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Shonn Greene

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Shonn Greene | Tennessee Titans | RB

Height: 5-11 Weight: 226 | Born: 8/21/1985

2013 Experience: 5th season

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Fantasy Football Outlook: Moving on to the Titans in free agency, Greene will play second fiddle to Chris Johnson. It will be interesting to see what situational roles Greene can carve out, as I would think goal line duties will be up for grabs.

It’s not like Greene is a great running back, nor a real threat to take Johnson’s job, but if he can take a goal line job, it would hurt Johnson’s value. That is to say, the Greene signing is not so much about his possible value in fantasy leagues, but the value he might take away from Johnson.

What we should like is that Greene is in line to be the starter, should something happen to Johnson, and the Titans did a nice job upgrading the offensive line this off-season.

Rushing Stats Receiving Stats
Attempts Yards TD Rec Yards TD
2013 Projected Stats 166 788 6 13 102 0
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Rushing Receiving
Year Age Tm G GS Att Yds TD Y/A Y/G A/G Rec Yds TD Fmb
2009 24 NYJ 14 0 108 540 2 5.0 38.6 7.7 3
2010 25 NYJ 15 2 185 766 2 4.1 51.1 12.3 16 120 0 3
2011 26 NYJ 16 15 253 1054 6 4.2 65.9 15.8 30 211 0 1
2012 27 NYJ 16 13 276 1063 8 3.9 66.4 17.3 19 151 0 4
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Summer of 2012: Fantasy Projections

Another season, another opportunity to bash Shonn Greene for his lack of physicality. Maybe that’s being hard on Greene but for a player with his size, you would think he would act like he could lay into a defender and plow over him, more than he does.

Greene has struggled to find the end zone with regularity in his career and with the addition of Tim Tebow, he’s even less likely. Then again, if Tebow wins the starting job, he will likely create the same miss-match opportunities that Willis McGahee enjoyed, as defenses tend to account for Tebow’s running ability. An interesting change of events for sure, Tebow is bound to take over at some point and Greene will benefit in terms of bigger holes to run through.

If you’re up for taking Greene on draft day, do so as a RB3 and make sure you have another option to go to as a flex play. Greene has a tendency over his career to run better in the later portion of the season and while that shouldn’t be a surprise (defenses wear down) he tends to struggle for you early.

Rushing Stats Receiving Stats
Attempts Yards TD Rec Yards TD
2012 Projected Stats 222 932 4 17 119 0

Summer of 2011: Fantasy Projections

I must admit that the cocky attitude of the Jets coaching staff and players is amusing but when they start tantalizing me for fantasy and don’t back it up, it pisses me off. Excuse my language but it does, as Coach Rex Ryan came out last spring and told us all that Shonn Greene as going to be the teams “bell cow” and have a great season.

Many fantasy writers (including yours truly) actually bought into the hype and why not, as Greene was likely to receive the bulk of the work with Thomas Jones gone and LaDainian Tomlinson a shell of his former self. Optimism of a breakout year, started to shrink when news floated out of New York that Greene was having ball security (fumbles) issues, late in camp.

Sure enough, by the start of the season it was Tomlinson, not Greene, that was the top runner to have in this offense. Even worse, Greene was so ineffective, he wasn’t even worth keeping on ten team standard league rosters by the middle of the season.

By years end, Greene scored the same amount of touchdowns (two) as he did in his rookie year and only total 226 more yards rushing than in his rookie (540 yards) season. Throw in that Greene’s yard per carry average was almost a yard less per touch, and you have one of the biggest bust running backs of the 2010 fantasy season.

2011 – More of the Same

Well, it’s that time again as we head into the summer and Coach Ryan and his OC Brian Schottenheimer are talking up Greene like the best thing since sliced bread. Yeah, old Greene is so great in their minds that he’s going to be “without at doubt” be the teams’ “bell cow” in the offense. Heck, they believe in him so much they’re projecting to hold onto four running backs as they selected Bilal Powell in the middle rounds of this years’ draft.

Whatever happened to the days when a bell cow meant that running back was going to carry the football 25 times a game was was a clear double digit touchdown maker. I guess it’s all my fault as I’ve failed to change with the times since I started playing this crazy game called fantasy football back in 1991. Today, with RBBC’s of ten guys a team, bell cow must mean eight to twelve carries a game with an average of two touchdowns a season. It’s all my fault, and now I’m ready to move on.

2011 Outlook

Deep breath……………………….hold it…………..exhale……………ok.

As I get past the negative emotions, and frustration built up inside, Greene could be a sleeper for fantasy. Could be, in that his draft stock fell through the floor last season and many fantasy owners won’t even want to touch him, so yeah, he’s going to be cheep for his potential. In the end, Greene is still the more likely runner to have the top fantasy value of the group but don’t think Tomlinson and friends won’t take some of the action in this offense.

Then again, when you look closer at Greene’s ADP value on Mock Draft Central fantasy owners are still selecting him as the 27th running back (63.69 overall selection) off the boards for standard league play. That would make him a possible flex play option to begin the season and for my money, I would want him at bench value on draft day.

I don’t care what this coaching staff says in the early summer, I need to see the same enthusiasm during the season and on the field before I give this any true credibility. We won’t know for sure how Greene will do until the season starts, so taking him as a bench player makes sense as you could wait on him in the early portion of the season.

Just remember, the Jets love to run their mouth about how good they are and how their farts don’t smell, but at the end of the day, big talk, not followed up with production can be harmful to your squad and really piss you off, when they start talking it up again. Oh, and don’t be fooled when you hear talk about a guy being a “bell cow” as it may miss lead you in the new RBBC era.

Rushing Stats Receiving Stats
Attempts Yards TD Rec Yards TD
2011 Projected Stats 207 832 4 13 88 0

2010 Preview

Throw my name into the ring as a fantasy writer that over sold Shonn Greene to fantasy owners this summer. LaDainian Tomlinson is having a bounce back start to the season and Greene fumbled the football early on and lost trust from his coaches. Greene should help your squad at some point but isn’t a worthy starter right now.

2010 Fantasy Football Outlook

2009 Fantasy Year In Review: Admittedly I didn’t pay much attention to Shonn Greene before the 2009 NFL draft but when putting together last years’ fantasy rankings I was blown away when I watched a few highlight videos of him in college. With Thomas Jones and Leon Washington in a hold out, Greene was a hot name around OTA’s as it looked like the team might trade on of their talented runners.

Audio: RB Shonn Greene | 2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings

Instead of a trade, both veterans came back by July camps and Greene struggled in pass protection, thus falling down to the third runner on the depth chart. In October Greene had a strong game against the Raiders after Washington went down with a nasty broken fibula injury. That injury ended Washington’s season and one would have thought Greene would split time with Jones the rest of the way.

Oddly enough that didn’t happen as the team leaned on Jones for most of the second half and Greene just gave him a breather here and there. By the final games of the season Greene was seeing more carries and in the playoffs, he took it to another level.

Jones had a knee problem in the playoffs and that left the door open for Greene as he went over 100 yards rushing against the Bengals and Chargers. In both games Greene flashed break away ability for long touchdown runs at crucial moments in each game.

By the AFC Championship game Greene was the no doubt lead runner in this offense and was a stud in playoff fantasy football.

2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings: The hype train started on Greene well before Jones was released from the team in March as certain fantasy owners are geeked about his ability in the Jets’ offense. Seeing what he accomplished in January and what Jones has done in this offense each of the past two years it’s easy to see why.

I was a little concerned that LaDainian Tomlinson would split time with Greene this year as the team might not be ready to hand him a 300 touch role just yet. In April, the team noted that Greene is expected to be the teams main runner and starter and this makes sense as he’s clearly the best option on the team.

One concern I do have for Greene is that the team parted ways with Alan Faneca after the NFL draft, and they are likely to go with second round pick Vladimir Ducasse instead. Ducasse has talent and he will have talented lineman around him but at this time he’s not Faneca even at a declined productivity.

Mock Madness

Greene seems to be a consistent name that is going in the late first round to early second round of many fantasy mock drafts so far. In one twelve team mock I participated in he even went as high as seventh overall!

With that said mocks are definitely not the end all as fantasy owners know these drafts don’t count towards their actual team and many use this time to experiment with different options and scenario. Still, with Greene going this high it should tell fantasy owners they will have to invest in him as one of their top fantasy players if they want him on draft day.

If your ok with having a player that hasn’t actually produced a strong fantasy season as one of your top players, Greene is a good option.


– Potential Touchdown Maker

– Great Team

– Solid Offensive Line

– Should Be Teams Main Runner

– Explosive


– Hasn’t Put A Full Season Together

– Not Used In Passing Game

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