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Welcome to my premium content home page. It is my hope to not only provide you will helpful fantasy football information, but to have a little fun and hopefully get to know all of you in time.

As part of this young community, you will receive updated emails anytime new updates are on the site. With each email I will personally give you a quick rundown of what you will find in the posts or news attached, in hopes you will better understand the information included.

Below you will see the three main sections of for this season and they are as follow: The FF Brainwave Report, My Resource List and Tales From The WTNY. I have a link pointing to the hope page for these sections below, but you will also notice a quick writeup of what to expect from each category.

Furthermore, it is my hope to talk back in fourth with all of you when I can so don’t be shy to email me back and discuss anything that is on your mind. You are the life blood of this website, and I thank you for taking valuable time in your day to be a part of my blog.

It is my hope to continue to not only improve the sections below over time, but to expand our premium content subscription in the future, so any survey ideas would be appreciated to further the value of this section of the website, for all.

Thank you again,

Sean E. Douglas


FF Brainwave Report – Home Page

A year ago I experimented with a new idea of tracking down all the beat-writers from the 32 teams around the league on twitter, with hopes of interacting with them. While I admittedly get a response for about two of every ten tweets I put out, I’ve found that while treading through all these tweets, there is valuable information for fantasy purposes all the time, even if a particular beat-writer fails to respond to my questions.

At this section, you will find posts I’ve done on those tweets I find interesting for fantasy relevance and some of those will be with a response from actual team beat-writers. You will also find my beat-writer breakdown, as I’ve created a list you can follow yourself for each team around the league.

Resource List – Home Page

Since starting this blog out as nothing more than an experiment to further my understanding of SEO back in 2009, I’ve come across quite a few football-related websites. At this section you will see a breakdown of the writers, podcasts and more for various categories that I personally follow and respect.

That isn’t to say that many others out on the web do great work, but a man can only follow so much and at this point you find will those I pay attention to. This list will change over time, as new sites are discovered or when I stumble across a writer or group that catches my attention.

Tales From The WTNY – Home Page

Fantasy football is about having fun and in this section of the site you will hear some of my triumphs but mostly my embarrassing failures and mistakes in a long-running league I’ve played in with family and friends.

Tales from the Wait Till Next Year Fantasy Football League are meant to be an entertaining part of the website. Have a few laughs on me!

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