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2013 Experience: 9th season

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Fantasy Football Outlook: The talk about Colin Kaepernick taking over Alex Smith’s starting job was much more than just a hot topic of debate for Bay Area 49er fans like myself. In the end, while Smith played at a Pro Bowl level (efficiency speaking anyway) last year, it was clear Kaepernick’s abilities changed the game with his legs and rocket arm.

What most fans won’t know (unless they watched 49er games, or film on Game Rewind) is at times Smith failed to make a throws down field, or just throw the football away out of the pocket and took a sack.

It’s funny, because one of Smith’s greatest moments as a 49er was his game-winning touchdown pass to Vernon Davis to beat the Saints in the playoffs. Funny in that Smith threw the football on a rope, in tight coverage, in the end zone.

Too many times it seemed Smith was hesitant to throw the football in the end zone, and or to make a throw into tight coverage. With his arm limitations, that was probably “smart” most of the time, and that’s exactly what you will hear people say about Smith, “he’s a smart quarterback.”

Perhaps cautious is more like it, and in Kaepernick you see a player that trends more towards Packer quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Brett Farve in his arm-strength and confidence to put the football in tight spaces, being bold enough to strike for the end zone and not settle for field goals.

A New Era

Now Smith is in Kansas City, and while I’m sure he will frustrate some Chiefs fans with the same tentative ways, he won’t turn the football over much as well. With Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles out of the backfield, potential future star tight end Travis Kelce and a host of others, Smith could hold QB2 value with Andy Reid.

Just don’t look to Smith as anything more than a late round pick in deep leagues or leagues that start two quarterbacks and you won’t overpay for the Chiefs new starting quarterback.

Passing Stats Rushing Stats
Yards TD INT Yards TD
2013 Projected Stats 3,247 21 9 112 0
2013 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: ADP's | Rankings | Mocks | Cheat Sheets + Auctions
Year Age Tm G GS Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Y/G Rate Sk
2005 21 SFO 9 7 84 165 50.9 875 1 11 97.2 40.8 29
2006 22 SFO 16 16 257 442 58.1 2890 16 16 180.6 74.8 35
2007 23 SFO 7 7 94 193 48.7 914 2 4 130.6 57.2 17
2009 25 SFO 11 10 225 372 60.5 2350 18 12 213.6 81.5 22
2010 26 SFO 11 10 204 342 59.6 2370 14 10 215.5 82.1 25
2011 27 SFO 16 16 273 445 61.3 3144 17 5 196.5 90.7 44
2012 28 SFO 10 9 153 218 70.2 1737 13 5 173.7 104.1 24
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Summer of 2012: Fantasy Projections

As a life long 49ers fan, I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to finally see a coaching staff give Alex Smith a real chance to be succeed. Before 2011, Smith’s only respectable year in the league came back in 2006 when Norv Turner was in town, but his stay ended short as he became the Chargers head coach. Not only did we have an offensive minded head coach in Jim Harbaugh, but we actually had an offensive coordinator who called plays in before Smith had to use a timeout.

Smith proved he could play at a respectable level, when given the proper structure to work through, and while the 49ers gave him a soft new deal (only keeping them on the hook for a million in 2013), I don’t believe anyone will unseat him as the starter. San Francisco needed vertical speed this off-season, and they got it with Randy Moss, Mario Manningham and first-round pick A.J. Jenkins.

While I’m not in love with any of those names, they will make the passing game better, and LaMichael James presence on third downs will help Smith as well. Look for the 49ers to remain a ground and pound attack first, but Smith is likely to see an up tick in yardage and touchdowns, with a year under his belt in the Harbaugh system and a full off-season to work on his craft, with Harbaugh.

At this time, Smith should be viewed as a backup for fantasy purposes, as the 49ers will lean on the defense, special teams and running to win games, first.

Summer of 2011: Fantasy Projections

While Alex Smith made it back to the 49ers because of the lockout situation for one more year, don’t expect it to last long. Smith was horrible in the 49ers first preseason game, which led to Head Coach Jim Harbaugh reacting by opening up the quarterback competition and giving Daunte Culpepper a tryout (possibly sending a message to Smith), but failed to sign him.

I expect Smith to win the starting job, but as soon as the 49ers go on a three game losing streak this season, it will be curtains for Smith as the team will likely give the ball to rookie Colin Kaepernick. Outside of tight end Vernon Davis, it is advisable to stay away from 49ers receivers this year.

Passing Stats Rushing Stats
Yards TD INT Yards TD
2011 Projected Stats 2,144 16 19 84 0

June 2011

As expected the 49ers re-upped with Alex Smith on a one-year deal after the lockout ended. With Michael Crabtree possibly out a few games to start the season, Smith will have a hard time find success on the field, let alone looking at as a viable option in fantasy football leagues. The one positive with Smith under-center is that Vernon Davis should still be a top end tight end, as the two have had decent chemistry over the last few seasons.

2011 June

It looks like 49ers fans will have to live with Alex Smith as the teams starting quarterback for another season. Because of the lockout situation, it only makes sense for the 49ers to bring Smith back as Colin Kaepernick still needs work moving from the Pistol offense in college to playing under center.

For Smith, the only reason he’s likely to come back is that this is the only team he will get a chance to start and try to up his value in the open market. Finally, the 49ers have an offensive minded Head Coach to work with Smith so maybe the veteran will finally give the 49ers a respectable season.

As for fantasy football, Smith isn’t an option worth drafting but his performance will be key for the success or failure of the 49ers top pass catchers like Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis.

2010 Preview

It’s a do or die season for Alex Smith as he needs to lead his team to the playoffs. Finally, Smith has some star talent at his disposal with Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree. Not only that but for the first time in his six year career he will have the same coordinator and offense for a second year in a row.

2010 NFL Fantasy Football Outlook For Alex Smith

2009 Fantasy Year In Review: It’s been a long winding road for Alex Smith, since he was selected as the first overall pick years ago. Smith was young in many ways early in his career and the 49ers didn’t have much to help him. In his second season Norv Turner came to town, and you could see Smith taking the positive steps that made many believe he would work out as the teams starting quarterback.

Then Turner left in 2007 to coach the Chargers and Smith had a horrible season as he played with a shoulder injury that cost him his fourth year in the league.

Upon his return last offseason the 49ers organization was pulling for him to have a successful turnaround in his career. By the 49ers sixth game of the season Coach Singletary had seen enough of Shaun Hill, and he inserted Smith in the lineup for the second half against the Texans.

In that game Smith threw three second half touchdowns and he never looked back as he finished the year with 2,350 yards passing and eighteen touchdowns in eleven games played.

2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings: Smith may be heading into his sixth year in the NFL but he barley turned 26 years old at the start of May. Because of Smith’s age and the fact, the team finally has a good offense around him, there is hope for Smith to turn his career around and be a respectable player.

This season the 49ers have the 4th easiest schedule to pass against and that can only help Smith to find his talents in Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree and so on. Look for Smith to reach close to 3,500 yards passing and around 23 touchdown passes in his first full year back as the teams’ starter.


– Underrated Supporting Cast

– 4th Easiest Schedule Against The Pass

– Good Weather


– Hasn’t Produce For A Full Season

– Needs A Receiver Or Two To Breakout

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