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Colts Defense

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Photo By: Mike DiNovo / US PRESSWIRE

Photo By: Mike DiNovo / US PRESSWIRE

Colts Defense

Defensive Coordinator: Greg Manusky

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Fantasy Football Outlook: The Colts did a good job playing over expectations and a big part of that play on defense had to do with Andrew Luck coming to town. While Jerrell Freeman proved to be a terrific find playing on the inside, I’m not a fan of this group and I recommend you keep them off your list for draft day.

Sacks Int’s Fumbles Avg PA
2013 Projected Stats 27 9 11 27.9
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Welcome to the Colts team defense fantasy football outlook archive. At this section of their player page you will notice our past thoughts and advice for fantasy football.

Summer of 2012: Fantasy Projections

I sure hope Chuck Pagano is good at half time adjustments, cause Lord knows Greg Manusky is freaking horrible. As a long time 49ers fan, I knew the Chargers were destined for bad things when they brought on Manusky (sorry going on a rant here), and boy was I right.

The man just can’t make adjustments, in game, at its almost predictable what teams will do by the second quarter on, he can’t scheme up something to stop them. That’s with talent, let alone having a Colts defense that was one of the worst in football last year, and also transitioning them to a 3-4 scheme!

While I think it was smart for the Colts to focus on weapons for Andrew Luck in the draft, nothing was done to help the defense and it’s going to be a very long year.

Summer of 2011: Fantasy Projections

When the Colts are having the kind of season they enjoyed in 2009, their defense is worth having for fantasy football but I believe this season will be more like 2010, as this team has had some major health problems of late. With Peyton Manning on the other side of the ball, this defense will have leads to take advantage of opposing offenses but their failing against the run is a killer. Don’t look to this group as a viable option as their an average team in turnovers, points given up and sacks most seasons.

Sacks Int’s Fumbles Avg PA
2011 Projected Stats 28 14 15 23.3

2010 Preview

The Colts’ defense thrives on making plays and depends on a solid defense against the pass. With Freeney and Mathis on the ends, the Colts are always a decent bet to create pressure on their opponents quarterback. Still, the Colts just aren’t a great defense for fantasy, unless they play a very weak offense, because of their glaring issues against the run.

2010 Fantasy Football Outlook

2009 Fantasy Year In Review: While the Colts’ defense was good enough to help this team win many games, but they were just average for a fantasy team. Even with Mathis and Freeney this group only totaled a low thirty sack total and finished with thirty turnovers.

Audio: Colts Team Defense | 2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings

2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings: Bob Sanders looks to be coming back to the team this year and that is a good sign for the Colts secondary. Another thing I like about this group is that the Colts’ management used their first, second and third round picks to add more defense.

With these additions, this defense should improve on last years’ numbers as they are only going to get better. Still, look for this defense as a decent backup squad to keep on your fantasy team this year as they won’t make for a great play every week.


– Good Depth

– Winning Team

– Sack Potential


– Average Group Across The Board

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