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Michael Crabtree

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Michael Crabtree | San Francisco 49ers | WR

Height: 6-1 Weight: 214 | Born: 9/14/1987

2012 Experience: 5th season

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Fantasy Football Outlook: The 49ers and dynasty owners with Crabtree were dealt a major blow in May when San Francisco’s top receivers went down with an Achilles injury.

Crabtree may find a way back to suit up for the playoffs, but his fantasy season is a wash. Don’t look to him as an option to hold, even in 16-team redraft leagues, at least until October.

Receptions Yards TD
2012 Projected Stats NA NA NA
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Year Age Tm G GS Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng R/G Y/G
2009 22 SFO 11 11 48 625 13.0 2 50 4.4 56.8
2010 23 SFO 16 15 55 741 13.5 6 60 3.4 46.3
2011 24 SFO 15 14 72 874 12.1 4 52 4.8 58.3
2012 25 SFO 16 16 85 1105 13.0 9 49 5.3 69.1
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Welcome to Michael Crabtree’s fantasy football outlook archive. At this section of Crabtree’s player page you will notice our past thoughts and advice for fantasy football.

Summer of 2012: Fantasy Projections

Yeah, I know this guy is a prima donna and as a 49ers fan he’s drives me nuts at times, but he’s still talented. Finally over his foot problems, Michael Crabtree is set to have his first full offseason, and with Jim Harbaugh grilling him, he may actually turn into a respectable starter.

Can’t blame fantasy owners for being less than excited about drafting Crabtree, but I think he’s actually ready for a career year.

Recent ADP trends have Crabtree falling all the way down to the 50th receiver off the board and he’s going behind both Randy Moss and Mario Manningham. I will be shocked if both Manningham and Moss are starting over Crabtree because both speedsters are lack luster when it comes to running an entire route tree, and Crabtree is clearly a better possession receiver.

No, Crabtree will start and he will likely be the most productive receiver of this trio. Just look at his numbers from week six on last year as he posted only two games with less than four receptions, and in five of those eleven games he had at least six receptions.

I know he had a bad playoff performance, but look for Crabtree to bounce back and put together WR3 numbers.

Receptions Yards TD
2012 Projected Stats 76 988 5

Summer of 2011: Fantasy Projections

With projections having Michael Crabtree sidelinedpossibly deep into September with a nagging foot injury, it’s time for fantasy owners to consider ranking Crabtree outside the top 40 receivers on their draft lists. Personally, I’m a 49ers fan, and I’ve been less than pleased with the attitude this receiver has displayed over his time in San Francisco.Drafted to be the next great receiver in the franchises rich history, Crabtree has done little to display the kind of team work that would make him a No.1 target or a respectable starter in fantasy leagues. In the end, Crabtree did someone a favor by having this foot injury as it was surly too talented to not be selected as at least a No.3 receiver in many leagues.

If the light ever comes on for this guy, he might actually be something worth paying attention to, but for now he’s just an average receiver to have on your roster with a bum foot.

Receptions Yards TD
2011 Projected Stats 54 766 5

June 2011

Michael Crabtree enjoyed a better season statistically in his second year but one could argue it was actually a bad year for the expectations, fantasy owners had. Personally, I’m a 49ers fan and I watch (unfortunately) the games weekly. This teams play calling was so predictable at one point I remember calling out the play they were going to run in front of my family and what would happen and I was right.

Please don’t view that as bragging as it’s more of a sign that the 49ers were so predictable you could just blurt out the dumbest thing they could do and that is exactly what they would do. Thankfully the team actually has an offensive minded Head Coach in Jim Harbaugh for the first time in years and I hold out hope that Crabtree can be a top twenty fantasy receiver in future years.

San Francisco needs to find a quarterback that can lead this team to victories and for now it looks like they will have Alex Smith starting once again. That’s not great for Crabtree as the two have had their issues in the past. Another problem I have with Crabtree (and maybe Smith does as well) is that he seems to want to practice with his teammates for as little as possible.

This young receiver missed the full off-season in his rookie year for a contract, fine, but he also failed to do much of anything in August last year and that lead to Vernon Davis getting in his face (resting a minor neck injury) about not working with the team. Even this off-season Crabtree was hesitant about working with fellow teammates (because he had sore feet from new shoes) in player workouts but finally came to the practices in June.

Crabtree may not be a flamboyant pre-Maddona but he is a pre-Madonna in his own way. This could be a big problem going forward or it may just be a minor blip on the radar screen in the early portion of this talented receivers career. Either way, you shouldn’t look to Crabtree as a starter on your squad to begin the season.

2010 Preview

Michael Crabtree looked like a complete disaster for the 49ers at the beginning of the season. Without a contract, there were threats that Crabtree would holdout until the 2010 draft. Fortunately, Crabtree was signed and he actually played well when he came to the team. Look for Crabtree to have at least 75 receptions in his second season.

2010 Fantasy Football Outlook

2009 Fantasy Year In Review: What a crazy year it was for Michael Crabtree as it looked like he would never sign with the 49ers, and he might renter the draft in 2010. In the end, Crabtree did sign with the team, and he ended up starting in the first game he suited up for.

Amazingly, Crabtree had 48 receptions for over 600 yards on the season as he started all the final eleven games in 2009. Not only was Crabtree starting, but he played just about every snap and that is a testament to his conditioning and understanding his playbook.

Audio: WR Michael Crabtree | 2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings

2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings: Crabtree is clearly a better player than Darrius Heyward-Bey right now, and it’s understandable that he was ticked last offseason about Bey being selected in front of him. Still, Crabtree is going to be a very good receiver in this league, and he was compensated by the 49ers.

Look for Crabtree to be a threat for 100 catches this season as the offense is ready to move the football and produce points. The team is using Crabtree all over the place this offseason as they get ready to lean on him and Vernon Davis as the main targets.

I’m not sure if Crabtree will ever be a great touchdown maker so his value is probably best in PPR and yardage heavy leagues. Still, Crabtree is a good bet to be around a top twenty fantasy receiver in only his second year as a pro.


– Possession / Yardage Receiver

– Offense Is Improving

– Good Weather Year Round

– 4th Easiest Schedule To Pass Against


– May Not Be A Great Touchdown Maker

– Hasn’t Put It All Together Yet

– Decent Speed But Not A Burner

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