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Knowshon Moreno

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Knowshon Moreno |  Denver Broncos | RB

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2013 Fantasy Football Outlook: While Moreno probably played his way into a contract somewhere around the league with his performance last year, he may not stay with the Broncos. Continued development from Ronnie Hillman and the addition of Montee Ball, Denver is likely to move on from either Moreno or Willis McGahee.

Keep an eye on this situation because if Moreno sticks, we have seen a history of Coach John Fox sticking with veteran running backs over younger players. Ball would be his main competition for a starting job, and he’s got a ways to go in protection, something that we saw was a big reason for Hillman not getting the starting job last year when McGahee went down.

Moreno is excellent in this are and that coupled with a lower contract than McGahee may make him stick in Denver for another year.

Rushing Stats Receiving Stats
Attempts Yards TD Rec Yards TD
2013 Projected Stats ? ? ? ? ? ?
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Rushing Receiving
Year Age Tm G GS Att Yds TD Y/A Y/G A/G Rec Yds TD Fmb
2009 22 DEN 16 9 247 947 7 3.8 59.2 15.4 28 213 2 4
2010 23 DEN 13 13 182 779 5 4.3 59.9 14.0 37 372 3 3
2011 24 DEN 7 2 37 179 0 4.8 25.6 5.3 11 101 1 1
2012 25 DEN 8 6 139 525 4 3.8 65.6 17.4 21 167 0 1
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Summer of 2011: Fantasy Projections

Before free agency began Coach John Fox took the time to leak out in the press that the Broncos were unhappy with Knowshon Moreno and that acquiring a running back was the top priority when the lockout ended. It didn’t take long to find out that Fox was just trying to light a fire under Moreno’s butt, as the Broncos balked on signing DeAngelo Williams and signed Willis McGahee instead.

Just after the team grabbed McGahee, they announced that Moreno would, in fact, be the teams starting tailback this season and Moreno is now a top twenty option at the running back position for fantasy leagues. While Moreno has durability concerns and lacks the big play in his game, he is still a respectable starter, when healthy, as he will get a solid work load, and his receptions have added value for PPR leagues.

McGahee will be a problem at the goal line which is why I have Moreno’s projected touchdown total sitting around seven for the season. As long as Moreno comes into week one healthy, he should be a regular starter in your lineup.

Rushing Stats Receiving Stats
Attempts Yards TD Rec Yards TD
2011 Projected Stats 282 1,101 5 46 432 2

2011 June – Will Moreno Start?

Coming into the off-season I thought the Broncos would give Knowshon Moreno one more year to prove he can be a feature back in the NFL, but it looks like that may not happen. Recent rumors out of Denver have ownership and management believing Moreno isn’t worthy of a feature type runner and is more of a third down back.

While I think Moreno has the ability to be more, if you look at his numbers in this first two years, that assessment is probably correct. Moreno was great when used in the passing game last season as he had a 10.1 yard per catch average on his 37 receptions and even had three receiving touchdowns. On the other hand, Moreno missed three games with injury and managed 65 fewer carries (182) in his second season than in his rookie year.

Moreno also totaled fewer rushing touchdowns as he posted five on the season and had seven the year before. The biggest problem with Moreno may have been his inability to make big plays in the running game, and that is probably what has (if the rumors are true) management and in the new coaching staff not believing in Moreno as the star talent he was drafted to be.

This may be off topic, but, unless Tim Tebow actually turns into a success, Ex-Coach Josh McDaniels has a very poor track record of high round selections actually working out at the pro level. Something to remember when (as some seem to still believe around the NFL) the “next great coach” gets his second opportunity to lead a team.

Anyway, the Broncos are now rumored to be targeting DeAngelo Williams as a possible feature runner to acquire in free agency. This makes sense and Head Coach John Fox was with the Panthers over the past decade, and Williams was drafted by him and has played his entire career for him.

If they can’t get Williams, they may go after a better physical presence for early down running as Jason Snelling is a possibility. Put it all together and things don’t look good for Moreno heading into this season. It’s looking likely that Moreno is probably a late round selection at best, in 12 team standard redraft leagues.

2010 Preview

Knowshon Moreno had an average rookie season, and it’s time for him to take the next step. With Brandon Marshall gone to the Dolphins, Moreno needs to be the teams’ star player on offense.

2010 Fantasy Football Outlook

2009 Fantasy Year In Review: Knowshon Moreno lacked the spark that made him the top running back in last years’ draft class. For the season Moreno only averaged 3.8 yards per carry and that isn’t the kind of production fantasy owners want to see from a player like this.

Still, Moreno did have seven rushing touchdowns and two receiving touchdowns and that is a very good sign in that category moving forward.

Audio: RB Knowshon Moreno | 2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings

2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings: In OTA’s people around the Broncos have raved about Moreno as he looks like the player they selected out of Georgia. The main reason for the change is that Moreno is now trusting his “big play” cut back ability and not just taking the instruction from the coaching staff.

Trusting instincts is a big deal for just about anyone in whatever, they are doing and this is oh so true for a running back. Tony Dorsett used to say he had to go with what he saw on the field, and if he noticed an opening he would, “run to day light.”

Moreno seems to be getting this edge back in his game and that means fantasy owners should start to see the explosion, we were all waiting for a year ago.

While Moreno’s overall offensive situation isn’t great as the team is in flux at quarterback and receiver, he still has a good offensive line. It also doesn’t hurt that Moreno plays in the AFC West and will play the NFC West out of conference this season.

The Broncos stud running back probably isn’t wroth taking as your No.1 fantasy back this season but he will be an early No.2 running back to jump on. That makes him a second or third round pick in many fantasy football leagues this up coming summer.


– Touchdown Maker

– Big Plays Should Come

– Starter

– Good Hands

– 5th Easiest Schedule To Run Against


– Hasn’t Put It All Together Yet

– Below Average Receiving and Quarterback Situation

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