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12 Team July NFL Mock Draft Cheat Sheet from Fantasy Football Information

Click Here For Our 2010 Mock Drafts Fantasy Info- July 12 Team NFL Mock Draft Standard Leagues Fantasy Football Information on Our 12 Team July NFL Mock Draft Cheat Sheet In this July 12 team mock draft for standard leagues I was slated to draft 7th overall. It is always interesting to see how the culture of an internet draft is as opposed to a live draft, where everyone meets at a house or pizza parlor and ...

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Fantasy Football Info: T.J. Houshmandzadeh Won’t Play Madden 2010

This week T.J. Houshmandzadeh came out publicly and let everyone know he won't be playing John Madden's EA sports football video game, because of his rating in the game. As it stands right now TJ's rating is 91 overall rating and is 6th among NFC wide receivers. While I'm sure your wondering what this has to do with fantasy football, I just thought it was a good time to talk about TJ's production this year. ...

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Fantasy Football Information: 2009 NFL Bye Weeks

Fantasy Football Information 2009 NFL Bye Weeks Fantasy Football Information: Strategy for Bye Weeks If you've played fantasy football for a few years, by now you've probably experienced the embarrassing moment at your fantasy football draft when you look down at the end of the draft and find out your backup is on the same bye week as your stud player. What good does it do you to have a backup that you only ...

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Fantasy Info: Chad Ochocinco is Using Twitter as the New Rebel Yell

If one is going to write about fantasy football or the NFL they must except the fact that they will have to talk about Mr. Chad Ochocinco. Seeing that I actually like Chad this is not a difficult thing for me to do. Chad has done some interesting things in his career with the Bengals, from wearing hall of fame jackets to blond mo hawks. The rebel has always pushed the envelope and the NFL front offices butt ...

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