLane
Jonatthan Tamari
Reuben Frank
Tim McManus
Geoff Mosher Wing Tips

Giants –

Ohm Youngmisuk ESPN New York
Mike Garafolo
Tom Rock Newsday
Paul Schwartz New York Post
Zach Berman

Redskins –

Rick Maese Washington Post
John Keim Washington Examiner
Chris Russell ESPN 980
Grant Paulsen
Mark Maske Washington Post
Matt Terl The Redskins Blog
Rich Campbell Washington Times
Rich Tandler
Ryan O’Halloran CSN Washington

Cowboys –

Bryan Broaddus ESPN Dallas
Tim MacMahon ESPN Dallas
Calvin Watkins ESPN Dallas
Josh Ellis
Derek Eagleton
Tod Archer
Clarence Hill

Raiders –

Jerry McDonald
Vittorio Tafur
Paul Gutierrez

Chargers –

Kevin Acee UT San Diego
Tim Sulivan UT San Diego

Chiefs –

Kent Babb
Josh Looney

Broncos –

Andrew Mason
Mike Klis

Texans –

John McClain Ultimate Texans
Lance Zierlein The Sideline View
Stephanie Stradley Ultimate Texans
Nick Scurfield

Colts –

Phillip B. Wilson

Jaguars –

John Oehser
Tania Ganguli
Vic Ketchman
Vito Stellino

Titans –

Jim Wyatt
Jonathan Hutton 1045 The Zone
John Glennon

Ravens –

Dan Kolko
Jamison Hensley ESPN
Mike Duffy

Steelers –

Ed Bouchette Post-Gazette
James C Wexell Steel City Insider

Bengals –

Joe Reedy

Browns –

Mary Kay Cabot
Tony Grossi
Nate Ulrich
Aaron Goldhammer

Patriots –

Shalise Manza Young
Greg Bedard
Monique Walker The Boston Globe
Tom E. Curran Comcast SportsNet
Jeff Howe NESN
Ian R. Rapoport

Jets –

Manish Mehta NY Daily News
Rod Boone News Day
Rich Cimini ESPN New York
Jenny Vrentas
Bart Hubbuch NY Post

Dolphins –

Omar Kelly Sun-Sentinel

Bills –

Allen Wilson Buffalo News
Paul Hamilton WGR 550
Mark Gaughan Buffalo News

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