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2012 Experience: 14th season

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Fantasy Football Outlook: Love him or hate him Randy Moss is an affective player when he wants to play. A year out of the game, Moss is drawing positive reviews from his new teammates in San Francisco and looks to be the early favorite for a starting job, opposite Michael Crabtree.

Moss is also benefiting from first-round pick A.J. Jenkins coming into OTAs out of shape, which Jim Harbaugh has criticized him for.

We will see Moss’s value jump during the preseason if he makes a few long receptions and clearly shows the speed to tilt coverage. At this point I like the odds of that happening; if you can get him and his current ADP trend of (42nd receiver off the board) jump on it.

Receptions Yards TD
2012 Projected Stats 55 957 7
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Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS Rec Yds Y/R TD Lng R/G Y/G
1998*+ 21 MIN WR 84 16 11 69 1313 19.0 17 61 4.3 82.1
1999* 22 MIN PR/WR 84 16 16 80 1413 17.7 11 67 5.0 88.3
2000*+ 23 MIN WR 84 16 16 77 1437 18.7 15 78 4.8 89.8
2001 24 MIN WR 84 16 16 82 1233 15.0 10 73 5.1 77.1
2002* 25 MIN WR 84 16 16 106 1347 12.7 7 60 6.6 84.2
2003*+ 26 MIN WR 84 16 16 111 1632 14.7 17 72 6.9 102.0
2004 27 MIN WR 84 13 13 49 767 15.7 13 82 3.8 59.0
2005 28 OAK WR 18 16 15 60 1005 16.8 8 79 3.8 62.8
2006 29 OAK WR 18 13 13 42 553 13.2 3 51 3.2 42.5
2007*+ 30 NWE WR 81 16 16 98 1493 15.2 23 65 6.1 93.3
2008 31 NWE WR 81 16 16 69 1008 14.6 11 76 4.3 63.0
2009 32 NWE WR 81 16 16 83 1264 15.2 13 71 5.2 79.0
2010 33 3TM 16 11 28 393 14.0 5 37 1.8 24.6
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August 2011 – Moss Retires

If this is the end for Randy Moss all, I can say is good riddance for now. As time moves on I will probably choose to remember the player that made dazzling plays down the field and led me to a few fantasy football championships.

The other side of the coin is the last memory of Moss playing for three different teams in his final year and it all ending with the Titans as a virtual nothing player. In some ways, I almost hope Moss does comeback to at least end his career in a better way than it finished a season ago, but it’s only fitting for a player who only played when he wanted to.

June 2011 – Moss Looking For Work

What can I say about a chump receiver that quits on his team(s) and only cares about himself when things get tough, other than time has passed Randy Moss by, and he’s not the same player he used to be. Rumored to play with the Jets this season, Moss may find fantasy relevance as he likes to get behind himself for motivation with a new team, year one.

Like Terrell Owens, you get what you ask for when you bring Moss onto your squad and eventually the headache of having him on your team will be too much to continue having him around. For whatever reason, some players on his previous teams seem to back him all the way as a friend, and he may be a decent guy in some respects, but he seems to let him emotions get the better of him, and it affects his performance. I don’t have to be an expert for some big website to tell you, that is no way to handle yourself as a professional when a team is paying millions to perform.

In the end, Moss may be worth owning in fantasy leagues if he lands on the Jets, and if you want to deal with him at a cheep price then go for it. Just know that he can turn on a dime and go the other direction at any point. In the end, I’m saddened by Moss’s actions last season, because I thought he finally turned that part of his career around in New England and was a more responsible player. Sadly, I’m wrong and I doubt I’ll ever own him in any of my leagues again.

Oh and another thing, I truly hope he never makes the Hall Of Fame. It’s not that he doesn’t have the stats to do it, but he shouldn’t be rewarded with that honor after giving up on so many teams in his career.

2010 Preview

Randy Moss has landed on his third team this season as he is now with the Titans. With Kenny Britt gone for probably the rest of the fantasy season, Moss will be the teams deep play threat. Hopefully he can get his season back on track and help fantasy owners down the stretch.

2010 Fantasy Football Outlook

2009 Fantasy Year In Review: For all the talk about how Randy Moss was beat up and maybe lost a step, he still found a way to improve in every major category from the year before. True, he had Tom Brady throwing to him and not Matt Cassel and that makes a big difference.

Remember though that Brady was in his first year back from a major knee injury, and it usually takes a player until their second season to recover fully.

Moss may or may not still be the best overall fantasy receiver, but he is still the unquestioned top playmaking receiver for fantasy.

Audio: WR Randy Moss | 2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings

2010 NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings: This might be the final season for Moss in New England as the veteran pointed out that the team might not bring him back in 2011. That would be a shame as Moss has found a new life with Brady as his quarterback and the Patriots could use Moss’s deep threat ability.

We won’t know what will happen with all of that until next year but for now Moss is still one of the best fantasy receivers you can have. Look for Brady to be much sharper this season as his knee must be feeling better than a year ago.


– Touchdown Maker

– Big Plays

– Speed

– Great Quarterback

– Consistent Producer With Patriots


– Breaking Down?

– Not A High Volume Reception Guy (Hurts In PPR)

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