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Jason Campbell

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Jason Campbell | QB

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Passing Stats Rushing Stats
Yards TD INT Yards TD
2011 Projected Stats 3,105 17 14 202 1
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Year Age Tm G GS Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Y/G Rate Sk
2006 25 WAS 7 7 110 207 53.1 1297 10 6 185.3 76.5 7
2007 26 WAS 13 13 250 417 60.0 2700 12 11 207.7 77.6 21
2008 27 WAS 16 16 315 506 62.3 3245 13 6 202.8 84.3 38
2009 28 WAS 16 16 327 507 64.5 3618 20 15 226.1 86.4 43
2010 29 OAK 13 12 194 329 59.0 2387 13 8 183.6 84.5 33
2011 30 OAK 6 6 100 165 60.6 1170 6 4 195.0 84.2 5
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Summer of 2011: Fantasy Projections

I feel like the Raiders are a dangerous team and for all the wrong reasons this season. Key losses on the offensive line could stunt the growth this offense took in 2010, and Jason Campbell needs all the pass protection he can get as he’s one of the least nimble starting quarterbacks in the NFL.

Couple his mobility issues and his health problems throughout the season, and it will be hard for the Raiders to find a consistent passing attack from week to week. Another problem for the Raiders is that their division is strong against the pass so it looks like it will come down to the Raiders running game and defense to win games.

For fantasy football, it could work out to Campbell’s favor that the team is set to lose key secondary options as quarterbacks like Philip Rivers and Matt Cassel could have a field day against the Raiders this season. If the Raiders should fall behind early, look for Campbell to add on more passing numbers as Oakland has to play from behind. Don’t look to Campbell as a draft-able option, unless you’re in a 14 tea league or deeper and need a starter to give you a backup option.

8/2011 Update – The loss of Zach Miller is a killer for Jason Campbell and the fact that Jacoby Ford will likely miss the entire preseason with a broken hand, doesn’t bring encouraging signs that Campbell is a worthy backup to target for your squad. Look to others like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mark Sanchez or Kyle Orton as better options as late pickups at your draft.

Update Part 2 – The Raiders brought in Kevin Boss as Zach Miller’s replacement. While Boss will help the offense he’s not the same tight end as Miller, so consider this signing better than nothing but Campbell is in no way an option to draft this summer.

Passing Stats Rushing Stats
Yards TD INT Yards TD
2011 Projected Stats 3,105 17 14 202 1

2010 Preview

Jason Campbell should win the starting job with the Oakland Raiders as he is the best qb on the team. Hopefully the Raiders can stay healthy on the offensive line to give Campbell time to throw the football. Look for Campbell to be a dark sleeper if he gets time in the pocket.

2010 Fantasy Football Outlook

2009 Fantasy Year In Review: Last year was a nightmare at times for Jason Campbell once again as the Redskins continued to have problems on the offensive line. Still Campbell did manage to throw for over 3,600 yards passing and reached the twenty touchdown mark for the first time in his career.

Audio: QB Jason Campbell | 2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings

2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings: This offseason Campbell was traded away to the Raiders and will be the teams starting quarterback. Campbell should be a breath of fresh air for Raider fans in comparison to JaMarcus Russell and his pathetic display.

With a talented young receiving core and Campbell, Raiders fans have hope after the past years have been so down with miserable play. If this group is going to make some noise, Campbell is going to need his offensive line to have a solid and healthy season. This in turn would allow the Raiders new quarterback to find those receiving talents down the field.

As for this year in fantasy Campbell isn’t worth considering until we see him actually start producing well during the season. The Raiders have talent but they also have much to prove.


– Decent Young Receiving Core

– Great Weather Year Round


– Shaky Offensive Line

– Touchdowns

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