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10 Team Mock Draft NFL Football Fantasy Cheat Sheet

Click Here For Our Current Mock Drafts 2009 August 10 Team Mock Draft for Standard Fantasy Football Fantasy Football Information on our August 10 Team Standard League Mock Draft In our June and July standard league mock drafts I wrote about one interesting player from each of the first ten rounds of the draft. This month I thought I would do something a little different and talk about my starting roster fro ...

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PPR, IDP: Impact Rookies Cheat Sheet Fantasy Football Leagues

Click Here For Our Current Cheat Sheets 2009 Impact Rookies Cheat Sheet for PPR, IDP Fantasy Football Leagues Fantasy Football Information on our 2009 Impact Rookies While I do have at least one player for tight end, quarterback and wide receiver on this list, it is usually running backs and starting rookie line backers (for IDP leagues) that make an instant impact in their rookie season. For those article ...

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How Chiefs’ Larry Johnson Got His Grove Back

Lets not try and put Larry Johnson's past two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs in a positive light. The man has not only been a fantasy football bust but also a big disappointment to Chief fans as well. Actuality I'm surprised that LJ is still a Chief by this point in the game. Much has changed in Kansas this off-season and at this time I actually believe it has been good change for LJ. From new GM Scott ...

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Eagles ’09 Off-Season is One of Hard Times for the Defense and Team

No doubt July 28th, 2009 will go down as a big day of news in the NFL. First we hear of Brett Favre retiring, but saying he will still work out. Then in much sadder new we learn of Philadelphia Eagles long time defensive coordinator passed away today from cancer. While Jim Johnson will probably always be known best for his last ten years or so of being Andy Reid's defensive coordinator, but he also had much ...

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CBS Sportsline Cheat Sheet Fantasy Football Head To Head Leagues

Click Here For Our Current Cheat Sheets Fantasy Football Info- 2009 CBS Sportsline Football Cheat Sheet Fantasy Football Information on CBS Sportsline Standard Football Leagues Have you every wanted a cheat sheet that was geared toward your favorite online football league and couldn't find it. Well here at we have made a cheat sheet for each of the top five online sites to play fantasy foot ...

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Fantasy Football Info: T.J. Houshmandzadeh Won’t Play Madden 2010

This week T.J. Houshmandzadeh came out publicly and let everyone know he won't be playing John Madden's EA sports football video game, because of his rating in the game. As it stands right now TJ's rating is 91 overall rating and is 6th among NFC wide receivers. While I'm sure your wondering what this has to do with fantasy football, I just thought it was a good time to talk about TJ's production this year. ...

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Fantasy Football Information: 2009 NFL Bye Weeks

Fantasy Football Information 2009 NFL Bye Weeks Fantasy Football Information: Strategy for Bye Weeks If you've played fantasy football for a few years, by now you've probably experienced the embarrassing moment at your fantasy football draft when you look down at the end of the draft and find out your backup is on the same bye week as your stud player. What good does it do you to have a backup that you only ...

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